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looking good!  I like the concept...the alchemist needs his/her ingredients = )

Couple of things that if changed, i think would benefit the game:

have the items needed to collect count upwards rather than downwards (3/3  to me means ive got them all)

the plants shoot seemingly random, should be a pattern to help the player time their movements
the jumping doesnt feel like there is gravity but instead a linear movement up to a fixed point and then back down (feels very strange)

add sound and music (they make a huge difference and you dont have to go all out. try audacity and use sound effects from your mouth/or things around you  ie: breaking celery  makes a good bone breaking noise)

when you die...restart that mission instead of the whole game...i wouldnt of minded playing the whole thing but because of the seemingly random  shooting from the plants it got me


First tks for trying it out, and the awesome feedack.

If you die on this newer version you can keep going as long as you don't restart the game. v0.2

We agree with everything I just couldn't make it on time. Since it's a gamejam we're going to keep it as it is till the voting ends and maybe update it afterwards.

Again tks for the feedback