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Jeremy Ulrich

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A nice little collection of platformer games.

Hey Ulvi, hope this message finds you well. Are you still looking for projects to be a part of? If so, please let me know, thank you.

Pressing space to pause was an interesting choice but the game fits the theme nicely.

Nicely done, congrats on the first release.

Very interesting concept.

Nice art and mechanics. Is something wrong with the outlet's code? I thought it was an enemy but it didn't kill me when I ran into it.

Really nice background art, not a fan of the controls.

Cut art, nice music.

Fun game, nice concept.

Fun and interesting concept, well done.

Really cool idea! I could not beat James, he is simply too strong....

Neat little typing game, I like the cute germ artwork and the music. 

Nice art and decent gameplay. I felt the jump was too sensitive and the spikes made the game feel too difficult, though the spacing of the levels might have something to do with that.

Fun little game.

Great atmosphere, loved the gameplay. Looking forward to more from this creator.

Cool art, fun game.

Cool visuals and idea.

Really relaxing game, love the low res art style.

Really unique experience, loved the art style and music.

Thanks, the original idea was more ambitious and I still might return to work on it. The music isn’t supposed to loop though, that typically annoys me in games.

I'd like to submit my game to the bundle in support of racial equality:

Sorry for the late reply, you should be able to see gameplay screenshots to the right of the game's description.