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I'm gonna press X to doubt on this one buddy. It's an unreal engine 4 game at it's core.

This belongs in the Paperverse! Paperverse (@paperverse) / Twitter

The game looks, awesome guys! Sending love from Smol Bean Games and can't wait to try the full thing!

The hunter of stone haven follows . . . The Hunter, a nameless nomad who roams the broken fragments of the world on a quest for blood. 

A long time ago monsters took up arms against humans and began causing massive devastation to the land.  Knowing that they were fighting a losing battle, the chief wizards at the time banded together to seal the monsters to several biomes across the world. Now with the beasts locked up, peace was able to finally exist . . . But the Hunter isn't interested in peace.

Take up your axe and whistle for your pet wolf, because you're going monster hunting! slay beasts across 4 distinct biomes and sack their domains for riches and wealth! Collect enchanted keys to progress, each level requires a different amount so be sure to search! Though be warned! Each area has a powerful monster guarding it's key! You'll have to fight your hardest if you want the key! Be sure to check it out here! Hunter of Stonehaven by Smol Beans Studio (

I liked it! When you shared it in the server I wasn't sure what to expect honestly, but I do think you nailed the emotional bits! Keep doing game jams mate!

what about the environment itself? I'd really like that! This is our development discord! Just join and we can work to sort out any issues

No problem! It's unfortunate that there's no easier way to reply back to reviews. I honestly stumbled by your inquiry on accident! But if there's anything else I can do to help please tell me. I wanna make sure everyone's needs get addressed 

Hey guys so I want to first start off by saying I’m so sorry about not getting 

Your reviews. Itch doesn’t alert devs when they get reviews on their games and there’s no way for us to reply to any we receive, we can’t even send PMs to help people sort issues out. I wish it wasn’t so but it is unfortunately.  

I received a review from @iClickbait asking about why his PC had flagged TFA as some type of virus, but I want to assure not only him but everyone that the game is no virus. When computers scan files, especially ones purportedly  to be software. They’re usually looking for certificates from an accredited company or source. I haven’t set those certificates up yet so it’s wholly possible your pc might flag TFA as some kind of undercover virus, but it is not. 

I would never make software to sabotage PCs. I hope you see this post Clickbait, I’d really love to help you troubleshoot this further!

Wow this looks amazing! I can't wait to dive in and play around with it! You're doing awesome work mate!

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This is a known catalog made by the community for glitches in 1.0 of TFA. If you have found any glitches or want to talk about them, then this is definitely the place. Here we go now . . .

  • Shadow placement looks off in certain areas 
  • 3/4th chance a battle with this wolf can force you outside of bounds 
  • Also translucency manager may fail for some objects, creating that black distorted film you see above.
  • Some PC (so far outside of US) have a glitch where the keyboard controls can act up.
  • After entering the options from the menu, and then leaving the options, you can no longer get out of the menu, despite pressing 'X'. The very hard to see Navigational box has disappeared as well.
  • Instead, you're suddenly prompted to use the mouse again, which there is no way to leave the menu with the mouse.
    After clicking on any of the boxes, super hard to see navigation box is back, and that press 'X' works again. However the mouse will now be visible.

I do to. As you can see our backlog is extremely full. And on top of this, I'm still doing reviews for NSW games as well. This has been a huge year for gaming in general.

Before I get into my mysterious absence, let me first start off by apologizing for being gone for so long. I know a lot of developers were reaching out to me by email, asking if I was okay, and the answer is yes I am now. I've already explained to some, but the team and I ran into legal troubles over some phrasings used in a colleagues review. Long story short the review was taken down, and we were essentially forced to quit what we were doing. And since our site is so small, that really impacted our relationships with other long term parties, especially in the EU. Well I say all that to say I'm back now, and I plan to stay. Shouldn't be running into any more legal troubles now. I sincerely look forward to finishing what I had started so long ago.

Sure I'll check it out.

Ah this sounds pretty awesome.  My team and I will be taking a look at this for sure.

This looks amazing! I totally want to check this game out. Now mind you I'm pretty bogged down with game reviews,  so it would take about a week or two to complete and post. You okay with that? 

I see . . . Sounds pretty interesting. I'll definitely add this to my queue of things to check out. You wouldn't believe the size of my back catalog right now.

A story driven indie experience? Sound like my cup of tea. Now is there some kind of demo you have made available?

Yes I'll send it when I complete it. I'm currently wrapping up with SRM Games' project now. Once I save the last minute details I can go back to writing your gae's review. Your game is longer that other dev's so it's gonna take a little more time to properly review.

of course it is. I appreciate that.

Gauntlet of Ire: The Dark Souls of Its genre or An Unbalanced Time Waster? Review By Steve T.


Oh boy . . . This game. Now I've played some hard games before, your obvious selection of dark souls, kaizo mario, cuphead, just to name a few. But none of those games were able to instill this level of deep seeded hatred for floating balls. This game quite literally made me take a step back from the computer and think about life. This is not a game for the weak of heart, but man is it fun!

Gauntlet of Ire is best described as a puzzle platformer where you're tasked with guiding a rolling marble of some kind to the next level. Sounds simple right? Wrong! This game's physics were so dastardly crafted that even the slightest misstep will result in you falling off the track and splattering into a million pieces. The game is a 35 part brutal endurance round. How many deaths will it take you to get to the next level? (P.S. It took me 9 deaths to get from level one to two). 

The ball rolls at a moderate pace lulling the player into a false sense of security. When you jump, it's more akin to tossing a bowling ball in the air, and with momentum? Platforming becomes all the trickier. The dev added this neat feature where if you hold the jump button, you can actually float in the air for a bit. It's almost a lifesaver in some situations, others it's more akin to a death wish and trust me when I say 'You'll die a lot.' KillerPokeGames was kind enough to provide me this review copy, but at times I feel like the joke's on me. It's like "Oh you wanna review our game? Well here have fun failing to beat the first level!' When I sent them an email I could practically see their smiling face, taunting me as I updated them on my progress. 

The game's graphics are quite pleasant, the tracks are varied in design, but most feature a soft shaded look, while the rest of the environment has a blocky 8 bit aesthetic to it. The game looks gorgeous, and that's that. There's also a way to change the resolution so it's not so much of a strain on hardware, I found that pretty nice. Most indie games neglect that, but I'm glad they didn't. The game also allows you to play any level you want and in in any order which is also cool, because there's not too many people who could beat all 35 levels in rapid succession.

I should also go into the fact that the studio actually incorporated Twith integration. So what this does is allows any Twitch streamer to input their username and have their followers bombard them with objects in real time. It's a neat feature that I actually tried and liked. It does make the game a buh-million times harder though, so be wary if you think you're actually going to get somewhere while doing this.

So this is where we wind it down. There's not too much else I can go into with this game, besides my own gut wrenching experiences. The game is simple in concept and brutal in execution, but I wouldn't change a pixel! This game like i said isn't for the weak. It's for this who like a good challenge, so if that's you then this is most certainly the game for you. You don't need to spend hours and hours in this game to figure out what it's about, all you need is your fingers and quick reflexes.

So in conclusion this game is what one would call 'Easy to start, Easy to quit.' If you're a quitter who doesn't like challenge, then you'll wanna bounce. This is a real gamer's game and I'm most pleased that KillerPokeGames stepped up the Ante. That's why we're giving this game a perfect 5 out of 5. 

It's available on steam for 3.99 and it's worth every single cent! Don't skip out because of the difficulty, no that should in fact drive you to pick it up. I may have been defeated today, but I will rise tomorrow with newfound resolve and conquer the challenge that is the Gauntlet of Ire! This is Steven T. signing out.

My review is done. I've posted it to your game and I'll be adding to our site tomorrow. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

That's a very interesting design choice. I personally found the music to be the most soothing aspect about the game, but I'm glad you plan on updating the game with quality of life patches. Shows the mark of a true developer who cares.

I just added Reality Incognita to the queue and I'm pretty far along into my review.

Okay awesome! I'll add your game to the queue and I'll get right on it.

Battle Rigs: Does it Sail or Sink? Review by Steve T.


Battle Rigs is a game that harkens back to my days of playing Battleship at a friend's house.  Oh the glorious hours we spent pretending that we were war generals and going about, exploding each others vessels . . . Very nostalgic, and that's what Battle Rigs does in its own way. It invokes that feeling of nostalgia for old tactical styled naval games. 

So let's get the elephant out the room right away . . . The game's graphics are passable. They're serviceable in their own right as you can clearly tell what ship is supposed to be what,  but the textures are just murder on the eyes. They're muddy, pixelated, and low resolution, but that doesn't mean the game itself is bad quite the contrary.

The game controls are fairly simple, all you do is click in the direction of an enemy and you're ship will automatically make its way over and attack. It works great in execution, but it does get boring not having any direct control over your ship. Though despite it's rather lackluster apparence, the game's got pretty good sound design. The battle track is surprisingly catchy and the explosion noises are realistically enough as to where I can't tell if it's stock sound or not.

I made my way through ten levels, including fighting this game's boss The Pirate King. Nothing terribly challenging, but the later levels do force you to strategize a bit, rather than tap and wait for the victory screen.

So in conclusion, I liked it. It's by no means a bad game, it's just a little unpolished and in need of a more engaging control scheme. This game would be just about perfect if you were able to actually control your ship's movement and attack, but I digress. For what it is in its current state? It's not too bad. If you can get over the rather bland visuals and unengaging control scheme, then you'll enjoy this. We give this game 3.5 stars out of 5

Battle Rigs is available on the Google Play store as well as on this site. 

Okay I'll see what I can do

Really it doesn't? I'll look into that, in the meantime here's my email

I don't know how this got past me, but the music quite literally stops after some time. I made it down the the final screen below and the music cut out and all that was left was the sound effects that the little dividers made when the balls touched them. That needs to be patched Asap!

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You are very welcome. I too once wanted to be a game designer then I realized that I could never do what you and so many others do. So now I focus my efforts on helping others because that's what's more important. I really enjoy the game, and I look forward to seeing you improve upon it in the future.

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Thank you for replying and I did mean a quick bio of the game. I'll have to fix that . . . If your game requires a steam key then yes I'd appreciate it if you sent it to me. And for added measures, there's been a rash of fake reviewers running around so I'm requiring all my team to forward developers links to real reviews we've done.  Here's one for Bluetail7 studio's latest game 'Copycat.' 

Now that all the legal jargon is out the way, I'm going to look forward to reviewing your works. There's another dev in front of you, but it shouldn't take too long to get his review done. If you have any more questions please feel free to email me or continue on this thread. Oh and I suppose you'd need my twitter handle which is @720Back_Slasher. Look forward to working with you.

I thought you might want a link to the review. The reception's been pretty positive so far.

I've done a review on the game, you're more than welcome to check it out. If you feel I've made some kind of mistake then feel free to talk it out with me.