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Please send help

The art is really charming and the magnetising mechanic is promising. However, when I got to the section with the purple blocks I was completely stumped. Sometimes the purple blocks are attracted to the wall, but other times they are repelled, its not made clear why.

The game looks great and the energy beam is amazing, makes me pretty embarassed of my png beam to be honest. I don't know if the input for the Mac port is broken, but my ship is extremely slow, by the time I get to a station to charge up earth is one asteroid away from destruction. I wish the game started with full batteries, I didn't manage to actually destroy an asteroid with the starting amount of energy.

I am sure this is a niche problem but the resolution was too big for my screen, so I couldn't really see the floor below me. But the environments look great and I really liked the little cinematic when going down the temple, it kinda reminded me of the intro for Dwarf Fortress(in a good way).

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Unfortunately the Mac build doesn't work for me. To be fair though this is the second Mac port that I can't run that turns out to be a Godot game. It could be that my OS is too old for Godot games to work. I really appreciate the effort of making a Mac build!

As someone who is fascinated by Boids, I am glad that this exists. The visuals are clean and the choice of music makes for a nice atmosphere. For criticism I agree with some of the other comments, steering is slower than I'd like and when you have a bunch of heated FLOWs flying around you it can be very hard to make out your character from all of them.

On a side note: it can be a bit tricky to get the FLOWs into the doors sometimes, I wasn't sure if it was because they didn't have enough heat or too much of it. Could've just been bad luck that my last FLOW kept dodging the door.

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Thank you for playing my game and for the feedback! You are right the sensitivity is off,  honestly I can only beat it myself If I don't move around too much and focus solely on aiming. This was my first FPS and not including a sensitivity slider is a rookie mistake I won't repeat.

 Something I feel I failed to comunicate a little is that you can push "corpses" around by shooting at them before they solidify with the ground.

I don't have anyone to play with, but it was still fun! However, walking with the guy who goes down to get the diamond is glitchy at times.

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Really clever use of light and shadows for the mechanics, good job! Something that bothered me is that the alignment of the sprites with the colliders is a bit confusing because of the perspective.

Funny game, the addition of ragdolls goes a long way in selling the concept. The chain got stuck everywhere and I had to pick up the ball every now and then to fix it, but ragdolling the guards is a lot of fun.

The characters are cute and the environment looks really good. I like the grapple mechanic, but walking feels a bit sluggish.

Good feeling of progression with the upgrades, but I wish the asteroids spawned in more locations. As I got the upgrades I didn't even feel like using the full extension of the rope, as I had been making all my profit so far staying in the only "lane" i could reach.

The environment is beautiful and so are the bears, but I broke my chain and my buddy floated into space :(

The gameplay is fun but the hole could follow the mouse by default, there is no reason to let go of the mouse button other than your finger being uncomfortable after long periods of time. 

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Nice amount of game juice and the hit particles and sound effect are very satisfying, the screech from dashing is not very pleasant though. A nice addition would be some form of interaction other than swinging the ball, to motivate the player to avoid constant circular movement.

Its definitely something you'll have to experiment with and figure out what matches the game best, you already have some solid ideas on how to tackle it, air strafing could help for sure. Something you can try is adding another button, for example the first left click throws the paper roll, any left clicks while the roll flies pulls you towards it, right click recalls the roll. Or the roll flies away from you but doesn't pull you until you make it, but that might need some other changes.

Nice movement mechanic, but I wish the first click didn't already pull you, or that the second click was the one that recalled the paper roll. As it is I ended up killing myself a lot for not double clicking or triple clicking right away to be able to click away from hazards that were previously offscreen, and its a bit uncomfortable for me to to mash left click.

Thank you for the feedback, I will make sure to include a sensitivity slider next time I make something in first person, it feels much higher in the browser than it did in the editor.

The mechanics make for some great puzzles and I really like the clean and colorful aesthetic. Its cool that you assign random colors each time, but my only criticism is related to that - Sometimes the random colors don't contrast with each other too much. Its out of the scope of the jam but looking into color theory and making sure the random colors contrast would make the visual appeal more consistent.

Thank you for playing my game, I really appreciate the feedback!

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Cute art style, cool transformations and unique mechanics for each element, but the platforming feels a bit slow and floaty.

Weird game, I love it. At level 10 though I found out that holding jump is OP and I had been playing very carefully until that point.

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The mechanics take some getting used to and the music is a bit annoying, but this twist on chess really highlights the aspect of different chess pieces serving as a strategic protection for each other. Well done!

Clean design and interesting mechanics, but not very fun playing alone as the AI starts to have very erratic behaviour when many balls are on the playing field.

Thank you for trying out my game Jen!

Beautiful art and lighting, challenging but straightforward puzzles. My only gripe is that scrolling the camera is very slow, and could use the option to move it with arrow keys or something like that.

The aesthetic is charming and the changing environment makes for some very nice mechanics, but I admit I gave up after being stuck on level 3 and skipping to 4 to be even more stumped on how to clear it.

Beautiful concept and fun gameplay, but I wish the swords didn't bump into each other as it leads to some frustrating moments.

Very fun game, could see myself playing this for a long time if it had leaderboards.

Unfortunately both the pause menu and restarting the game are broken, you will need to refresh the page to fix it.

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The puzzles are fun and the "split" mechanic enables them pretty well, I can see potential for expanding on this with more objects to interact with and solve puzzles with. However the "Colored bricks" that the white pressure plates turn into confused me a bit at first. Other than that I got stuck one time because the red guy ended up on one side of the wall and the blue guy on the other, but I appreciate the quick reset by pressing ESC.

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A game that is challenging yet still encourages patience and smart gameplay. We need more games like this!