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Yep! I added you on Discord. I am NOT the author of this amazing pack but I CAN sort of help. Sorry, I work full-time at a factory so it's been a dry spell on my game dev. I'll edit my comment, and you're right, it's 3d stamps, not 2d stamps.

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sorry it took so long to get back to you. go to 3d stamps then underneath it where it says models, find your model.

It will show a panel on the right with material 1 - in that box is a little white icon with an arrow pointing left.

this will show THAT model's material settings. in the middle of the panel on the right is where shader settings are, a)n, map_nolit, whatever, etc. that's where you can change its shader style, as well as the UV map that it uses.

I haven't bought it yet, but I assume it uses its own UV map to map out the textures. I'd look at the original material to see what actually fits it, and then create your own texture that fits that. However... be careful as some cutscene/move players can jump characters BELOW the terrains created.

While I can't promise I'll change things for you, if you have any ideas that will make this game mechanic easier to implement, I'm all ears.

Great work overall!

found it! Thanks!

Quiestion, if I purchased the Infinity Pack, wouldn't this come in it? I'm trying to find my links to download everything again.

I have a question. How does this work with HUGE sprites (like 128x64) Namely sprite sheets that in this case would be 192x512.

come on... it's about 6 dollars USD... I pay more for two burgers at a fast food place.

What might also be good is to be able to import images that scale to the right amount of pixels for the main square, Like if the square is set to 32 pixels and I put a 64, or 48, it resizes the pixels on the fly!

Loving it. I remember the old Irony Games Dungeon 

creator, this is, in my opinion better.

I have tons of cars I'd love to see in this.

or VLC Player if you want to just bring in the files and convert them quickly

so many throwback moments for me as a side-scroller enthusast from the day. Still miffed I couldn't have UpperCase letters in my  Character name, or maybe I missed that option, but...

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Sometimes when adding things like the Building roof, I try to change the size (width, height, length), only to find it snapping it back to its original dimensions, or worse, placing it at odd places. (This is on the 2.0 Preview)

(Yes, I just replied to myself)

This was created with the same external pieces. + 1 flower from the Terrains and Hills pack.

i would love to help out with that too, if you need any geoformed variations of a set block, let me know...

I think I may have misunderstood the original request, not to reveal a model that's onesided, but to have decorations for the internal of a model..


But, to answer. What I really like is that Keith already took care of that with all sorts of little wooden beams and such for his Modular village, so that an AssetForger (yes, I'm coining that as a term now) could easily add baseboards, half wall panels even articulate walls inside. He can even use some of those panels for other things like wall bookshelves and more. Scaling, rotating and moving the various blocks to fit certain ideas can really make the blocks sizzle, without a huge Poly boost.

however, with that being said, most 3d editors allow you to make most models 2-sided, and with the way his models are set up, its quite easy to create (OR... flip the faces and double your obj or FBX, with one texture set for the outward facing, and 1 texture set for the inward facing.

of course! I'd be glad to help!

well, there's a few ways to kind of do it, like if you have LithUnwrap - choose each material group, and then move those UV maps to specific corners of a single UV map. ANOTHER method would be to import your OBJ, and then use Texture Atlas to bring all the textures down into one UV map. It won't be pretty but it WILL be one image for multiple materials. Plus this will help you later when converting to a single FBX mesh that uses just one texture as well.

The models are based on the cm scale, not the m scale. They work fine for other engines like Neoaxis and Platinum Arts Sandbox, and other 3d engines that use the cm scale.

So, my work in re-painting these guys for my RPG game in Smile Game Builder seems to be coming along quite well. Using AssetForge, these little assets allow weeks of modelling to be converted to days.

Thanks Keith!

however, by creating a tileset of your favorite textures, a little patience, and some artistic talents, the items are low-poly enough that you can either bring them into Sketchup and paint the texture onto the items using the different pieces of your single tilemap, or do as I did and bring the item over into 3d-paint, and PAINT a texture onto it.

Absolutely awesome, glad to hear you're expanding your current sets, and not just rushing off to do another one... This is a great additon.

I sort of agree AND disagree.... I agree in the fact that you can't just take a figure and throw it in your favorite modeler. However. I DO believe that the base OBJ, once imported into something like Daz, exported back out as FBX and back in, CAN be weight mapped, texture atlased, and have the Genesis rig applied to it.

Also, if someone just wants to create body PARTS, and group them as objects themselves, they could then be attached in a heirarchy in Daz or 3ds Max and made to make one of those multi-part object (sort of like old FF& or Neverwinter Nights...)

well, you sort of CAN... There are primitive shapes that are humanoid shapes... Install them as OBJ files with their own .mtl file, and create a character in a t-pose, save the whole character as a merged .obj file and upload directly to Mixamo from there. All you have to do is envision it, have the pieces for it, and you can build it.

When people say "Play my game and tell me what you think!" I usually yawn, try it out for a few minutes, and then delete the game. This was NOT the case...  I was entranced from the start, I loved the ambience of the the first level and the village, and loved the characters... I could tell that a lot of work went into the tiniest of details, like... did you see the blob breathing? The grass was animated? Who takes time to animate 2d grass? I also loved the aggro effect from some of the enemies, as well as the definite immersion.

Grind was a tiny bit repetitive... I WOULD have liked to see a few other starter monsters, like... say a flying bug of some sort, and maybe more varied loot from the start. However, I'm pretty sure that the author would have had a hundred different critters running around if he had more time.

I also liked the fixed camera outside, rotating camera inside idea... that worked out well, as when you rotate outside, sometimes you lose your sense of direction with the different repetative landforms , whereas the well-placed 'landmarks' insidethe indoors maps helped guide to the different areas indoors regardless of angle.

* Was not laggy at all for me with my HP with AMD E-1, 4GB RAM
* Multi-resolution at start, can definitely aid the low-spec people
* Enough enemies to fight, without crowding the map
*Enough people to talk to in towns without coming off as too much or too little

I second this need. would be nice if thumbnails automatically go to an extents instead of just the two by two... Only other alternative is to shrink the obj, and then hopefully remember to make it bigger again later.

Only problem I can see with the overlapped arches, is the shearing or tearing of any texture from having two faces in the exact same spot.

Like so... I just made me a new altar/save-point, using some primitives and the ship parts.

Strangely enough... these pieces ALSO go good as architecture elements for the fantasy/medieval crowd... imagine if you will the wings upright and sticking out of some gnarly temple pillars as nasty blades. Or even the torus(es) as the boundary of circular and oval pools or fountains. This set is more powerful than even I thought of at first.