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Export textures as single png?

A topic by Spectrum48K created Nov 01, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 3
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I'd be using this with Gamemaker, which expects each 3D model to utilise a single .png with all the textures for that model in it. Can asset forge do this?

Nope, when using multiple textures in an Asset Forge model it'll export multiple texture files - there's no option to combine them.

Ah, bugger, that's a shame. I'm more programmer than 3D artist. Hence Asset Forge gives offers me a simple path to model creation. Not being experienced with 3D, whats the *easiest* way to get a single model out of asset forge and convert its textures into a single file? I take it there's no dedicated apps that can do this at the click of a button?

well, there's a few ways to kind of do it, like if you have LithUnwrap - choose each material group, and then move those UV maps to specific corners of a single UV map. ANOTHER method would be to import your OBJ, and then use Texture Atlas to bring all the textures down into one UV map. It won't be pretty but it WILL be one image for multiple materials. Plus this will help you later when converting to a single FBX mesh that uses just one texture as well.