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Jayden Kusuma

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boah, if ur building upwards then jump. you'll fall to infinite. make player respawn if out of boundaries

I actually don't know. This is my first game jam and i never made music actually, so I don't understand of music types whatsoever(yes, that's kinda weird)

Yeah, I might need audio or stuffs to set the mood to the game. Thanks!

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really fair. played your game and gave a rating

Here, try mine and I'll try all of yours . (Warning! game has no audio so just get that headset off)

Yes, there is no audio. i didn't have enough time to make a good inverted audi


Rated yours! cool game!

No Problemo bro. the chromatic abberation could be smoothened down easily just by using the slider.

Oh Cool, about the audio, it's because there are none. because i'd rather made it silent rather than messing the whole game with audio that doesn't fit but i'm currently finding the audios. and maybe the film grain is too heavy that it hurts my eyes too (my playtesters didn't complain about this so i thought it was just me). and shooting seems too easy with left click. so here it is! shooting with W. Thanks for the honest feedback bro! I'll change them and spice the game up again.

Woahh, I didn't actually intended to make a rage game but, i'll just tell you that the key to shoot is W. yes, it's weird. about the floaty jump, i felt it but didn't know how to fix it and just let it be. i tried making the missiles rewinded but it resulted in my playtester quitted since it's like glitched. But thanks for your honest feedback. i'll implement your feedback once online school give me a break.

Rated yours and here's mine

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it


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Try Mine. it's weird game but get used to the controls and your an epic gamer. PLAY IT

Rate Mine! pretty sicc. after you tried this, play a normal game to flip your brain

haha yes, try mine to get your brain blown

Played your game, rated it. Here's mine

lol i used to made it but the screen looks terrible so i deleted it

Ahh yes, i didn't have enough time to make the rewinded sounds so i left in blank rather than making worst sounds lol. Try play a normal game after this. You brain should get flipped over again.

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it.

Cool Game. But I think adding a short "You're Dead" screen after you die will be better than restarting the scene. and add some crossfade scene transitioning to spice up the game a bit

I Tried yours, Try Mine Too!

Maybe you should provide a tutorial for the game since it's very confusing for new players to play/

How's the game you guys made? did you have fun? comment down below

Rated it already. and I liked the game but i think the movement animation felt like something is wrong. Thanks!

Yeah i felt it too, but have you tried shooting? there is a control that allows you to shoot, but it's rewinded. I already fixed the floaty jump and I'll upload the updated version of it after the jam is done

If you just knew about shooting, that's my friends idea about shooting with that secret controls

Uhhm, actually the random teleporting is because you died, but i'll change it. the checkpoint system is to teleport to the CLOSEST checkpoint when you died, but it seems like it's way too random, so Thanks! i'll fix it after the jam

Awesome game idea. but i think that the user manual needs to be more simplified. rather than some manual, i think making the tutorial inside the game is more easier for new players to understand

Cool game, but the song doesn't fit in my opinion. but really nice game and the enemy bullet looks to plain.  Add some post processing to make the gameplay a bit more cool.

yeah, i was focused on fixing bugs, so i didn't have time on finding the right audio. i'm not good at making music so i'd rather keep it silent so that it doesn't mess the gameplay. but Thanks


Try mine too

Here! pls giv me review

Rated your games, try mine.

Actually, that's a easter egg i left to speedrun the game. and you found it!

Oh yeah, I was planning to make the easy mode but i don't have enough time because i'm busy working on something else too (which is online school). But since there is no deadline in a project, i'll make it after the jam is done. Thanks!

no problem bro

it's kinda to slow to charge up the bow, can speed it up?