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Lol sorry to lay that all on you but just had some ideas and wanted to get them out. 

Cyberpunk Environment, Modular catwalk set, ship internal set, Modular SciFi Hallways, spacecraft Consoles set, sci fi greebles set, Cockpit set as well. 

Well I can think of plenty of models to make or sets. One would be a Mountain Valley with mountains and rocks and some stuff for a lake such as a boat and stuff that would go with camping. And that would also allow you to make caves and such or plan your map if you want to say map a world.  Another one would be a side scrolling set which I don't think I've seen.  Alien landscape set,  Alien city set, Planet set, Gun set, underground base set, city set, crystal set, superhero set, grave set, Sci-fI building interior set, Egyptian tomb set, Egyptian set, Space Dock set, Interior space ship set. I have lots more ideas but that would have to come at a later time or something I might try myself.  You most likely won't have time to do all of this.

Awesome! Thank you very much. When I start making some money with my stuff I'll start by sending you some for your hard work. With that in mind do you think you could help me with a model or two? And I was wondering if by chance you would make a sci fi city set? 

Just playing around here

I love this program. Wish there was more models to use though.

Here is a scene I'm working on.

Just did this one now.

Nice! looking forward to seeing what it looks like at the end. You also gave me an idea for my game. So thank you.

Space ship for my game I'm working on. Sorry won't be sharing this one but I'm working on the others.

I'm working on it.  I'll have them up soon as I can.