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Should be fixed now.

The Discord link should be fixed now.

Interesting… I just tried and it loaded for me. I can invite you, but I am curious why the link didn’t work.

Thanks! This is an excellent puzzle game.

Very hectic gameplay! I had quite a bit of trouble remembering how to rotate sections the way I wanted. Nice work!

That was very difficult! I had to continue at least twice.

Least favorite enemy: the walls.

You could for example: Pick a better music track.

Doubtful! ;)

Nice synth, and nice work on rolling your own Lisp!

Unbelievable amount of content for a game jam!

I wasn't able to get this game to work. I'm only seeing a blank page where the game embed should be. Tested on Firefox, Chrome, and Chrome Dev on Windows 64-bit.

Had to reload the page to get it to start (Chrome Dev, Windows 64-bit). I'd say the cards are small enough that they're hard to read and I'd rather use the mouse, but I like the design!

Is the source posted somewhere? Sorry if I missed it. I'm curious what code for the Hoot toolchain looks like :)

Great suggestion!

FYI: the "turn" button has an "access key" specified ("e"), so it is technically possible to play via keyboard (assuming you know which modifier keys to hold down for your browser+OS combination). For example, on Firefox+Windows, I can hit Alt+Shift+e to rotate the snake.

And yes, having all the input round-trip to a data center in New York is annoying. But is it annoying as requiring JavaScript? ;)

I did try, but Lynx doesn’t render anything until the entire request completes.

I was hoping Dillo would work, but it doesn’t render inline frames 😢

Thank you! I should probably re-learn IRC at some point, but being able to just subscribe to that thread on works better for me since email is the only thing I'm sure not to miss :)

What's the best way to find out when the next Lisp Game Jam is scheduled?

I see a list of past editions here, but I don't think there's a way to subscribe to that file. Obviously, I can check that page periodically, or search on's Jams page, but I was hoping for something that doesn't require polling web resources.

I think Chrome has a similar setting, but it is disabled by default. It might be called “block third party cookies”. It might be enabled by default in incognito mode.

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Are you on an iPad, by any chance? If not, which browser and OS?

If you're on iOS: the game is saved into "HTML Local Storage" in the browser, and unfortunately Apple changed the default settings on iOS to prevent saving data to localStorage when hosted cross-domain (as is done here on This was ostensibly done for privacy reasons, but unfortunately it completely broke saves for browser-based games on for iOS. The only work-around for SIC-1 (short of disabling the "Prevernt cross-site tracking" setting--which I don't recommend doing, since it's a global setting) is to manually export your save data (Options -> Manage Save Data) and then import it next time.

If you're not on iOS: let me know the browser+OS and whether or not any settings (especially privacy/security settings) have been modified, and I'll give it a try.

New record for concurrent users: 5.

Not sure where all those players came from or how they coordinated it :)

By the way, I didn’t intentionally kick it off, there was a bug that paused the server for an while and I think that led to all clients timing out and getting disconnected. Oops!

Nice work on the bot 🙂

Thanks to the folks who showed up! Especially Gleefre -- sorry you got hit by the "first person to a word doesn't necessarily win" bug a few times :)

Update: Looks like the "first person wins" logic has a bug. Thanks for noticing!

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I was wondering how you managed to get Guile down to a 1 KB cartridge file, but it sounds like that's the magic of Hoot? Edit: or is this just directly coded in the WebAssumbly text format?

Old, possibly irrelevant: Does it require garbage collector support in the WebAssembly runtime? I kind of assumed WASM-4 wouldn't provide that, so now I'm curious.

This starts in an hour, in case anyone’s interested.

I didn't see anything built-in, although it looks like there is at least one library:

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Anyone interested in some friendly competition in Thirteen Letters roughly 24 hours from now? Let's say: June 7 at 22:00 UTC.

No worries if not, but I thought I'd ask in case anyone else wants to see what it's like with actual opponents (other than Chad Bot who, despite extreme ineptitude is at the top of the Hall of Fame).

You are far more patient with broken code than I am 🙂

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I was watching but stepped away for a minute just when you played Thirteen Letters! I was hoping to give you some competition (also I had an Easter egg planned via a direct REPL connection to the server). Oh well.

Thanks for sharing your play throughs. I’m on Alpine Linux and not as well versed with Nix, so I probably won’t be able to get many of the games to run, but now I got to watch many of them!

Ah, I broke the console version while making the web one. Sorry about that!

I think it would work if you synced the Git sub module (something I should add to the instructions). But fortunately for you *valid-words* is only used on the web server, so even just making it nil should make the console game run 🙂

Thanks for giving it a spin!

Yeah, I was hoping the author of the game had done that because that is the only way I can see to play WASM-4 games in the browser.

I was hoping the game would show up on here, but I didn't see it:

Got to 20 :)

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First person to reach that length word wins. Edit: assuming there’s not a bug 😬

Ha! I finally caught someone while they were playing! Thanks for finally letting me test the game against an opponent 🙂

By the way, I asked on the Itch community forum if there's a way to link devlogs to a game jam and, currently, there is not. They are aware that this would be a convenient feature, so hopefully some day!

Rather than spin up a new thread, I'll just link my write-up here for maximum thread-hijacking:

In case anyone's interested, I briefly documented my lessons learned here:

I like the idea of at least noting how each day was spent.

I didn’t read in depth yet, but in the past I found that generating mazes by removing walls (instead of entire squares) produces nicer looking results (but of course has a different data model!).

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Thanks! After looking at your post and going through the ECL manual again, I now see the example you mentioned:

I'm still surprised that specifying a system entry point doesn't work for ECL, but at least there appears to be a bug tracking that behavior (although it's unclear to me whether it's an issue with ECL, ASDF/UIOP, or actually just expected behavior that I don't understand):

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I’m actually curious how you’re building your game for ECL. A Makefile might be overkill, but any tips on how ECL finds an entry point are welcome.

In my case, I have :ENTRY-POINT set for my system, but when I ASDF:MAKE, ECL seems to ignore it and the produced executable just launches into a REPL (vs. SBCL which runs my entry point and exits afterward). Of course, you don’t even have the entry point set in your .asd file, so now I’m curious…

Edit: this assumes you’re building an executable and not just distributing the game as source only.