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Thanks you so much

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback, we will update it when the Jam ends. Hope u play it again ^^

Thanks so much!

I love the music and of course i love the art.... Nare u did it again , extreamly good job guys, as always.

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OMG guys it was amazing, really nice job, the art, the narrative, dialogs and the music make the game so fun. 5* guys you deserve it. gg

Love it! it was just amazing! the way you use the theme mixing it with Saw and the mechanics of Wario World.... OMG guys u nailded it. Great Job

I didnt remember this part of jurassic park haahah. Amazing game guys good job!

Amazing mechanic, i just holded the very fast y rushed the lvl xDD it was so fun, Great Job guys

Great job! So much frenetic action, i really enjoyed it.

I really love the music, the mechanics and the game desing, it was amazing! rly good game. Btw In lvl 6 i dont know it is a bug but u get stuck in the wall in the second S move. Nice job

Rly nice idea, so original. I like a lot the music and the frenetic gameply GJ

My god thats amazing. Thanks u so much ^^

Thanks for playing ^^

We will. Thanks for the support ^^

Thanks ^^ and ye it a bit confused hehe

thanks you ^^

thanks you so much

Im so proud that you like the animation!! Yep about the audio, we have some problems with the sounded build and we runned out of time before we fix it... it was so sad. Btw we are taking notes about the feedback in the comments to re launch the game with all solved. Hope you play it again when this happen. Thanks for playing hope u liked it ^^

Ye,  we had some problems to build the sounded version and we runned out of time before we fix it... hehe devs things. Any way thanx for play and we are so proud that you think it is a cool demo ^^

First of all thx for playing it and im so proud that you like the art and the idea. We had some problems building the sounded version and we run out of time so... couldnt fix it on time. We will probably relaunch the game with all fixed when the jam ends.

Copy that! we will probably fix the game with the feedback when the Jam ends and make a really good ended game, hope u will tray again with this happen! Thanks for play it

It takes me a little bit to understand the whole mechanics but when i got it, the game become really fun, good job!

Thanx u so much

Había una forma muy concreta de hacerlo, acabamos de parchear el juego y ahora es mucho más sencillo y hay diversas formas de conseguirlo. ¡Te animamos a que lo vuelvas a intentar!

We have updated the game and now you can play in english

We have updated the game and now you can play in english

Love this game, my favorite so far!

Nice music guys, so amazing game!

I love the music and both cut scenes. War is coming guys be aware of pidgeons.....

It's so cool you got to the ending! Too often I focus on making the game mechanics and forget about the level design  until the last minute, this time around I spent almost half of the jam in the levels, so glad it came through! Thanks for commenting.

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The stress of furiously pressing the upload button and the page not responding surely felt like a nightmare but at the end it was a blessing.
Did you get anything out of the extra hour? Maybe fixing a fatal bug?

In our case we managed to squeeze a cool fading to black effect when the character is dying due to the lack of oxygen.

Check out our game Hypoxia:

Thanks for playing! I'll definately try to give it an extra layer of polishing outside the stress of the jam, I think the game deserves it.

i like it so much, nice game, lvl design and nice way to implement the "only pne" topic!!

Rly good idea, i like it so much!!!

OMG!!  thank you so much. Im very glad you liked it. Yeah the chapter 1 and 2 text is bugged in the html version but we didnt notice about the wall bug in chapter 3, thanks for the feedack we will check it ^^. Thanks for playing my game :)

Holly Molly nice game, nice way to implement the topic and the best of all  so fucking nice art.  10/10

Extremely good game, it is really fun and well designed. Nice way to implement the topic!!

This game makes me so tilt ahahaha i always fail on wave 5 xD, but it is rly fun, nice job. ill keep tryng to rise with the victory hahahaha.

OH rly? im so happy ^^

I was just extremely fun, but i have to say that i loose when i saw the naruto runner because i started laughing hahaha. Great job!