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Good work. I'm impressed by how many levels you managed to put together within 48 hours! Feels like a pretty complete puzzle game. At first I thought the last level was impossible, before I figured out the trick to it... very nice.

Feedback 1: I think as soon as you highlight an action type, you should get the move preview before you choose a direction. (For example, as soon as you press 1, you should get a white square in front of you; 2 a red line...). At the start I was pretty confused about why the action I selected wasn't triggering, and only after a minute did I realize I had to choose a direction too, so this would be a visual cue.

Feedback 2: On many levels, a winning strategy is to stay parked at the start location and just shoot at anyone who drives toward you. The mechanics tend to reward staying still and shooting, because you outrange the enemies and moving gives them a chance to shoot first. It would be nice if more of the puzzles force you into a proactive approach. (Some of them definitely did).

This is a really neat and original idea. The controls and jump physics could probably use some refinement, and some of the scenery elements could come down slowly and then block your way if you don't get behind them in time. It would be nice to think of other ways to run with this concept to make it different than a usual platformer beyond just visually. Good work!

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That's a really neat concept. I would put the second level after the third level. It could use some other mechanics to add puzzle challenges, other than the red line. But really nice core idea.

Nice game, with great sound effects. I think the most important thing to add would be a preview vector for your move path.

Great game! Very cute, fun gameplay. Restart key could also have been one of the keys.

This game is good, and relaxing. I liked the first song, it could have stayed just as that one the whole time.

Really neat aesthetic and nice concept. The physics is a little bit slippery, but overall it's awesome!

Nice game! I think it would benefit from the music continuing even when you die, instead of restarting.

The aesthetics of this game are really amazing. It came together really nicely. It feels like some kind of surreal dream, and the music complements it well. I'm not sure that the control scheme is the best it could be, but it's an interesting start.

Great game! I really like that anybody can register a player just by pressing the key they like.

The aesthetic choice to zoom in after shooting and then tick off each enemy one by one really sold this for me. Lining up a fireball and getting a 6 enemy combo is very satisfying.

Some of the enemies appeared en masse, but having more enemies didn't always affect things. For example, it doesn't much matter if there is more than one frog, since they all fall at the same time. The big/small frog difference is neat, but because their cycles are of slightly different lengths, a "beat frequency" effect can occur. The "Frog Gauntlet" level is made easier if you bring the frogs all the way back to the start, as by then the two different kinds of frog cycles sync up. Not sure if this is intentional.

Great game!

I made it about 5 or 6 levels in. The idea is pretty cool, but the jump physics were not very forgiving (you could use some Coyote time, for example, like in the recent GMTK video on Celeste.) A "rewind" button would have been sufficient to make this not feel frustrating.

This is a neat idea, but having to play through previously-beaten levels repeatedly does slow things down quite a lot.

I like the concept of a game built around an ecosystem simulator, but I was able to win just by repeatedly decimating the population until only one species was left. It could have been more interesting if you had to sort the species into different containers, or confine them to particular continents.

Great job! This game was very captivating. I think I got through to the end. One small bug: On the maze level, the error messages go off the screen, so it makes debugging pretty hard. Still, it's a very technically impressive game and worked pretty well. The info / help messages were quite useful, and I'm impressed that you strung together a parser and interpreter in 48 hours.

The requirements for the parentheses were a bit too strong (e.g. `if not front.wall` is invalid, but `if (not front.wall)` is valid.

This would have been a great concept if you'd finished it. Nice work! It's a very clever and appropriate take on the theme. Also a great way to actually learn Morse code.

I recommend anyone struggling with the difficulty to try this strategy:
Say out loud the thing that you need to do, before the options are presented. Voicing it out loud will more quickly trigger you to spot the one you need to press, and reduce your decision-making load. It helps to have teammates.

Music also kept me involved.

Really enjoyed this game. Good job!

I laughed my head off playing this. I hope it makes it to Mark Brown. Have I seen something like this before? > No :)

This is a great concept and you executed it very well. We thought maybe that the controls were a little unresponsive, but we had a good time.

Thanks, glad you liked it! There's an ending if you can beat level 5!