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Hi, sorry about the delayed reply here. I have gotten the online card picker back up and running this morning again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you :)

Remove sections from the whole world!


I am glad you found it useful and look forward to seeing what you publish!

This is a bit I intend to add in the near future! Pandoc actually has the ability to generate a table of contents automatically. Ill add the details to the tutorial soon but the basic steps are:

1. Add <nav>$toc$</nav> to your template.html before the main section.

2. Addthe flags  -s --toc to the build command for the web output.

This will should automatically generate you table of contents on your page.


You could be falling over a couple of different problems with the design and implementation of Windows here.

1. Navigating between lettered drives.

Windows makes this less than intuitive, you have to change drive first and then change directories after. Eventually, because this is such a bad idea, the eventually added the /d flag in the cd command. The /d flag tells cd that you wish to change drive first as part of the command.

cd /d e:\documents\markdown_kaiju  

I could argue the folly of drive letters vs mount pointsall day, but it is what it is.

2. Wrong slash

While cmd.exe says that it supports / in paths as well as \ as a way to become compatible with every other system on the planet, the truth is that it does so very badly. There are loads of edge cases that fail on this.

On windows / is used to specify flags for command options so it could be that as your command is 

cd /documents

It could be that cmd is seeing the /d in /documents as a flag wanting to change drive and then finding no valid drive after that. I would recommend always using the windows style path separator to avoid these problems. It might work if you used:

cd \documents

But unless you need an absolute path (starts with a slash which means its a path that starts at the root of the lettered drive) I would always recommend  using a relative path.

Great that you got this running in the end though, I should add a section with some links to info on navigating the terminal for people who need it soon. 


Thanks for the comments. I am so glad that you are enjoying this little game. It always means a lot to hear from people who are getting something out of the things I create.

Happy writing!

An excellent game about an mysterious garden. 

5 stars!

A fantastic way to tell stories together, with a dice system unlike anything else.

5 Stars!

I am still working hard on my entry, but I don't think there is any way I am going to get this finished by the time the jam ends :(

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I have gone a little over the top on the lore to be honest but it has been rally fun writing it. There a family feud and everything.

I am considering adding an appendix with a list of texts published by the Institut de recherche sur l'exploration interstellaire, an entirely invented institute founded by the creator of interstellar balloon travel.

I am working on a game called Deep Space Balloon Race, it's about Deep Space Balloon Racing.

I am doing all of the layout in LaTeX and I ma hoping read and look like a regular local history book. My goal is that if this were sat on a shelf next to all the other local history books someone might pick it up and believe it were a real book. Now I am under no illusion that that would actually happen as the subject matter is so far fetched, but it would not look out of place.

I have already written a chapter on the history of how the space faring balloon was invented and am now working on a short history of deep space balloon racing.

For the curious this is what my WIP looks like, I will add a few pictures in due course.

Torn between adding tables inline with the text or putting them all in an appendix at the end.

Deep Space Balloon Race it is!

Everything I make is created on open source so I am absolutely up for telling Adobe to fuck off. 

Please assign me an image and I shall create!

Yes, it’s by design. 

It’s rather a better “balance” that a character be bad enough at something to not be able to do it than it is to be awesome and never fail. 

With an Acrobatics of 1 a player will still be adept enough to run, roll and jump as normal, but trying to pirouette on a balance beam is always going to be a failure. 

Thanks :)

I have actually fixed this now.

I also flipped the equation so that it is d6 < tn which makes more sense than tn < d6, making it that the higher tn the better you are at the task rather than the other way round.

The way I had it was fun but it also made y ou get exponentially better as your Brawn decreased through damage.

Thanks for your interest.

Hack away! :)

I’ll upload the tex file in the morning when I am back at my laptop!

A Wood Heart

It is common knowledge that trees can not scream; although when the axe first touched that great oak, you would not have been so sure. The crack of blade on wood rang out around the forest and, in an instant, the cries of uncountable numbers of birds arose from the canopy. The axe kept coming, blow after blow and the sound of life in the forest grew louder with each strike; while the tree just stood there, gravely still and silent. Finally the tree fell and, when the sound of it hitting the floor had died, there was nothing left but silence. Not the silence of the forest, the silence of a million unseen lives busily going about their jobs. No, this was a complete and deathly silence, as if the forest itself had ceased with the tree.

A Wood Heart is a map drawing and story telling game about forest spirits, humans and the intersection of their existence. It is an unsubtle comment on our impact on the world.

During this game you and your friends will be drawing a map of a forest and the surrounding human settlements and documenting the changes to both of these over time. You do this through the lens of spirits that live in the forest who have seen the activity of the humans first hand.

Print copies also available

You can also get this game in a print format.

Or is it a fun Christmas tree related pun? Fir tabletop rpgs!

it is not. Thanks :) 

Thanks! There are more of these little zines coming in the near future so keep an eye out.

The ADVENTure is a festive card list for the solo tabletop role playing game The Adventurer but it can also be used to generate random festive elements for any other game!

The Adventurer is a solo ttrpg that has you drawing cards and writing the journal entries of your characters adventure in a world of your own creativity. This card list enables you to adventure in a magical Christmas world!

spooky, yet cute. The best mix! 

hi, sorry about the late reply. I have been busy an unfortunatly neglectful of my responsibilities!

Thanks you the interest. I would love to see it you can email me at 

I don’t know if I can hist it anywhere as it’s not something I could ever update it maintenance but if you host it I can certainly link to it and credit your work. 

hi, thanks for playing glad you enjoyed it. 

My toki is really rusty at the moment, ill have to try translating that when I get home and have the book handy!


Thanks for pointing this out, it was in fact a bug that had been fixed before but the changes had not been pushed. Oops. All of the suits should be random now I have pushed the updated page.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing :)

there are no plans for stand alone apps at the moment although I do intend to come back to the card picker and make it fit to mobile screens nicely. 

I am quite busy at the moment so it’s having to wait a bit; but it is on my todo list.

Light is a solo journal writing game about keeping a lighthouse in exceptional circumstances. You awake one morning to find your fellow keepers missing and a storm rolling in. Will you keep the light going by yourself and discover what to the others?

this was a game for the wretched and alone game jam.

I don’t think I am going to have time to do it now :(  but I was thinking of mimicking lighthouse keepers routines. 

There were always three keepers on an island and they would work in 4 hour shifts keeping watch. On the late night and earlier shifts there was an unwritten rule that you woke the next keeper up just before their shift and would make them a cuppa and sit and chat for 20 minutes or so to make sure they were awake. I wanted to do something around those late night conversations but had not fully formed the idea.  

Ooooh, battle of the beacons! :)

I had kind of thrown the idea of a card that reveals what happened out this afternoon but was toying with the idea of having a deck that is all about the other keepers and I think I might have figured something cool out to do with it too. Actually quite excited to work on this tonight.

Another thing I did think about was making a supplementary multiplayer version where everyone plays one of the keepers and it ends with two going missing while one is away!

Thanks. I am kind of on the fence with it at the moment. I don’t want to spell anything out at all but maybe drop the off breadcrumb that might be a red herring, its a balance between the two.

I think I would like to leave it a mystery but maybe not.  

Hi, excited to be taking part in this jam. 

My game has you playing the part of a lighthouse keeper alone on an island after your fellow keepers mysteriously vanished without a trace. 

You will have to keep the lighthouse going by yourself while you wait for the boat to arrive and bring you back to the mainland. 

I know right. Im obsessed with playing cards at the moment so expect more games using them at some point.