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Thanks :)

I have actually fixed this now.

I also flipped the equation so that it is d6 < tn which makes more sense than tn < d6, making it that the higher tn the better you are at the task rather than the other way round.

The way I had it was fun but it also made y ou get exponentially better as your Brawn decreased through damage.

Thanks for your interest.

mmmmm now you have another problem if a player rolls a 1 as any of their stats. They can't succeed. But that might be "by design" (poor PCs)

Yes, it’s by design. 

It’s rather a better “balance” that a character be bad enough at something to not be able to do it than it is to be awesome and never fail. 

With an Acrobatics of 1 a player will still be adept enough to run, roll and jump as normal, but trying to pirouette on a balance beam is always going to be a failure. 

that makes sense. thanks!