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okay, so... correct me if I'm wrong, but it means that you don't have to turn the "frontend" of your ship to attack the other in the line-of-sight.

That's fine.

Looks great and nicely designed! A quick question about movement rules: do you count right/left turns as one move? Or simply if a ship is on a given square it can attack in any direction?

24XX community · Created a new topic Spotted typo(s)?

I've spotted a weird typo in the GEAR section:

Take a comm (smartphone) and 2. Most items and upgrades cost 1 each. Ignore microcredit transactions like a knife or a meal.

Isn't there something missing here? I think a better wording would be: "Ignore microcredit transactions for items like a knife or a meal"?

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there are small typo's in Card 1:

  • Insigth => Insight
  • Intelect => Intellect
  • shared dept => shared debt

And in card 2

Bonueses => Bonuses

aaaaaand it's online!

Thank you very much for your kind permission!

Thank you for your kind permission!

The problem with the layout is that French texts are usually significantly longer than the English source. So I think that the translated version might overflow the bookmark layout. And I prefer to keep it readable, and not reducing the font size too much.

I'll see what I can do, but it'll probably be a 3-to-4-page long PDF. I'll keep you posted! :o)

I really like this little game! Am I allowed to translate it into French and publish it here on (with all credits due, of course)

Merci à toi d'avoir JOUÉ avec ce micro-jdr !

Oh thank you for this very thorough response! Kudos!

Hello and first of all, thank you very much for this very inspiring game.

I know that this RPG has not only been designed for a Mouseguard world, but I was wondering about the experience rules. They say that the XPs are earned when bringing back treasures or useful goods to settlements. That's fine, but I was thinking that the Guard missions encompass a broader spectrum: control the borders, secure roads, explore places, protect mice and make sure that justice is done.

I feel like GMs who would want to emulate a Mouseguardish game would give XP for "things that are not related to pips"... but it's hard to handwave these sort of things.

What would be the guidelines for awarding XPs besides pip stuff, do you think? (and this would work in a Mouseguard world, or in any other kind of games, if you want to reward exploration)

merci ! thanks a lot!

Great great great work here again.

There's a small typo on page 6. there's "Bard" twice.

Great one! keep them coming!

a small typo, btw: "Treasure itens"

I'm not sure I could suggest anything precisely.
The plan is on this very page, with the unfinished items vs. finished items. Any of them would be a great addition ;o)

Hi there,

I got reminded by pure serendipity about this terrific Micro Blades. Any update on it? Are you likely to improve and/or complete it in the future?

yes, sure: it's online here

is it any different / updated from the one you put on your website sometimes ago?

what. is. this?

I've received the game today! It's soooooooo cute!

Can't wait to play it!

well, I'm not sure I've been understood here. Please let me rephrase:

When I tried to buy Metatoy on, it only proposed me the Credit Card payment and no Paypal. Unfortunately, the processing stopped because apparently, Stripe doesn't allow this kind of operation blablabla (I should have made a screenshot).

I don't know if you want to do it, but I think that Paypal may be activated on your account, and would certainly allow more people to buy Metatoy on this platform, instead of going to DTRPG.

For some reason I couldn't purchase this item using my credit card. And since Paypal isn't activated... too bad I had to downgrade to drivethrurpg... :/

best news ever! thank you!

Indeed! it makes sense now, thx!

> The diamonds are a way to easily identify what star rank the monster belongs to even if you print in black-and-white or have colour blindness.

I can see that, but do you confirm that the fact that a one-star monster doesn't have any mechanical influence on the game? (for example, if I'm revealing a one-star monster or a three-star monster doesn't change anything to the result, right?)


First of all thank you for this very lovely game, it's so cute!

I have a quick question about the rules and the cards. I see that the monsters have one, two or three "diamonds" on the top-left corner. But I didn't see any mention about them in the rules and I was wondering if it was just some sort of decoration or if I missed something in the rules document.

thank you for the quick response! :o)

(1 edit)

Hello all. Still can't see the French version on this page. When can we expect it to be available?

Many thanks ;o)

May I ask a few things that I didn't see on the rules?

1. Which face should the ordinary pieces show at the beginning of the game? Are they random or they're all showing the same number?

2. when jumping over a piece, do you count the step where the other piece was as a step or it doesn't count? In other words, if my piece is adjacent to another one, if I jump over it to land on the square next to it, does it count as "1 step" or "2" ?

It might be explained in the video (I'm a bit in a hurry I won't be able to watch it now), but even if it's explained in the video, I think it should also appear on the written rules.

Excellent! Thanks for the link!

I'm a volunteer for reviewing it. This game is an insta-wannaplay

the "Export" function is working great! Thank you!

mmmm it looks like it doesn't work on Firefox :/

how do you export / save generated dungeons?


I don't know if this feature has already been requested, but the forum search engine has failed me unfortunately :/

I wonder if it was possible to add a button or a UI element to "bookmark" a jam and save it into my profile for further reading. Don't get me wrong, the "Game Jams" page ( and the "Jam dashboard" page ( are helpful but they don't display *past* jams you didn't participate to.
Sometimes I'd like to browse an old jam because the topics and submissions were cool but I didn't participate to it. First the only way to see it on the Game Jam page is to join it, but when it's over, it simply disappears.
All in all, I think it would be great to have a look at present or past jams, regardless of your participation to it.

Keep up the good work!

> 1 to 99 players

but you only have 2 dice, 20 turns to play, how would they play all together?

ça serait un document complet avec les cartes, les illustrations et tout ? gratuit ou payant ?

tu l'as déjà joué ce "donjon" ? si oui, c'était comment ?

on trouve de tout dans les caractères unicode :

ou encore dans les emojis :


ah bah zût alors :

may I point at a few typos in the rules files? There are several occurences of "multible" instead of multiple (at least in the "Microblades_Rules_A.tif" file)