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​Une mécanique de résolution du tonnerre, surtout dans la séquence du CLIMAX. Ça donne irrésistiblement envie de jouer ; et éventuellement de rajouter des bonus au DVD, avec une séquence “bêtisier” dans laquelle on rejoue la scène, qui rate, où les dialogues tombent à plat, etc.

yes, I see it's highly improbable (0, 077% chance, if I got the math right)... but not impossible, so I was wondering if it wasn't a mistake. That'd be quite challenging (and possibly "fun") to try this out. But not as a solo player, methinks.


is it just me or any character with a stat of 1 can't do much?

combat: very risky, but, okay, you can try to avoid combat. or traps. or anything that could wipe your unique HP.

magic: no you can't, because using magic would also wipe out your unique HP.

I'm a bit skeptical. I really like the "one-stat" idea, but I think it leaves no chance if you try to play a character with a single stat of one, unless you give them plenty of valuable equipment, or a treasure, or leave a guardian angel around.

Hello here!

can you please tell us if there's any major or minor differences between this product and the one on DriveThruRPG? I bought it a few weeks ago, so I don't know if this one will be updated or if the one on itch represents the future of "Down We Go" ;o)

je suis tenté de dire "Games", parce qu'elle regroupe pratiquement toutes les productions numériques / jeux-vidéos, etc.

salut ! sympa ce petit jeu, mais il me semble qu'il est classé dans la mauvaise catégorie (Physical game) qui regroupe plutôt les jeux "sur table" (jeux de société, jeux de cartes, jeux de rôles, etc)

all right, I see. It may have any kind of result, as in Parsely Games, for example, such as "you die, back to square 1".
Very interesting variant, indeed.

(1 edit)

mmmm... what would happen when the player attemps to perform an action that is not one the GM verbs?

looks like a great module... but I've spotted at least a typo on the "Shrine on the lake" screenshot. it says "Treausre" instead of "Treasure". I hope this typo is not in the final printed book! ;o)

quick question: I've tried it for a while and I've reached the point when you should mark "-2 Stress" and my stress level is "1". What do you do in that case? do you mark it as -1, 0 or keep it as "1" because it's the smallest value on a dice?

aaaaah indeed! I see it now. Many thanks!

I got the core rules ok.

I got the bestiary, ok (although I'm not sure on how to use the skills, but that's fine, I think a GM can handle this)

But the Dunge section remains profoundly unreachable. I have no idea on how to use these matrices... Anyone could help me out, please?

coooooool! thank you for your response! keep it up!

Not 100% sure that I got it, but if I may rephrase (correct me if I'm wrong): in principle, all actions by characters succeed (yay! I beat the Minotaur / I've climbed the wall, etc) — maybe unless the game master states otherwise — but it may exhaust your meta-character until it reaches d4 + your next roll below 4.

Another optional way I see (again, please tell me if I'm off-road) is to allow complete successes if the dice doesn't drop, and partial success if it does.

Saves are great, they are very helpful tactical tools when you need the story to move forward!

wow that looks very very cool indeed... but I may have missed something, because I can't figure out how the resolution system works, for the various actions.

It says "you roll + attribute" and... and... how do you know it succeeded? is it using a target number? which kind of TN? Same for save rolls?

When you roll to defend, how do you know you succeed in defending? And how do you defeat your opponent? Characters don't have hit points, and I'm fine with that, but how do we measure how an opponent is hit?

Sorry if it looks like dumb questions, but I think it'd be worth a small explanation, because I **really** want to play this game, but I wish I knew what to do with those pesky rolls!

that makes sense. thanks!

mmmmm now you have another problem if a player rolls a 1 as any of their stats. They can't succeed. But that might be "by design" (poor PCs)


I have a question, though. If any of your 3 stats is determined by a d6 roll, it may happen that you roll a 6, and thus any action related to this stat would result in a success, because tn will always be lower or equal to a d6 roll.

how would you solve this equation?

Page 22: the expression "No one really knows about them" is somehow repeated with "No one knows much about them". Maybe this needs rephrasing.

Page 23: "Safehouses (X)". What is X?

Page 29: "Blow up the townhall(24)" I think it misses a space before the opening parenthesis.

Hello all. I've just downloaded the PDFs and for your information, I've spotted a few typos.
Maybe if other readers find more they can add to this topic?
see ya!

From the ETBF Visitor's guide.

Page 5: "Spring. The seasonss" (with 2 "s")

Page 12: (maybe not a typo, might be intentional, but I'm mentionning it anyway) "The Congregation works with liaisons, so you rarely meet. So you rarely meet actual members." As I understand it, it could just be a single sentence.

Page 16: it looks like the presentation paragraph is not entirely in italics.

Pages 17: A prototype [..] was discovered by some Humane middle school students discovered a prototype of Colonel's [..]"... Probably redundant.

Page 17 (again): « They stole it for what they call a "Science fair » ; the double-quote is not closed.

Any status update about this cool project?

beautiful little game!

I was wondering if it was possible to have a "puzzles-only" version of the game,

That is to say, a downloadable document with only the puzzles, no explanation, no solution, and maybe two or more puzzles per page? that'd save a lot of paper, don't you think?

great! thanks a lot.

this game looks hilarious! I wish I could find a group to run a one-shot with it!

A quick note, though: on the PDFs, the text reads:

> The text of this game is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But the link just below goes to the CC-BY license, so I think that you may want to clarify which CC license is being used.
Keep up the good work!

aaaaaaaaaaaaah okokokokokok. thank you, I feel enlightened now. ;o)


this is an awesome dungeon, with lots of potential, and such. Still, I have a small question, please excuse my ignorance, but what does the line where I'm reading "mm pg #" stand for? It seems to be random numbers, like 328 or 237, but I fail to understand their meaning.

okay, so... correct me if I'm wrong, but it means that you don't have to turn the "frontend" of your ship to attack the other in the line-of-sight.

That's fine.

Looks great and nicely designed! A quick question about movement rules: do you count right/left turns as one move? Or simply if a ship is on a given square it can attack in any direction?

24XX community · Created a new topic Spotted typo(s)?

I've spotted a weird typo in the GEAR section:

Take a comm (smartphone) and 2. Most items and upgrades cost 1 each. Ignore microcredit transactions like a knife or a meal.

Isn't there something missing here? I think a better wording would be: "Ignore microcredit transactions for items like a knife or a meal"?

aaaaaand it's online!

Thank you very much for your kind permission!

Thank you for your kind permission!

The problem with the layout is that French texts are usually significantly longer than the English source. So I think that the translated version might overflow the bookmark layout. And I prefer to keep it readable, and not reducing the font size too much.

I'll see what I can do, but it'll probably be a 3-to-4-page long PDF. I'll keep you posted! :o)

I really like this little game! Am I allowed to translate it into French and publish it here on (with all credits due, of course)

Merci à toi d'avoir JOUÉ avec ce micro-jdr !

Oh thank you for this very thorough response! Kudos!

Hello and first of all, thank you very much for this very inspiring game.

I know that this RPG has not only been designed for a Mouseguard world, but I was wondering about the experience rules. They say that the XPs are earned when bringing back treasures or useful goods to settlements. That's fine, but I was thinking that the Guard missions encompass a broader spectrum: control the borders, secure roads, explore places, protect mice and make sure that justice is done.

I feel like GMs who would want to emulate a Mouseguardish game would give XP for "things that are not related to pips"... but it's hard to handwave these sort of things.

What would be the guidelines for awarding XPs besides pip stuff, do you think? (and this would work in a Mouseguard world, or in any other kind of games, if you want to reward exploration)

merci ! thanks a lot!

Great great great work here again.

There's a small typo on page 6. there's "Bard" twice.

Great one! keep them coming!

a small typo, btw: "Treasure itens"

I'm not sure I could suggest anything precisely.
The plan is on this very page, with the unfinished items vs. finished items. Any of them would be a great addition ;o)