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mmmm it looks like it doesn't work on Firefox :/

how do you export / save generated dungeons?


I don't know if this feature has already been requested, but the forum search engine has failed me unfortunately :/

I wonder if it was possible to add a button or a UI element to "bookmark" a jam and save it into my profile for further reading. Don't get me wrong, the "Game Jams" page ( and the "Jam dashboard" page ( are helpful but they don't display *past* jams you didn't participate to.
Sometimes I'd like to browse an old jam because the topics and submissions were cool but I didn't participate to it. First the only way to see it on the Game Jam page is to join it, but when it's over, it simply disappears.
All in all, I think it would be great to have a look at present or past jams, regardless of your participation to it.

Keep up the good work!

> 1 to 99 players

but you only have 2 dice, 20 turns to play, how would they play all together?

ça serait un document complet avec les cartes, les illustrations et tout ? gratuit ou payant ?

tu l'as déjà joué ce "donjon" ? si oui, c'était comment ?

on trouve de tout dans les caractères unicode :

ou encore dans les emojis :


ah bah zût alors :

may I point at a few typos in the rules files? There are several occurences of "multible" instead of multiple (at least in the "Microblades_Rules_A.tif" file)

I have to say that I'm a bit confused by the Elemental Market. I fail to see what filling it triggers in the mechanics of the game. Am I missing something obvious?