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had about 30mn to play my first game. I had a great time ; visited 4 places, went into a Cave and already had my first Advance after a successful fight against a Spook.

Can’t wait to have more time to continue this adventure!

Strange… I’ve tried to buy this game, and there was a “Paypal error” on the pop-up, before the checkout.

Failed to create PayPal payment (422)

Do you have any idea of what could have happened?

ok, I see. Thanks for your clarification.

Maybe I’m wrong, but… don’t we miss the skill provided for the members of the Krugg clan?

Eh bien, longue vie aux Ghostbusters !

Loin de moi l’idée de décourager l’initiative, mais… Est-ce légal ?


Bravo Louis-Philippe ! Et mille mercis !

That would be very interesting, but I’m afraid I don’t have enough designer skills… do you think it’d “just” (hum hum) be as simple as: create a duplicate of the English GDoc template, copy-paste the French text, adjust the margins etc (French text is often 20% longer) and export as PDF? (I may dream a bit, here)

For this Dash Jam, I’ve started a translation into French of Dash.

I’m using the Fari-RPG Github repository, because I know how to ; so you can also make a Pull Request like mine ; but if you don’t know how to use git or github, you could still download the current text-only (Markdown) version of Dash, and start to translate in the language you want!

just a quick note: your game is in the “Games” category, while it should rather be in the “Physical games”.

Après, le lien vers le projet Github pourrait être intéressant. J’ai repéré quelques typos et pour les signaler, un projet Github est un bon vecteur.

Salut @lecrapal ; je pense que ton projet “cairn-fr” doit être en mode “privé”, quand j’ai cliqué sur le lien, j’ai une une 404.

Traduire le SRD en français est une chouette idée ; il manque juste une version téléchargeable en PDF et/ou ePub pour que la fête soit parfaite !

J’adore ! j’ai dévoré le livre et je caresse l’espoir de proposer une partie aux collègues pour une pause-déj.

petite question sur les règles (j’ai mon idée, mais c’est pour être sûr). Il est indiqué que lorsque une facette est compromise, “[on] ne pourra plus l’utiliser pour faire avancer la mission.” Parle-t-on de la mission en cours ou est-ce la mission, dans le sens général (ce qui voudrait dire que la facette est compromise pour “toujours”) ?

thank you for this quick response! indeed it makes the deal more interesting! Keep up the good work!

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May I ask you - since you already have a Patreon - what are you itchfunding this game for? Will there be a more complete version?… or are there any further plans ahead?

thank you for the response! I guess that “great minds think alike”. Your game has a more “modern touch”, so it’s definitely worth the interest!

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I’ve read and really enjoyed the rulebook! You’ve created quite a nice comedy RPG. I’ve also watched the beginning of the AP video, and it looks like a lot of fun.

There’s a thing that puzzles me, though: there’s no reference to “Og” or “Land of Og” roleplaying games, which share a lot with your gaming concept: comedy, stone-age, limited vocabulary.
I’m not accusing you of plagiarism, but I was wondering if you were aware of this (old, old, old) game, and if it was a source of inspiration in any way. (Still, I’ve been delighted to see how you’ve integrated the limited vocabulary in the game, from the character creation to the adventure hooks, very well done!)

Can’t wait to find some time to play “Before Fire”

great asset pack!
have you considered making a compressed archive of all of them to make it easier to download the whole set? (and the same for the other Cave Painting packs)


this is why I love the Internets, this website, the LatAm RPG community, and… you, Maik. I love your work, you absolutely rock.

and also, it’s a bit confusing to add the example using an “HD10 Red Dragon” (why do you include the “HD” in the example? should we use the HD somewhere?), and with a THAC0 of 11 would mean:

20 - 11 = +9 attack…

And just after that, the first monster example is a Red Dragon, and its +Attack bonus is… +8.

must be a small typo, but I think it may confuse readers at some point.


spotted small mistakes in the “conversion guide” for monsters.

It says

A monster’s +Attack can be found by subtracting its THAC0 from 20, rounded up (THAC0 - 20 = +Attack)

First of all, if there’s no division, there won’t be any need to round the result up or down. Secondly, if you follow the formula, you’ll end up a negative result most of the time. I think you meant “20 - THAC0 = +Attack”

what do you think?

just FYI, there’s currently a Lasers & Feelings jam going on. You may submit your game if you want!

aaaaaaah! I’ve just tried at the wrong moment. Got’em now, and they look GREAT!


this is… weird… I can’t see any download link for the “minibx spreads.pdf” and “minibx single pages.pdf” files :(

aaaand it’s published:

A long time ago, I’ve created rules for a card game using toki pona. Maybe this jam will be the opportunity to properly design the cards and make the full game available as Print’n’Play. Fingers crossed!

tenpo pini la, mi pali e lawa pi musi lipu kepeken toki pona. mi pali e musi lipu ale la, mi pilin pona mute a!

Amusant, Gulix avait déjà traduit ce jeu il y a quelques années de ça :

(ce n’est pas pour que cette version soit supprimée ou censurée ou encore accuser de plagiat, etc… c’est pour information uniquement. Vivent toutes les traductions de tous les jeux de la terre !)

oh! That’d make me very proud!

It’s a one-page module I made some time ago, for an idea I had a long long time ago: a dungeon map based on a molecule ; how apt was the caffeine molecule, wasn’t it?


J’ai démarré la traduction du SRD en mode texte… je n’ai hélas pas assez de compétence en design pour en faire une version agréable à regarder. Mais j’espère que ma petite contribution sera le premier pas vers la version PDF dans toute sa splendeur !

That’s awesome! Thanks a million, Cezar!


I’ve noticed that the PUSH SRD is published under the terms of the Creative Commons BY License. AND THAT’S SUPER-COOL!

So, that means that anyone could make derivatives of it, as long as they give attribution to the original work.
Making a derivative work would include translating the SRD into other languages.
In order to make the translation workload a lot easier, I think it’d be great to have access to a “text-only” version of the SRD in English (in any raw format, Markdown or eventually an RTF document).

Could you please provide this document(s) on this space?

Nice little game! 4511 ! WOOT!

I was randomly browsing my RPG collection and thought “well, what about re-reading this one?”. I’m very impressed by the high simplicity and cleanness of the game, and it feels like you could run a session anywhere, and that’s great!

It took me some time to get that the Disruption rule was not meant to penalize the higher check rolls, but yes, now I get it (except that may be it’d be a bit sad to have no chance to get a double if I only have one dice for a roll).

But never mind, I think I need to play at least once to make sense about it.

Keep up the good work!


J’ai acheté “La Route du Maître” sur (en papier et en PDF).

Quand j’ai vu que le jeu se trouvait aussi sur itch, je me suis dit que ce n’était pas la peine de le prendre en double. Mais j’ai remarqué que sur itch, c’était la 2 ou 3ème mise à jour du fichier routedumaitre.pdf.

Donc, premièrement : quelles sont ces mises à jour ? Et deuxièmement : je ne suis pas certain que permette les mises à jour des livres numériques, auquel cas, si ça vaut le coût/coup, comment faire pour obtenir les mises à jour ?

erm… question… on which cell do you start the loop?

Super ! Et au fait : bravo, ce jeu est un petit bijou !

j’ai une petite question : dans les règles il est mentionné “un jeu de 54 cartes”. Est-ce qu’il ne faudrait pas plutôt indiquer “52 cartes” ? parce que, sauf erreur de ma part, un jeu de cartes, c’est 52 + les 2 jockers, et il me semble que les jockers ne sont pas utilisés dans les règles…

excellent game concept and rules! even very young kids can play it! And if you want, you could also pick your own favorite animal (bears, pikes, sharks, etc). Or even pick your own prey/predator pair. That’d work too.

Love that!