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cant wait for this game! Love the windwaker vibes

This "pre-alpha demo" was made within the timespan of one 7-day week, and in the future I plan on releasing a fully-fledged game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making and playing it. Right now I found the slime's stomp mechanic to be really fun and I think the visuals and sound are enjoyable for what its worth.

In the future, I plan on adding in more abilities, levels, and enemies procedurally as time goes on. I plan on having a full story mode, boss rush mode, level editor, and a "roguelike randomizer" mode. If you would like to contribute, please contact me on itch either in this thread or some page.

Link to game's page:

(The demo is available in HTML, but I recommend installing the executable for a better experience and no game-crashing bugs) 

  • The first level has a bug that breaks camera-scrolling on the vertical section. This will be patched in a bug-fix update within the next week. Just know that you'll have to manually quit the first level.

While playing the HTML version, I'm finding a few bugs:

  • The vertical jumping section of the first level does not pan the camera properly as it should.
  • If you try to exit to the main menu the game freezes up.
  • (If you find any more notify me here in the comments, I will keep this updated.)

I'm looking to make a 2d procedurally-generated platformer game featuring pixel art. Only problem is right now I'm very limited on time and suck at art/music. I'm looking to finish this project within the next 24 hours since I'm short on time.  I'd greatly appreciate working together with someone on this project.

My experience: beginner to Godot, using GDScript. Just finished making my own pacman game in Godot as my first project.

sounds good find me in the discord

Great game, very polished. The aesthetics, visuals, and controls all feel very nice.

This game felt really polished, I could tell a lot of time was put into this. I enjoy this beatemup with gameboy style graphics and the NPC dialogue. The fact that I don't have to understand Blackjack to play is appreciated.

Really fun, I love the art style.

As a big RPG ran, I found this to be really fun. I like the concept of mixing turn-based combat with rhythm games and it can put you in a flow state where there's enough challenge to keep you playing. The art and music also make this better than many games in the jam.

I found a really important bug! When I got to the options menu it gets softlocked and wont go back to the main menu when I click back.

I enjoy the low-poly 3D aesthetic and first-person. Reminds me of the Run games on coolmath but more artistically pleasing. I'm assuming you copied the grappling hook mechanics from your youtube tutorial vids.

first before you make a youtube video for this. :) 

I enjoy the low-poly 3D aesthetic and first-person. Reminds me of the Run games on coolmath but more artistically pleasing.

Great game. The movement is very tight and enjoyable. My main problem is your weapon should be able to shoot in both directions. It feels and plays much better when your in the game than how janky it may look in some of the images. It just needs a bit more polish.

This is a really decent style game. The graphics remind me of PSX-era games. I think it'd look better if the background was animated and had more trippy pixelated textures.

This is really fun and engaging. I love the aesthetic you went for as well. I'm hoping this game gets more attention.

its the dark souls of wario ware games

This game reminded me of wario ware. I love the overall aesthetic and concept and use of limitation. The only problem I had is the gameplay could be improved and the presentation could be polished to be less confusing to get into.

Love that someone made a wario ware style game for the competition.

Nevermind, I figured out how to mine. This game is awesome, reminds me of astroneer!

I really enjoy the graphics, the ominous background music, and the overall concept. Only problem is I am not sure how to actually play or what I'm supposed to do before running out of gas.

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I think this game has a very decent concept, but it currently feels like a beta/demo build. Would love to see small updates to polish it.

I love this game! I plan to make my own games with a similar vaporwave aesthetic, would love to see how you made this. I like that it plays right in the browser.

right now its just a demo with parallax scrolling. I plan on adding in a boss  sometime soon

I have experience with python and a bit of C++. 

Still learning GDscript but I feel I know enough right now to hack together a simple game.

I also can help with making basic game assets and the overall game design.