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Wow! I love all the puzzles that are in this game, the 3D aspect really removes the flatness other games like Professor Layton Series suffer from. I hope Group Name develops this game further, I would love to see all the ideas here brought to their ceiling!

It's not about the destination but the journey, thankyou for playing!

Fantastic Model, used it in my game!

That's a good idea, thanks!

This should be a good base for a modelling project, thankyou! I always had trouble unwrapping UVs. One question, is it rigged, or will I have to do that myself? no problem if so!

never mind, am able to export now using:
They really are lovely animations, good job!

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Hello! Fantastic looking model, but how do I extract the animations from the GLB file to use in an engine like unity? Are the animations available separately?

I believe the Reverb option in Audacity(free sound editor program) simulates a room quite well: Lovely singing voice btw!

A fun and unique interpretation of rewind! Really like this, but is a little repetitive, maybe add some different old people, and a few different weapons?

Creepy! I loved the take on rewind using a music box and the clock.

The music from the music box was a bit startling, maybe turn it down and use an audio program like audacity to give it acoustics/echo so it sounds like it's reverberating off of the walls of the room. Otherwise, I love games that take the theme in a totally different direction!

Simple, but good! Would have liked to see more levels exploring more interactable elements and some nice sound effects

Super cool! Love the core mechanic and the movement feels smooth and responsive! The difficulty curve is a bit weird but that's a very small criticism. Excellent work!

Cool interpretation of rewind! I liked the gameplay and the post processing effects made it quite visually appealing, if a bit dark at times. The enemies have quite a bit of range to them! Would like to see more levels from this with more mechanics in the future!

Thanks! The controls are very rigid that is true, maybe adding a bit of sliding after releasing the movement key would have helped that

thanks for the feedback! I planned to have a short delay that showed where the memory was so you can react appropriately, but couldn't get it to work :(

The game should have audio, music and some sound effects, I'm not sure why its doesn't for you, sorry!

Wow! This is a really ambitious game, and what a fantastic concept! Though some of the text can be hard to read at times in first person, I enjoyed exploring the levels and seeing different dialogue throughout the game. The controls are a little hard to get right, but it's clear this game is more about the experience, which is certainly delivers well

Simple and cool!

Thanks! Yeah, I may have made the spikes not totally fit their visual shape, as I intended them to always have walls beside them but that changed through development, but the hitbox did not!

I do remember the audio, which is what made me head up the store in the first place, but regardless, it may be a good idea to implement multiple indicators as well!

A pause menu would have been a good idea, I'll have to work on that next time I do a jam, thanks!

There is no key for rewinding, it's a sort of replacement for your health-system. You can actually jump right onto the boxes in level 3, and the infinite pit is a mistake I will fix shortly... :p

Added a coin sound effect too, hope it's alright!

I liked your game as well, the sound effects made it quite satisfying to play, although it was hard to know that I had to deliver the tapes to shelves that were not on the screen.

Back up, but will probably go down again soon  as I forgot to add an important wall!

Back up, but will probably go down again soon  as I forgot to add an important wall!

thought I blocked off all the pitfalls, thanks for letting me know about that one! I like your game as well,  love the take on rewind with the BB catchphrase! got stuck on level 8 however, wasn't sure how to time the platforms properly

Thanks for your feedback! I think you are right about the memories part, maybe there should have been a HUD indicator for how many memories there are left.

Memories do not expire with time, but if you collide with them they disappear. I did not explain that well, oops!

When hit, you teleport to one memory, which destroys it, I'm not sure why all the memories disappear for you. It didn't happen with me when I just played it to check.

It would benefit to have a sound for coins, and coyote time, those should be easy for me to update the game with, thanks!

Cool! I like the effects in the game, but maybe it would be good to have some on-screen indicator for which tables' food is exploding.

Not sure about being able to move around either, I usually stood in just one spot where i could see every table and didn't move much at all. Maybe the game could have been designed around being stationary?

But otherwise, it's a really cool concept and is executed very well!

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I didn't have any playtesters, and some sections of the game even got a little frustrating for myself, but I didn't feel like changing them(RIP :p). Originally was going to work with 2 others, but they lost interest and didn't take part with me, so I had about a day delayed start, hope it isn't too noticeable!

These sprites are very good! and they are well formatted for spritesheets :) Will you be adding jump animations to these characters at any point?

Looking forward to the update, I used it last night and it was a pleasure to use. My one gripe is there is no(or I could not find) a hotkey for rotating. Keep up the excellent work!

It doesn't have to be a screen fade! You could get all clever about it and make the doorway a portal! Awesome work by the way! MAST is so intuitive!