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Short and cute game :)

This is a nice little game, especially for something created in under 4 hours. Motivated me enough to keep trying for the 3rd ending :)

(Hint: There is something you need to do more than once :) )

Thank you so much ancestraldreaming! Sorry for missing this comment when you made it.

Thank you so much JWPH!

Thanks Snoom!

I thought I tried that, must have missed it. There were others like doorways without a compass direction where I had to cycle through the compass points to move. Anyway not the end of the world, especially not in a speed written game. Just a QOL addition that would be nice, particularly as in these comps you often get people who don't play a lot of parser games and clear instructions can help them out. For the record I didn't give your game 1*

Thanks so much Passerine!

Interesting idea to use people's own words to customise the story :)

Looks like a lot of thought has been put into this, but I've been having trouble navigating at times. It'd be great to have the directions built into the areas that are lacking them. For example, I would have liked to go up the path at Yaquina Bluffs, but couldn't find any way to leave the boat to go there.

This is an interesting idea to have the PC only be able to look around and reflect on thoughts rather than act in any way.

Thank you for the hint, I got through. Suitably dark end for a spooky themed game :)

Thanks so much ejoyce! Yep, it sounds like I need to do a bit of a stat re-balance to make it a bit harder to win. I'll get onto that when the comp ends :)

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So I stole myself an Indiana Jones-eque hat and whip off a dead guy, and entered the tomb. I'm going to have to come back to this one (I'm a sucker for ancient egyptian themed games.) I'm enjoying the atmosphere and it looks well polished, but the difficultly level seems reasonably high so I'll need more time to beat it. Many ways to die. (Which I guess is fitting for someone raiding a cursed tomb!)

This kind of reminds me of a guide to mushrooms and toadstools I saw once. Some of them had descriptions like: Smells like: Decaying meat. Tastes like: Rotten eggs. Side effects: Known to frequently cause liver failure. And it was like what? More than one person has actually put something that smelled that disgusting in their mouth to know what it tastes like. Blergh!

Anyway, nice work on the game. I was feeling quite disorientated wandering around the forest looking for 0.01c mushrooms.

Agreed, I thought it was a really nice touch that the senarios change depending on what order you choose to do things :)

Thanks so much! :)

Thank you!

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This is well written for the genre. (A bit gory for my personal taste in stories, but that's neither here nor there). I do agree with Nils, if you were going to work on this some more, I think it might have more punch to it if it skips from the forest scene straight to where you're getting back into the car and talking to Johan and crew and realise what's going on.

Also, might be a good idea to give yourself a nickname instead of using your email so that the bots don't pick it up and start spamming you.

Of all the stories involving rubber ducks around I could read, I don't think I thought I'd see something quite like this one. I liked it and how the story kind of builds the mystery as you go along. Now I'm feeling like I should get a rubber duck for the bathroom... Just in case :)

Sorry still having problems with text clipping so I can't continue. Could you please enable scroll bars?

This is a cute little game. I'll admit to being curious about how gourd gnome bowling would work.

Another request for this. I can't play it on my PC due to the clipped screen. Perhaps enable scroll bars and full screen please?

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If only all homework was this interesting :)  I might have even picked up a few new latin words. This works well as a short game and I liked that working on the translation had consequences beyond being able to read a spooky passage.

This is a really cool little game, I enjoyed it. It seems to have lots of replayability. Have played it twice and will come back to see more :)

Well it worked, you had me going for a while. I was wondering why we were creating such a detailed character for a short game comp :D

Thanks, I'll try that :)

Thanks so much Will!

I think this game probably needs another editing and balancing run now that you mention it. I was a bit over ambitious and was going to have an extra scene in there which I had to cut to make the time limit, and instead tried to go back and do a quick stat rebalance but may not have gotten it quite right as I didn't have a lot of time left to do it in. Thanks for letting me know that the difficulty level seems too low, I'll write the extra scene and/or rebalance the stats when the comp ends to fix that :)

Bit of Oz influence, bit of mainly Greek mythology influence in there too. The cut scene was originally planned to have Hypnos (God of Sleep) make an appearence who has associations with the River Lethe and Poppies :)

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I've done that before. Wasn't my problem this time (I think it was windows related shenanigans), but if you have a back up save it is definitely possible to have the wrong one in an editor and be mystified when all the changes you've made don't seem to be fixing up the first time it happens. (And very annoying when you have to go back and re-edit the later save that was supposed to be worked on.)

I'm guessing you can update if it's to fix a bug that can prevent you from finishing the game due to this: 

2. Less in the case you have a game breaking bug, in that case you are allowed to fix the bug to guarantee players can complete your game.

Well that escalated in a way I wasn't expecting!

Ah, I just realised I don't think there's a way to PM you. I'll try to be vague. 

I'm not sure I'm using the right sequence of commands (or perhaps it's just the wrong item if this is correct.) I've been trying things like use item on face/nose etc but it doesn't seem to like it.

Thanks, I wasn't sure how to hide spoilers on itch. I might need to send you a message. 

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I'm totally stuck. Can I have a hint please? (If there is a hint.)

Wow that poor guy. I can see where the inspiration for your horror story came from!

I love this game, it's so well written. The idea grabbed me right away (this is the first game of the comp I played.) Just one request, is it possible to put a replay button on the end of this game? I played it once and can't seem to restart it. (If not, all good. I reckon trying to run it in private window might work instead.)

Thanks rubereaglenest. I've updated the game to fix the code error that was breaking the game so hopefully it's all working ok now :)

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Hi there rubereaglenest. I wrote a petite mort game (my bad trying to speed write it at the last minute instead of being prepared and having it done ages ago), however it had a game breaking bug I was unable to fix due to my choicescript tools refusing to start up. So yep, the update was to fix the bug that wouldn't let you play more than a few pages in. Thanks :)

Sorry for the panicking! It's been a long week. I'm just glad I got my entry in so I could participate this year :)

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Otherwise happy to move my game into the longer category so I can edit. So frustrating, should have been more prepared I guess :(

Edit: Found out what the problem was and got it working (yay!) I think windows had for some reason decided to start blocking the program I was using previously without telling me it was doing that. Got a new version and managed to unlock it. I think hopefully it's all compiled and working properly now. Still ok with moving my game into the longer category if required as I should have not left it until today to finish it.

Hi everyone, I'm having some major dramas where my choicescript tester has stopped working! I know there's an error in my game but I'm having trouble locating it due to this. I'm trying to get it working in CSIDE, but having a few conversion issues. Can I update after the closing to fix the error if I can't get it working before then? (I think installing dosbox has messed up choicescript's debugger somehow. I've been trying to get it working again this afternoon and not having any joy.)