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I'm in the same boat. Didn't know about it until yesterday. Was wondering if this would be reopened as sounds like there's still people willing to donate who didn't know about the bundle but seems not :(

Nice game. Question though, are we meant to be able to do anything with the mushrooms?

Thanks for that. Just realised I misread what was in the letter. All good now :)

Hi there. I'm not sure if there's a bug? I've tried 00128/0128 in both the door lock and the crypt and it says it's wrong. Also tried the phone number with no success. Am I missing something or is there a bug?

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That was really creepy! I liked it. Here I came in expecting a feel good Sim of some description (found it via twitter.)

Congrats to everyone, especially the winner. Coffin maker was one of my favs this year :) Thanks Sub-Q for hosting another great jam.

thanks, I'll have another look :)

She didn't want my apple :( Sorry I'm obviously a bit daft at this and missing something that's probably quite obvious. I'll have another play. Hope you have a great new year as well!

Hi there, sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (I couldn't find it under the search terms I was using.) Was just wondering what the rational behind penalizing jam entries with fewer votes is? Particularly for smaller jams, that means half the field is sometimes getting marked down for having a couple or sometimes only 1 vote less than the upper half of the field. I'm guessing it's in there to stop a game that has only 1-2 votes winning over others with many times more votes, but does that happen often? Anyway, not critisizing the system as I'm guessing there's a good reason for it, I'm more just curious as to why it's being run that way rather than raw scores?

Thanks for the reply. I thought she'd be the one to go to, but I've drawn a blank as she doesn't seem to want any of the items I have and doesn't want to give me any hints as to what she needs :)

There's some great description in this piece and I really like the painting of the creature in the background.

I've gotten kind of stuck I'm afraid. Any hints on where I can find a pearl? I can't seem to find any lying around and none  of the characters want the apple or cebus. (Also what is cebus? I'm guessing it's food of some kind? Maybe a fungus or something if it's in a mine and the miner is giving it to his children?)

This is a really nice game to illustrate a point. Unfortunately turtles (and other sealife that ingest plastic) don't get do overs in real life :(

I love the pixel art :)

This is great. Who hasn't been tempted to want to climb on a dinosaur at some time in their life? (I'm guessing since Ark exists, it's more more than a few.) I hate to think of how many panels you needed to make for these illustrations. For anyone who hasn't used bitsy yet, there's been a lot of work put into this!

Cools, well I'll look forward to that then :)

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for making it :)

Seems to be working ok for me. (PC computer.) Interesting start to a game. Are you planning on continuing it?

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Nice use of the unfolding plant to tell a message :) Ink was a good choice for this one, it worked well.

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This is a really clever and interesting interface. I was typing away for a bit trying to work it out until I hit a key word and it dawned on me what it was programmed to do. (I didn't look at the screen shots as I decided to go in blind to these games.) It was fun trying out the different descriptions.

The game within the game was (deliberately) depressing, but I liked the ending and liked the inclusion of the quote that put it into context really well.

I liked this game. It's dark and was interesting replaying it and seeing the differences the choice of coffin you give (or don't give) to the people who ask for them.

Very nice little game. I felt invested in trying to work out why someone would decide it was a good idea to sell the sun. I found two endings, but can't seem to find the third?

I think the comments are still over on the main game page. Game jams seem to create a new comments section specifically for the jam which makes things a bit confusing.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Looks like I need to try and make a more expanded version of this when I get some time :)

Cool, thanks!

subQjam 2019 community · Created a new topic Topic Breadth?

Hi there. Not sure if I'm going to get my entry under 1000 words anyway (ended up being too long by a significant amount, should have kept a closer eye on the wordcount!) but I'm also not sure if I might have taken too many liberties with the theme as well. Is this meant to be an environmental type piece, or can it be something where the MC is interacting with a new environment around them? (I can be more specific if needed :) )

Nice creepy Lovecraftian like game. Would have liked some extra endings but I enjoyed playing this one :)

Thanks for the hints. I'll have to have another go :)

Thank you for the hint. I've worked it out.

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I made the pie! The ghost wasn't all that impressed :( Oh well at least I got to keep my soul. I'm guessing there's a trick in there for those of us used to working in celcius? (Which I guess if fitting given we're not getting the treat, so we get tricked.)

One thing I couldn't work out still was how to cook the pumpkin in the pot. It just didn't want to go in there!

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I enjoyed wandering around this game. It's big for such a short time to put it together! Still haven't finished it but I'd like to see where it goes. I didn't love that you couldn't continue searching the room first off. I got the key and figured that was all there was to find and couldn't work out what to do next until I checked the comments. The map was handy.

Couple of bugs. I think I triggered the devil's advocate encounter before I met him in the other bar and couldn't work out what bargain he was talking about until later (and then couldn't go ahead with his deal if I wanted to I'm guessing.) In the shed: Says route out but only down is available. In your appartment: it says exit to the west but you need to go east or down. In the sculpture garden it says exit is east when there's no east exit.

I agree the atmosphere is very creepy. I've been unable to discover the solution to what the ragman wants so far.

Thanks for the tip! I was trying to work out the command to measure the ingredients into mixing bowl and couldn't quite work it out, I'm obviously overthinking things.  Easy, I'll just put them in the bowl then :)

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I'm really not into gun violence type games so this style of story isn't for me I'm afraid although I played it for the comp. I didn't encounter any bugs on the playthrough I did. I was a little confused about the HP pages. It seemed like it was trying to present the MC's thoughts about the situation as video game like, however HP's always seemed to go to 0  (and the bar disappears) after one shot so no one had a chance to fight back and the MC doesn't seem to be in danger of being taken out of action themselves with no movement of their HP bar. (Unless I missed something on a different path?) I just feel like the stakes might be higher if the MC was in danger of being stopped. (Again this might be in a different playthrough so apologies if this is the case.)

I'm feeling a bit silly here but I can't quite work out how to start this game? It tells me it's too scary to go east, but I can't work out what I need to do in order to leave?

Also I really like the cover art for this. It's very fitting.