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Congrats Olivia on a well deserved win . There were some great interactive pieces in this jam, I'm glad I got a chance to read them all :)

This is a nice game. I had a lot of fun imagining what it would be like to try and take on a major role in a Shakespearian rock musical completely unprepared.

Thank you for the kind comments odris_den.

I agree. Some seem triggered by anxiety or uncertainty, trying to reinforce the love that is still there, others seem controlling and dark depending on the choices.

The artwork is wonderful :D. I'm not sure how hard it would be to manage, but I'd love the chance to choose where to put the heart to affect the story, maybe as a second last choice with 2 endings to increase the interactivity level.

unfortunately I have no music either (Chrome). I had a similar problem when I first put Pawprints up where not everyone was able to access the music and had to change the hosting. I can't remember who I finally ended up getting a working hosting with in the end. I'll find out and let you know.

Thanks Felicity :)

That's fine, no problem :) At first I thought it might have been a deliberate feature of the game, but then found out that it was possible to win or lose.

Love the artwork,  shame it doesn't have any interactivity. Hope you finish it :)

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I really like the premise of this game. Just a question though, is it possible to win? I've gone into the final round with more points and answered the last questions right, but still seem to lose?

(Edit- nevermind, something must have just gone wrong the first time I played as the points seemed to add up right the second time around :)

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There is a second comp that is a proposal for interactivity on the main sub-q site. If you hurry, maybe you could submit it there with a decription of how you are going to make this interactive?

(Edit: Actually I think it might need to have all the comic panels completed to enter it, check the details on the submission page.)

Thank you very much for letting me know! I didn't realise that there was a problem with the media. I've changed the broken images and music files to different hosting sites and I'm hoping that will fix the problem.

Hi everyone! I'm new to as well (joined for this jam.) Looking forward to reading all the entries :)