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with a little hard work and dedication, Mayor Monke can be yours <3

Oh shit it's mayor monkey????

lol glad you like it!

Thank you! We have difficulty settings in the works right, and more songs to come as well!

I made it and I still suck, thanks for playing!

what's osu

you're too nice miggs!

The controls felt completely broken, might give it another try after it's fixed

same to you!

Really well done! I think a great idea overall, and great art/ The sound effects you did have were nice as well. My only complaint  is that the text moves soooo slow, and there were a few tiny spelling errors. I agree with Arihan10 below as well, the controls were opposite of what was stated so it was a bit confusing at first. Otherwise well done and good use of the theme!

I'd be happy to play/rate your game! Here's ours:

The funk setting is just a joke, but we are definitely gonna add more control schemes and content! Thanks for playing!

Here's our rhythm game!

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One of our developers got about 170k, and the closest I've seen to that on here is 167k. Can anyone beat it? Or even get a perfect run? :D 

Here's the game, Rhythm Rewind

Here's our game!

Really great idea for a platformer, I just think a couple tweaks could help improve it. I think the player walks way to slow, to the point where it become almost too much effort to even walk. It makes levels take way too long in a game where you have to do a lot of walking back and forth. Besides speeding up the walk, maybe after placing a clone it could reset you to the default position? My only other complaint is that placing the clone seemed inconsistent, it didn't always work when I hit Q, not sure what kind of bug would be causing that. Overall really cool idea, would be awesome with some polish!

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Here's our game, gonna go play yours now!

woahhh getting close to a perfect run! Thanks for playing, and we will definitely be adding more songs

yes, rated!

Nice job! I think this is a really interesting idea, you don't see many games where the car can only reverse. The art is nice and simple, and the music was a nice touch, although some crash sound effects could be cool. My only real complaint is that the tutorial plays every single time you play the game, making it a little annoying if you do multiple runs. Besides that i felt I got stuck on obstacles pretty easy and I couldn't fit through some gaps that I expected to. Great job though!

Thanks for the feedback! I rated you as well :)

I really like your use of the theme, and it was fun trying to remember how I moved before so I could avoid myself. Overall nice art and sound, good levels, and the movement felt really good. Sometime I would wall jump when I didn't mean to but that's not a big deal. Great job!

Sounds good to me! Here's our game!

Here's ours! It's a funky retro rhythm game

Sounds like a good deal to me, here's mine! A funky rhythm game:

Really cool use of the mechanics, and quite difficult too, in a good way. Great job!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! Alot of people have had the same thoughts, we will definitely add that after the rating period.

glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate you playing! I'll check your game out

thanks for playing!

thanks! We tried to achieve maximum funkiness

I think having the graphic for each instrument is a good idea, lets the player know that they're in a new section. Thanks for the feedback!

rated both of you!

I really like how you mixed 2d and 3d! Game was decently buggy, and it seemed like my jump didn't work 90% of the time, + the cactus were pretty hard to get over without taking damage. I think if you fix some issues and end up working on it more it could be pretty cool! congrats on getting something submitted!