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OK guys I was able to diagnose and solve the problem. Apparently installing Strive in my Program Files directory screwed things up and denied admin access to the mod attempting to change the install directory, coz my Windows 7 install has some issues.

I simply installed the game elsewhere without admin restrictions and now I've gotten it to work. The error log no longer throws up anything except this: 

All in all I'm happy I can at last try out this mod, thanks for all the help guys :D

yea, and things don't work.  I checked by going in game and buying the nursery upgrade, and it can only be bought once. Also I played about 5 hours before that with the mod installed and never saw any of the mod content.

I think the error logs hint at something going wrong. Like something can't be accessed. Could it have anything to do with windows 7 admin access?

Can I do some kind of temporary work-around by just over-writing the game files with the mod files?

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just confirming this is what it should look in my install path

and what it looks like when i load the mod

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Ok, I checked and verified that the mod only script files did not exist, which confirmed my suspicions that it wasn't being activated. By the way here's the error log from the godot engine editor screen:

and here's more errors whenever I try to do a fresh install of the game and load the mod:

Whats a quick way to check that the mod content is actually there? For example, the mod says that there should be additional nursery upgrades and additional jobs, and I checked and neither existed. I confirmed that the info.txt file is where you said it should be, I just want to know a way to verify that the mod is actually being applied, apart from the main screen saying "modded" in the bottom left which apparently doesn't guarantee anything.

Hi I've been trying hard to get this mod to work, but it simply doesnt. I download and unzip the folder into my roaming/strive/mods folder, go in-game from 5.22 and enable it. Check that it is INDEED enabled, then go into the game, and none of the mod content exists. I can't upgrade nurseries, there's no extra new dialogues, everything is still exactly the same. What gives?

I have installed several versions of Strive before on my PC, so could there be some kind of conflict?