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just confirming this is what it should look in my install path

and what it looks like when i load the mod

Not everything is visible from the images shown, but of the information provided, it all looks correct.  And the game certainly looks like it believes it has  installed the mod.  If you open that "AricsExpansion" folder you should see 2 folders,, and info.txt.  If that's what you see when you open that folder, then you've put it in the right place.

yea, and things don't work.  I checked by going in game and buying the nursery upgrade, and it can only be bought once. Also I played about 5 hours before that with the mod installed and never saw any of the mod content.

I think the error logs hint at something going wrong. Like something can't be accessed. Could it have anything to do with windows 7 admin access?