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Hi I've been trying hard to get this mod to work, but it simply doesnt. I download and unzip the folder into my roaming/strive/mods folder, go in-game from 5.22 and enable it. Check that it is INDEED enabled, then go into the game, and none of the mod content exists. I can't upgrade nurseries, there's no extra new dialogues, everything is still exactly the same. What gives?

I have installed several versions of Strive before on my PC, so could there be some kind of conflict?

Generally, when a mod fails to change stuff after being applied through the mod screen, it means that the mod folder is incorrectly positioned.  This can result from extracting a mod into a new folder if the mod already comes inside a folder, or if the game's path to the mods folder has been changed.

Please check that the info.txt file is located at position "../Roaming/Strive/mods/AricsExpansion/info.txt", if there are more or less steps in the path then it will not work.

Just in case, multiple mod support was bugged until version 0.5.25.