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Whats a quick way to check that the mod content is actually there? For example, the mod says that there should be additional nursery upgrades and additional jobs, and I checked and neither existed. I confirmed that the info.txt file is where you said it should be, I just want to know a way to verify that the mod is actually being applied, apart from the main screen saying "modded" in the bottom left which apparently doesn't guarantee anything.

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Version "modded" only reports that a mod was added to the list of active mods, it does not guarantee any other result.
The fastest way to check is to search the game files for a mod only script file like ".../files/scripts/", or open (edit: in a text editor)".../files/scripts/" and check for mod additions like Slutty, Whore, or Bimbo traits.

I re-examined your first post and did think of some possible conflicts with existing versions, though they shouldn't prevent you from seeing mod changes.  If you have removed your "../Roaming/Strive" folder before switching to this mod then this will be irrelevant.  Reset the game's mods, renaming the current "../Roaming/Strive" folder to render it inactive, start the game(creates new folders), copy over to the new folders the mod and any pictures, and re-apply the mod.

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Ok, I checked and verified that the mod only script files did not exist, which confirmed my suspicions that it wasn't being activated. By the way here's the error log from the godot engine editor screen:

and here's more errors whenever I try to do a fresh install of the game and load the mod: