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Isaac 2

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Dude hard mode is fun. Love the ice abilities, the last fire sythe move for the last demon I found to be damn near impossible to dodge but man this was fun

What would make this a little more cohesive is if you added a slight delay timer for after you have countered. Im sure most people have tried countering right as the cpu strikes, and not preemtively- similarly to the "cyote time" jump strategy

In the mood for a slightly mysterious monochrome shmup with a global leaderboard? look no further:

Demo available with the link below:

- -

add a completion bonus for speedrunning

This concept is great! I see what you mean with the controls lol. Love the eyes in the background. I can see this being really nifty with touch controls, or if you were to use the mouse for the aiming and clicking for the push-off mechanic, in addition to WASD for basic rolling. Control would be difficult, but if you found a way to implement it comfortably, I can see this concept skyrocketing

Getting some massive jump king vibes. Decent platformer!

As the controls as-is, it's a little uncomfortable. I wish up was the jump button in addition to the space button. (W in this case). I also would suggest having the rope be tied to a retical, similar to sonic's homing attack target system so the swing mechanic would allow for more action instead of still screens. As always, great lil tid bits for games.

DUDE this was gooood really liked the last puzzle

Someone's played cave story lol, game was straight forward, Nice appeal with graphics, but I wished the coins did something, say a shot upgrade when you reach 30 or somethin if u didnt want to add a shop. Another was the secrets- they were also nice, but not really rewarding since most the time they were hearts I didnt need or coins, which did nothing. Great work though- Just nit picks from my end

The voice acting for the narration had me hooked, the progression of mystery leading to the dark world of robots was top notch for a jam game.  Graphics were amazing. Ambience fit the bill too.

The game Lagged a lot though, especially on the robot bit. the frame rate halted my progress from the game :( and there isn't much contribution to the time is power theme from what I've played. 

I liked how you took a puzzle attempt to this jam! I like the approach to forming presents. It does get a little repetitive, might I suggest robot elves trying to hinder you from creating presents?  

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There are swarms of enemies, and the basic attack won't cover you alone. The space ability is a great concept, but also the game's core fault.

A great addition would be to make the space ability available to use anytime, but the more time you wait to use it, the more powerful the effect. waiting until it fills all the way could give you a special effect,  like increased default weapon damage, speed boost, etc.

I also like how you added the section before the room with robots so that you could let the gauge fill up before starting the game, it rewards patience, neat touch

Gameplay was rather interesting, I like how the more briefly you click the right mouse, the less repercussion there is to nuking the screen and losing time. The player idle was quite lively as well. when I kill enemies though, touching them in their killing animation still kills me. I'd be nice to see more incorporation of alternate reality

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First off, I was digging the bg music. good stuff. This game has some good potential for an obby-avoid the obstacles type of game, but with some tweaks:

  • collisions (ex: clipping through the stage on the tutorial) 
  • Sfx (the motor of the vehicle overpowered any other audio)
  • I LOVED how the camera automatically shifts for you. It would be nice if it were panned more upwards though.
  • Rather hard to gain control low speeds, touching anything or going uphill if you aren't at max speed is cumbersome

With some polish, this can be a great game

loved the dialogue, It would have been funny to see a sergeant or developer get progressively more upset the more you disobeyed them 

adding health bars to the enemies would be a good addition in my opinion, that way a player can gauge how many hits it would take to kill them 

once you get the dash ability, it's pretty much a wrap. The game feel is pretty good, pretty quick game

opening jingle was a bop, and the theme was really well thought out. Played with someone on 2 player, but the sticky keys and other computer commands kept popping up when we tried to play. 

Everything seems great. I just struggled to adapt to the controls, but maybe that's my lack of 3d game experience.

Pros: Loved the trees, the different human enemies, and the work donald's jingle was funny.

Cons: Game sometimes lags, and maybe the humans can have more attack variety?

I especially love the alternate reality of humans invading instead of aliens

also hamburg

I played with a friend, and I feel as if the game could have an easier space to move around in, maybe switching to third person topdown might help? I loved the audio and the visuals tho, with some work I could see this being a lot of fun

This game is pure dopamine, great job, love the tea bagging you can do everything is so satisfying

Full game out!

ill post a much needed update of What I envisioned the game would be like once the jam ends. Thanks everyone!

This is solid! like the sfx

there is no end, But I may make a finished version one of these days

This idea is great! But like the rest of the people, I also struggled with controls. Heres a temporary link to the game

I tried to update the game, but I deleted it in the process.  I uploaded a second version on my page 

Really good game

this was good

game looks hype

this was nice

The idea is nice, but the screen crunch and leap of faith playstyle makes it a little annoying. also additional support from pixelz lol. Does this mean the pumpkin head is three years old?

This Game is pretty solid! Music is great, secret passages are fun to find too!

game develop

just played and beat. Love how seriously the ending was driven 💀 . The world building is phenomenal. 

itching for an original drawn action packed bouncy stretchy squashy boss fighting witch chasing head-bopping experience? Look no further. Ryan Run:The Witch’s Curse has you covered! Demo Available!