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Thanks for your support as always friends.

A real test of precision and keeping cool under fire. Stylish use of basic squares.

My endless score is 74

Solid challenge. Well done.

Well done lads, charming but a bit grim seeing how few of them live to dance with you.

Here’s a patch to make it work on Windows 7

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Nice work. Ro is my favorite too, launching rockets to go super fast; I wish Tri’s hook shoot and pull and Blu’s bullets had similar speed.

Thanks, that much is a win for me.

They are some motherfuckers for sure, I’ll be fixing the more unfair things about them.

Thanks, yes, that is one of the issues I’ve addressed in the post-jam updated version (see devlog).

Thanks very much. I do need to write the description and explain some things but first, rest…

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Got and added the keys. Thanks very much for your purchase, hope you enjoy!

Yes, absolutely I’ll provide Steam keys, once Steam lets me have them. Thanks.

Tried it, it’s a great improvement (I probably could’ve done better playing at a decent hour)

Feels great to play and challenging. I think I’ll be coming back to it quite a few times.

Whenever a dash move has cooldown I always have trouble knowing when it’s available or not. I like how Graceful Explosion Machine gives you 2 dashes before you have to wait and also a meter above the ship.

Thanks, appreciate it.

Firefox 70.0.1 Linux. Insert Video does the same thing. Bold, Italic, and Insert Link shift the cursor or selection forward without inserting anything.

Insert inline image doesn't work in MD; I upload image or choose already uploaded and nothing happens.

0.6.7 - Recovering from creative burnout

New stage 2 and bug fixes

More fixes and peek at upcoming stage 6

Thanks very much. I'll check that out soon.

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Playthrough by starmaidgames

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I reopened the cover art job. Unfortunately, the artist was forced to back out.
Aaaaand it's closed again.

Hi, thanks again for the feature. I added mouse input as a way to test touch input and make sure it doesn't break the game. I think I'll keep it in, but have you choose a control type at the beginning and not allow switching in mid-game.

I would like to add difficulty settings, if I can be a little more creative than simply adjusting bullet speed/count. One idea to help new players is a collectible hint card system for learning enemy weaknesses and more obscure mechanics. I'll have more details in my devlog hopefully soon.

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Now looking for someone to do the game cover art. This doesn't have to be pixel art. Closed

What's next

Thanks much. Can't wait for a chance to watch it.

Thanks, let me know if you have video.  It really helps with making the gameplay and levels better.

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0.6.4 - Stage 5 and new Stage 1

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Hi, I'm developing an arcade shooter in a fantasy setting. As you can see the graphics style is colorful 16-bit JRPG pixel art for 240x320 screen resolution. I'll be listing my art needs here as they come.

Interested artists can reply here or contact me:

Useful info to have:

  • sample works
  • terms of use
  • desired compensation
  • estimated timeframe

Current job list:

Iori Branford#1081

Looks like a nice place, thank you.

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Looking to commission a comic telling the backstory of my vertical arcade shooter. A princess is exiled from her corrupt kingdom and becomes one of the friendly monstergirls hunted by her former people. I plan to give away free copies (PDFs online, printed books at events) as promotional items.

  • 16 B&W pages with color front/back cover.
  • Reads right-to-left.
  • Soft deadline is fall 2019.

Two major characters have fixed character designs; everything else can be inferred and constructed from references and also we can design some together. Dialogue is still to be written.

Full details here:

Interested artists can post portfolio and quote here or contact:


I can't even be mad at Mr. Owl.

Showcased at Minefaire Jan 5-6

Version 0.5.0 - added 4th level

Version 0.4.0c / Winter Sale / New Stage Preview

A woman puts on her magic cat mask and becomes...uhm...Catwoman Crash? (she's working on the name) She breaks into her horrible boss's home while he's on vacation and wrecks it.

Thanks very much. Glad you enjoy.

Version 0.4.0 - 3rd level done. Er, playable.

0.3.1 - configurable controls

0.3.0 - new challenge level, early access for $3