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This game is very much how it feels to write when 眠い. The enemies’ random letters add to the atmosphere of confusion and it means you cannot rely on the muscle memory of typing familiar words. Very nice 🏆

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Only Steam copies currently have leaderboards. Contact for a new Steam key:

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Update 10/9: Some QoL updates for the development version.

  • New menu designs are more readable and understandable.
  • Boss dialogue can be advanced with any of the 3 action buttons/keys, or skipped with the Start button or Esc key.
  • Option for smooth movement at any screen refresh rate. Found in Screen options menu.
  • Improved intro cutscene art, courtesy of

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Update 9/27: The options menu is now accessible from the game pause menu. Also, the Enter key is now hardcoded to activate the selected menu item. If you assigned any game action to Enter, you may want to reassign it.

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Not to worry! You get DRM-free file downloads too.

It’s in:

I had the idea but never got round to it, hopefully soon. Thanks!

Thanks! Sorry if you were hoping for more sexy 🥵 I’m all for that once I don’t have to live with uptight/judgmental types.

That was a couple years back.

I believe I compiled Love binaries on RetroPie (which didn’t have a Love package at the time) following the normal build instructions, except I configured a love.AppDir as install directory. Then I compiled linuxdeploy and linuxdeploy-plugin-appimage for ARM, and used those to finish the AppImage.

But nowadays that should be a last resort. Instead I would try compiling and installing Love on the Pi or other ARM device as normal, then following this:

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I believe credentialless setting was added in version 104. What’s the latest version you can upgrade to? If you use a Firefox fork, try asking the fork developers about that setting.

Yes. Are you okay with enabling COEP credentialless?

Thanks! Look forward to 2.0 (whenever that is 😅)

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Hi, Firefox has SharedArrayBuffer but not COEP credentialless by default. You can set this in about:config

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The downloadable versions actually create a config file, but I haven’t done proper UI yet.

  • %APPDATA%\Honey Guardian\config.lua on Windows
  • ~/.local/share/LOVE/Honey Guardian/config.lua on Linux
  • /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/LOVE/Honey Guardian on Mac

Find the key_ lines and change like so

  key_changespeed = "l",
  key_changeweapon = "k",
  key_down = "s",
  key_fire = "j",
  key_left = "a",
  key_pause = "pause",
  key_pausemenu = "escape",
  key_restart = "none",
  key_right = "d",
  key_up = "w",

Full list of keyboard keys

Love2D is love ♥

Thanks, it has its challenges but I’m enjoying it

This game was not finished within the jam time. Please do not rate it :(

Thank you very much ✌

I’m hoping to about double the level content in the next month or so, thanks ✌️

The Ukraine bundle chose not to include Steam keys.

Please note: No Steam (or other external keys) will be given for bundle purchases. Only direct downloads will be available on the page.

Contact me and I can send one


I remember trying to embed it in the AppImage and even if it worked, good AppImage integration solutions are still in such flux that creating your own shortcut seems like the way to go.

What os and game version are you running? Current Windows exe has an embedded icon, so the created shortcut should automatically have it, or you should be able to select the exe as the icon.

I knew I forgot to add something


Thanks! Tempting to make it a full project though I have 2 already 🥵

Nice! I’ll have work then so will watch VOD later.

Just what I was hoping for thanks 👍

You get nothing for hoarding bombs, I never liked resources that you’re supposed to never use, so bomb away 💣

It’s so crunchy 🍿 How do I get ammo back?

I got 118.857! Normally I’m not into tank controls, but they work here for making you think a little.

Really smooth and challenging platforming. Nice moody atmosphere.

Sometimes a chill drift through the blue sky is all you need. Nice job.

I was so close to the end 😫 Good show.

I am incapable of this level of multitasking, (getting hit and losing the battery I’m carrying especially messes with me) but I still came back several times for more rock cutting. Good show!

Good idea having you build some rapport with the guys you will be protecting. In the defense phase I personally had the most success with WASD keys. There’s a bit of input lag but hey, you’re underwater. Nicely done.


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Thank you very much. I am meaning to fix the tutorial and other things for the eventual Play Store release.

It could be a while as I’m in the middle of a big rewrite of the game engine. This is necessary to continue improving the game, as the current code is too fragile and bloated. Some improvements I’m hoping for are a new game mode, language support and replays.

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CAVE’s stream team played Demonizer! They really appreciated the little nod to them in Stage 4.

Been kicking around a couple ideas so here’s hoping…

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I’ve been sending out individual download keys to press and influencers and they are not seeing the “Claim Steam key” button. This can cause me to lose trust with those who want Steam copies.

According to your docs, download keys should come with external keys.

Who can access external keys? (Steam, etc.)

External keys are available to people who own your project

There are a few ways people can own something:

  • Paying for it
  • Being given a download key

But now I see on this forum that’s not the case for individual ones, it requires a support request to enable them.

Please at least note in the docs and the UI that individual keys do not include external keys. I will also email support with a list of keys to enable external keys on. Thank you.

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Demonizer is RFGeneration’s Shmup Club game for March! Visit their forum thread to discuss and participate.

March 2021 Shmup Club - Demonizer

A few words from RFGeneration on their selection:

When shooting games started out in the late 1970’s, everything was done by small teams, engineering solutions, designing arcade hardware, and coming up with fun game concepts that were easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. As the 1980’s shifted from arcades to home consoles and the market diverged, game design teams grew in size, and games became more complex. With the advent of more powerful arcade hardware and consoles in the 1990’s, shooting games became even more complicated, with high production values, and involved scoring systems. Fast forward 25 or 30 years, and shooting games have shifted again, back to smaller design teams, and small indie studios, but often retain higher production values due to more readily available tools for small developers to see their visions come to life. That brings us to game developer Iori Branford, and the recently released, indie shoot-em-up, Demonizer, which takes cues from many 90’s shooters, but has a decidedly old-school look and feel.

Join the RF Generation Shmup Club in March 2021, as we take on humanity in Demonizer!