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0.3.0 - new challenge level, early access for $3


0.2.8 - rescue a friend


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If players donate to my project, and I later put a price on the project or on some files, I'd like to count their previous donations as payment towards it. Does itch let me do this?

I'm thinking about offering paid early-access builds of my game, with more content than the free demo. If the early-access build were $3, whoever already donated that or more should have access to the build, and whoever donated $2 should only have to pay $1 more.

0.2.6 - new enemy graphics and bomb attack


Version 0.2.5
https://ioribranford.itch.io/demonizer/ ... 3/demo-025

The tutorial was for showing at gaming events where the crowd is not as experienced in shmups. (was at https://landiego.com/lds8/ last Saturday) Also dpads that are considered hat switches are finally supported.

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Version 0.2.0

Stage 2 and some visibility improvements.


Version 0.1.2.

Minor but helpful graphical updates and rebalanced stage 1.


Finally found this thread again. Now at version 0.1.1.


Since last post:

  • Actual first level and boss.
  • Enemy attack limitations. These restrictions can be gradually lifted to ramp up challenge over the course of the game. (e.g. Can only fire in the direction they're moving, unless they have the ability to strafe. Or cannot fire from behind cover except with some rare magical weapons.)
  • Some new graphic and sound effects.

Arcadey 2D vertical shooting and man-catching game.

The runaway princess returns from the "evil" demon realm as a succubus, capturing people to form her succubus squad and power it up with human spirit energy. To end the tyranny of her former kingdom she will corrupt it into a new demon realm.

2 levels are now playable, out of a planned 8. Aiming for late fall or winter completion.

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Thanks. For now all control types are available to test them out, but eventually I want to make you choose one and stick with it throughout the playthrough.

Focus shot is a mode geared more towards weaving through tight bullet volleys and less on assault. You move slower so you can put yourself in the precise spot where the coming bullets won't hit, and you can not worry as much about attacking the enemy as your partners attack for you.

The capturable enemy flash I can play with some more for a later build.

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First prototype release today. One level with all the core mechanics:

  • Normal and focus shots. In focus shot, allies lock onto enemies.
  • Pick up unarmed or defeated humans. Men give bomb energy and increasing points, women become succubus allies.
  • In focus shot, succubi holding enough men have improved capturing ability, and give their next captives to those holding less.
  • Defeated humans die if not captured in time. This resets your squad's capturing power and the capture point value.
  • Bomb charges by not only capturing men but holding them over time (more men = faster charge).

The art is almost all opengameart.org, so I don't know if it will all make it into the final game, as the licenses are quite mixed and in some cases uncertain. Also please excuse the placeholder audio for the time being if you recognize it.