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From what I undertand:
If you put your player into "Overwatch"-mode, it'll show tiles in a radius in red.
If an enemy now enters this section (while you are still in Overwatch-mode) your player will automatically attack them during the enemies turn.

It should be able to accept input before the beat (except for the first one) - but I do like the suggestion to "delay" the actual movement to music. 

One save way to attack the first enemy is to jump in after he switched to "Waiting...". His phase will change to "Attack!" which will change to "!ATTACK!" after you hit him - giving you another cycle to safely jump out. But that's just horrible design on my end (oh and sometimes the input doesn't register right, meaning the enemy will attack you nonetheless -_-)

Sadly I cannot reproduce the crash after the time runs out :(

Thanks for your feedback!

I can pretty much agree on with with point.

Animated characters / particles or a proper floor to play on would really benefit the game.

And the rhythm not lining up the enemies is a tricky one. I just couldn't figure out how to properly "sync" the enemy movement to the player one (meaning it would completely brake if the player missed the beat). I went with the "cheap" way and just included a timeframe on which inputs after the "beat" are still accepted. But exactly this offsets the enemy movement with the music itself - sadly ruining a big part of the rhythm stuff.

Oh, have you even tried to use the Level-Editor :P ?
It's a tool that "can" work - but it's missing instructions and due to the limited time you can't even load creations you made (meaning you'd have to replace the original levels for that one) - which makes it useless without the source-code :(

Thanks for your feedback :)


Interesting idea to combine xcom-style movement with a limited amount of
steps. That step-counter really give a certain "feel" to it.
Really good. Nothing more to add. Pure spamming doesn't work, the
player is forced to play at least somewhat tactical. Different guns used for
different situations, different setups, ...

Top notch. The characters, background, sprites, and so on.

Steps, Music, effects,... all there!

Additional notes:
Damn that's some high quality stuff.

Bugs I found:
Sprites don't render correctly when standing in / infront of a snack-machine.
After dying and restarting, I'm not able no finish a round.
On one round I was able to teleport the player as it started the movement
radius from the enemy. No idea how to reproduce though.

More a path than a step, but combined with the story it fits well.

I first thought that the path was randomly generated (which of course is not
that easy to implement in such a short time). I like the idea of different
items, but once you've got the skates the robots won't be able to catch up
(although you miss some steps as well). Sadly the path ends abruptly and I
managed to finish the game easily once I got the skates (which again is only
"bad" because the level is not endless).

The world itself is a bit bare, but I do enjoy the sprites - although a
barefoot would probably better fit in the story.

I how the music gets more dramatic the more you progress. The soundeffects are
a nice bonus as well.
Additional notes:
The simple controls would allow for a mobile implementation. If you can get
some sort of level-generation working you are all set for a cool casual-style
mobile game.
Bugs I found:
Sprite is a bit jittery if you move it to the middle of the screen.

Genius, yet simple. Love it.

Honestly, it doesn't look promising, but it's really entertaining. The enemies
are clever, the textboxes are a great, yet easy way to spice things up. I like
the humour. Most stuff is self-explanatory and I got a few "Aha!"-moments after a short

Really damn polished. Game looks great. Nothing much to add onto that.

The music fits the nature of the game - I like it.

Additional notes:
This game is really polished. You could continue to work on that if you add
more enemies / abilities.
Bugs I found:

I'm sorry to hear that time cut you short. This will make the comment sound

quite harsh.

A horror game? Quite obvious interpretation - but I still didn't think about it. The monster
fits the the theme.

Sadly not much to say about that. It would be cool to see a whole house for
the game, but that's way out of the scope of one week.

Honestly pretty cool! Was great to see your sketch turn into a drawn room.

I feel like that the volume could change more gradually, but I know that XNA /
MonoGame is a pain with audio. I would reduce the sounds of the monster even
further, so you only hear the footsteps of the monster (mixed with your own)
(until it's almost too late). But that's just a personal
preference (from a player who doesn't play any horro games)

Additional notes:

Bugs I found:

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To start off: You created this game within one day, right? You didn't really
had a great start by being ill for two days - then starting a 3D project while
most of us struggled with 2D already was really ambitious. But I'm definitely
going to check out the vods as I never programmed anything in 3D in MonoGame.

Yup, that's alright. Sound and AI really sold that one

Not much to say about it. The Yeti chases you around in a direct path, but if
it encounters your footsteps it follows it a bit, right? It also took me way to realize that I can simply hold down the button where I
wanted to go. Does the game speed up the further you're in or is that just my

Meh, close enough. You can easily tell everything appart and you quickly
realize what everything resembles.

Jesus Christ when I first heard the sound of the Yeti it scared the shit out
of me.
Additional notes:
Still impressed due to the fact how little time you had for this. It doesn't feel fair to compare this to the others.

Bugs I found:

Theme: I really like the idea about the game. There are definitely even more ways to
further build upon this mechanic, but for one week that's still good. (and
personally like jump'n'Runs :P)

Gameplay: I struggled with that one a bit.
The game itself is rather simple. I liked the idea of using barrels to find
holes, but I feel like that the holes were way to strict. The
barrel-water-part really made me furious.
On of the things I kinda dislike is the menu. I'd like to use the menu with
the help of the keyboard, I don't want to switch to my mouse everytime I die.
And is there "a proper end" to the game? The foosteps stopped all of a sudden
and I couldn't figure out where to go from there.
I suppose saving and loading isn't working either? At I least I always started
in fron of the building.

Great. Kinda minimalistic, but I e.g. the two-feet-footstep that appears if
you are jumping. The scenary is a bit bare, but otherwise I like it.

A shame that time cut you short on that one :(

Additional notes: I'd suggest to get rid of footsteps at the barrel-jumping-part and increase
the hitbox of the barrels as it could look and player nicer imo. Other than
that: Great game for such a short amount of time!

Bugs I found:
Jumping around stones makes the sprite-order jumpy (meaning it switches
between infront and behind rock)

Fixed, thanks for letting me know.

Yup, I forgot to add them to the ContentPipeline.
I just rebuild it and updated all the files - it should hopefully work now.