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Nice game, but I'm stuck at/with the elevator. I can ride it to two 2 other positions, but from there no further areas seem accessible.

Just played this and it's very impressive, not even considering it was done by 1 person in 2 weeks only. I read your dev log, and of course your ability to create very detailed environments and graphics in very good quality is apparent from the game.

As others have said, the voice acting (together with the excellent graphics) create a really good atmosphere. The linear but interesting story had me wanting to know what happens next.

Another quality is that the game is (relatively) small, but very 'round'. Graphics, audio, story, environment (like the postcards, keys and the map) and puzzles together are a unit that supplement each other.

Again, color me very impressed and not only at your superior graphics abilities but also at the level of wrinting and programming.

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Playing version 2007-07-10:

1) Had to skip level 23 (Mind over Matter) because it's too hard for me. Good that this skip feature is there, because any level can be too hard for somebody.

2) When the numerical manipulation brains appeared (first the one with the "+" sign) I incorrectly assumed that they would take any input numbers and output the sum of them (ignoring non-numerical input). That was what the "+" sign signaled to me. It took me several  trials to find out that they are increment brains (thay are only called that in a later level). I suggest changing the images to read "+1" and "-1", resp. and calling them increment brains on the very first level they come up.

In order of decreasing importance:

1) I played V1.6 until level 15, and while some were easy, some less so, level 12 (Warm) has me totally stumped. I assume at the moment that something went wrong and it is basically unsolvable. The description "Warm colors only" seems to imply one thing, but the actual requirement is that you have to produce a certain sequence that is 'totally random' and changes from each trial to the next. Here (My version of level "Warm") you can see that the same input color (green) has a different output triplet each time it occurs. Please check that level!

2) In the manual level selection some levels have some number attached to them (see here), what does this signify?

3) It would be nice if the process stopped when an error happens, so that one can see where it went wrong.

4) A 'single step' speed that waits indefinitely and advances the machine one step when a certain button is pressed would also be 'nice to have'.

Best regards,


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Graphical and UX improvements are obvious in the v0.2 version. I hope you didn't have to sacrifce too many testers to get those nice brain images ;-)

Played until level 07 (Chancellor) , which was hard for me, although the solution isn't that complicated.

One little problem I noticed: When you select a brain or the emitter for starting a connection line that object is graphically marked. But when  you reach the end of a connection (the receiver of that connection), this object is not marked (although I saw that the connection line will snap once it comes near a brain). This way I 'overshot' a few times and the connection was not made when I released the mouse button. It would IMO be good if the receiver object (brain or the final receiver) would also be marked, so that the player is sure that the desired connection has been recognized by the game when the mouse button is released.

Will play more after the weekend and make more comments if I find something.

Keep up the good work!

Very nice game from the "graphical programming" genre. For the jam it is OK as is, for further development I have the following suggestions:

1) At least a readme file that contains what is explained above here, because just 'as is' the game is not discoverable. Much better would be  an ingame explanation and tooltips what the different brains do and 'how the game works'.

2) As Taupsi said, some means to continue playing the game from where one left of.  Minimum would be some way to select some level no XXX, better would be if the game saved which levels I already solved and would present me with a seletion screen where the solved levels are marked (say green) and the unsolved are red (or may open/closed lock).

3) I initially did not realize that the 'exchange the colors around the rainbow' brains come in two versions (rotate clockewise and counterclockweise). Maybe inside the ring of colors there could be a curved arrow that goes (counter-)clockwise to make players understand that, because the current symbols are too similar to make the player see the difference, IMO.

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From the some 40min I played the game I really liked it.  What I'm missing is a save/load feature, so that I can continue each time from where I left, instead of having to go through everything again when I come back,

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Really liked the game. Cool setting and nice puzzles. Would very much play a continuation/extension.

What needs to be done IMO is making sure the player isn't 'lost' in the first 5 min of playtime when he can't get out of the first room. By experimenting with the fire bowl I could get my left hand on fire and trying to bring that fire to the empty torches was a natural thing to do, this puzzle I could solve within a short amount of time.

Of course I also noticed the shiny plate on the floor with the RA-Symbol and I noticed the strange 'thingy' hanging from the wall. But at least for me making the connection that the 'thingy' is supposed to become the missing arc from the door didn't happen, I only watched this in the video from Whit30. While some amount of supernatural dealings are to be expcted from the setting, I simply had no idea that I would be dealing with that kind of possible solution.

When I' playing games like Fresco (http://frescogame.com/), this is obviously expected. But I fear that many potentials players will (like me) not 'get' this puzzle and just stop playing because the game ends there for them. In addition, the 'put your left hand on fire and use it to light torches' mechanic is explained in the big hall that follows, where it is "too late", because the player already needed that in the first room.

Tl;dnr: Nice setting and ideas; gently pushing the players in the right direction at the very beginning needs to be done IMO.

Sehr schön! Die Grafik hat eine (für mich Laien) aussergewöhliche Qualität, wenn auch die Spezialanimationen noch verbesserungsbedürftig sind (Papier aufheben, Spülmittel vom Schrank holen). Aber das Setting war mir sofort sympathisch und besonders Lilly hat mir sehr gefallen. Alles etwas abgedreht aber in sich stimmig.

Ich würde mich über eine Fortsetzung freuen, aber da es sich um ein Kursprojekt handelt stehen die Chancen wohl nicht so gut, oder?

What I liked: The puzzle design. With just a few 'gadgets', the puzzles already reuse parts of older puzzles, which is always nice.

What I didn't like: The inability to move the camera left-right on my own. When I moved ahead with the cat, I could barely see the dog, let alone his environment to see what could be done. Even if no dedicated camera movement will be implemented, moving one animal should center the camera on it, if it isn't already in the middle 2/3 of the screen.

Altogether, I liked what I saw and would welcome a continuation.

Definitely a cool idea, with a hint of greater things to discover. Would like to see more of it!

I just discovered this game recently and it is a superb game, even the demo is already a master piece. Is there hope for the "full" expansion or is the game on hold?

I like the game. The graphics are totally adequate for a puzzle game. I assume the 'out of order' puzzles will be added later. A few specific comments (I played EscapeFromRecycling_2017-03-11j_non_VR.zip):

a) Drawers don't close (at least I couldn't do it). That means if you open the top drawer you will never see what's in the drawer below. For the "find the passode in the drawer" puzzle this can be a showstopper.

b) The "change direction" converyor belt puzzle was a bit confusing, because the direction the belt is going is indicated by a number. I assumed the inital "2" meant I had 2 tries or something similar and wondered why it changed to 3 upon click. I think the number should be changed to a directional arrow.

c) I like that in the "count the number of boxes on the rack" puzzle the order on the keypad is slightly different than on the rack. If somebody came up with that deliberatlely, kudos!

The Bitchin_data directory is missing!

Nice little game. Is level 8 solvable with 3 medals? It seems even the shortest way is one medal only.

I liked the game as well. Not being a native English speaker, I had a problem with one of the word puzzles (star-hook), but after I got this with some help, I could finish the game.

One technical problem I encountered (playing full screen on Windows): I had to Alt-Tab out of the game because of some email I received. When I was back, the on screen reticle seemed to be a bit out of sync with what the real hit test area was, so I could not hit the second light switch. Using ESC and then Resume corrected this. I'm not sure if this is something you can do anything about or if it is a Unity problem.

Done as well (level 30)!

Thanks for the game!

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Thanks, works like a charm!

New question:

I'm in the early 20's levels were differently colored boxes need to be placed on differently colored targets. Now the targets have letters as well (correspondig to the colors), but the boxes don't. Is there a reason for that? I assmued it was done to possibly compensate for color-blindness, but if the boxes don't have the letters, that makes no sense.

Really nice puzzle game. The "immune to undo" mechanic is good and the puzzles stay manageable from the size of the play area (unlike traditional sokoban games, that get big and include many boxes).


I started playing version 1.1 and now see that version 1.3 exists. Starting version 1.3, I can switch between the earlier puzzles and the latest one (the game correctly remembered how far I got), but I cannot actually play any puzzle. Clicking on the picture, or the level number or hitting ENTER or SPACE will not do anything.

Is this the expected behaviour (after all, this was a 'cold upgrade') or is there some way to continue with version 1.3 without the need to redo all the earlier puzzles?

This is a very good game. Difficulty rose steadily over time. I just finished the game and would like to ask if level 25 (Escape from X13) can be "solved" in the traditional sense (make it to the exit alive), not the "Virus escaped into the ground" ending? I ask because

a) it seems to be almost possible, but I could find no way around dieing in the explosions from the long chain of test tubes and

b) the game directory contains 33 levels.


nice game, I played it for 20 minutes, activated 8 "targets".

a) Is there a way to save progress?

b) Is there more to do (like finding an exit)?

Happy holidays,


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Is there any way to save progress?

Nice game.

I cannot however get past the "B" set of rooms. I can reach the room with the eye on a column and then get trough the 'hidden' pathway opposite of it, but except a new 'striped cube' there seems to be no way to progress further.

If you could drop a hint..., I'd be very much oblidged.


I like the game. Unfortunately, once it started to get interesting, it was over, but for a jam entry that is understandable. I would be interested in a continuation.

One more comment: Please include instructions (like the above A/S keys) in the zip file. Since this is a download, there may be significant amount of time between somebody (like me) visiting this page, downloading the game, and somebody/me actually playing the game.

The new build (2016-10-01 from the credits, here uploaded on 2016/10/03) works now. I tested the Windows version (forgot to tell that in my first post).


I played the game demo and I really like the style and the puzzles. I'm looking forward for the full game.

There is however a problem regarding the font on my PC. This is what the credits screen looks like on my PC, and most of the other text has the same problem:


The problem does not occur when I'm playing the version of the demo from Steam, so I assume that some font files are missing from the version here. If you need some information about my PC, send me an email to


Created a new topic Good game

I really like that kind of puzzle games. Simple rules, deterministic outcomes and "that can't be done, because..???"-levels. I played a version from before 08/14 ( I suggest adding some version information into your builds, so you can see which version someone talks about). I'll be trying the new 8 levels soon.

The game is fine as is, some suggestions for things that would IMO improve some parts:

1) Some global best values for each level, so players can see if it can be done with fewer moves and/or fewer machine parts. Of course I understand that for that you need the ability to upload data from the game to some server, where you have to check the solutions,a.s.o which goes beyond a "simple" single-player game. Just some food for thought.

2) Planning routes in later levels, when you need to branch a lot, can be a problem because everything needs to be crammed into a small physical place. In earlier levels you can easily see where each packet goes because paths are seperated, which is no longer true later. I can think of two options:

a) When using the normal pusher tiles, if you move around with the mouse button pressed, let the previous pusher tiles change direction to follow where you go: From first pusher to second pusher, for example.

b) Give some clue where the paths are, like I try to do in this picture.

3) I like the iconography, but I can never remember which symbol is the stopper and which one the sensor. No idea what to do, though.

Again, this is a good game IMO!

Best regards,

Ingo Warnke

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That was a really well-looking and -playing game. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the shadow/light triggers and the puzzles. I would also like to see more of this, just as Ximos said.

One slight complaint would be the missing control explanation in the game. I know you did it here, but I dowloaded this game at end of July but got just around to play it now. In other words, don't assume that a player has the download side open or just recently downloaded the game when he plays it. If Firefox didn't basically remember where every file I ever downloaded came from, I wouldn't even remember from what site I got this game!

Putting a simple readme text file together with the executable would solve this, if putting it in-game is not possible/to complicated/too much work. I can sympathize with not doing the "boring" stuff in game, but it really helps to have some explanation of the control scheme. In addition, the in-game tooltip for activating the levers was only showing the controller buttons, it was by pure luck that found the E key.

But this is small technical stuff that can be easily fixed (and maybe other players don't ever read readmes and look for the control scheme on the download site), the game itself is a really cool vignette.

@Ashley: Sure, send me an email, I'll try things out.

I have exactly the same problem. I'm using x64 - Windows 8.1. The output_log.txt has plenty of problems concerning the database:

<lots more of the following has been deleted>


Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/sqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/.\sqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/sqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/libsqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/.\libsqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/libsqlite
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/.\I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3.dll
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/.\I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/libI:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3.dll
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/.\libI:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3.dll
Fallback handler could not load library I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Mono/libI:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3.dll
DllNotFoundException: I:/xxx/Demos/Robbing HUD/Robbing HUD/RobbingHUD_Data/Plugins/sqlite3.dll
at (wrapper managed-to-native) Mono.Data.SqliteClient.Sqlite:sqlite3_open16 (string,intptr&)
at Mono.Data.SqliteClient.SqliteConnection.Open () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at SQLConnection.DatabaseConnection (System.String _dbFilePath, System.String _sql) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at SQLDataRetriever.RetrieveSLQData () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
at SQLDataRetriever.Awake () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0


The strange thing is that the dll from the bold error message is actually there, and it is the 64-bit version (the exe was 64bit as well). I was using a version of your program where the .exe was from 08/10/16

If I can help solve the issue, contact me at ingowarnke@gmx.de.

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Is there a way to save progress in the game? Starting each new play session at room 1 seems tedious.

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That was a really nice game.

A few comments, technical and on content, including spoilers:

1) Make sure players understand that they can drag around the room to see more of it. This was not obvious to me at first.

2) Looking at the playthrough of navarsai, he was "stumped" by the origami/password/safe puzzle for some time, because he did not remember that multiplication is supposed to go before addition. It's always frustrating to see someone "get" the puzzle and then be stopped by a simple technicality. If you arrange the operation symbols in the order " * * + " instead of the current " + * * ", you will avoid this problem.

3) This password puzzle seems to be randomized, as I got a different color order on the tv and therefore a different password. "The Internet" (according to some discussions I have read) seems to hate this, as it interferes with their ability to use a walkthrough. See Monkey Kombat explanation for a historical example that I still remember (I liked Monkey Kombat, but was apparently the only person to do so).

4) As an addition to 1), as I watched navarsai's playthrough to find the one collectable I missed, I found it to be the "Alex" on the lion origami. I had no idea that you could interact with objects directly with your mouse, I always used USE/COMBINE/DISMANTLE. Again, make it somehow clear how players can interact with the environment. Nothing is more frustrating for me to see some interaction being the solution to a problem, which would be trivial to do IRL but that was apparently not available to me.

5) When I selected to start the game (download, not in browser) as 1900 x 1080 fullscreen (the resolution of my primary monitor) during the Unity startup, the unity logo screen would be fullscreen, but the game would revert to 1900 x 1080 *windowed*. The same is true for using smaller fullscreen resolutions.


Again, I really liked this. I'm not much of a horror fan, but the story of Mark, as told through the collectables and starting with his childhood room, is interesting for me.

Nicely done, it feels like a "point and click" without the pixel hunting.

Posted in SRMR comments

Nice idea and technically well executed.

The big question with this type of game will always be if you can find

a) an interesting story, and/or

b) situations where you need to apply your "super powers" in creative ways.

Portal was great because both parts were done well. If it had no GlaDos and the puzzles would always stayed at the level of "cross a chasm by opening a portal on this side and the other side", it would not be still praised today.

One specific comment, which may or may not be representative: After the tutorial, when I reached the 3 story hall with many "bulk doors", I was for 10 min at a loss of what to do, because I could not find any interactable objects. Only by accident I discovered the switches to open the doors. I realized afterwards that I had seen them before, but because that was from a different angle (basically from the top and not from the side), I did not recognize them in this new room.