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Any chance to get the full game here in addition to Steam?

I just got this email as well. The reset link leads to a similiarly named site, but not It looks convincing, but that I found nothing on the website about this alleged data breach made me suspicious.

Did you forget to post the game? Following the given link I couldn't find it there.

Nice game, I usually don't ask for clarifications if I'm not interested. I did study the website, and I didn't find "dragging", ist just says "LMB". For me that means clicking, and it does work for 3 levels, so it becomes hard to understand that clicking is more of an "accidentally" working mode.

But interface design is complicated, again, the game looks and plays fantastically, I'll play more of it later.

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Thanks, that worked. Before your answer, I clicked on each tile to choose it as the next one, now I see that dragging the mouse over the grid will also work and solves the crossing problem. Strangely, the click-solution worked with the level where you have to cross your same-colored track.

Is there a way to make differently colored paths cross? I can't do it UI-wise, it will always think I want to shorten the path I move onto. If that's not possible, level 4 seems impossible to solve to me.

I second that!

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Just came around finishing the 26-level alpha, and this is a very good game already, IMO. Puzzly, nice to look at. usually just "one screen" to concentrate on. Nevertheless, the bonus goals are tricky most of the time, but it never feels the problem is coordinating too many objects, you just need to utiliize the given ones better.

I see it's still being worked on, so I'm looking forward to play more of it in the future.

It says it can't find it's data directory and then ends.

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Is a level supposed to automatically end once the treasure chest has been reeled in? Because that never happened to me (and the chest was shown on the ship, so the game was aware it did happen).

Unity programs need access to the "..._Data" directory. Without them (as in this case) the executable alone is useless.

For those who don't know, there is currently a demo on Steam:

Thanks! Looking forward to it.


I played the 1.0 version and was really impressed. Unfortunately, I only got so far into the pyramid because I didn't know exactly what to do after the first wave of puzzles.

So if you could add some english explanation that would be really nice. If it's just a text file with the translated instructions that would be enough for me.

Again, nice looking game and light puzzles is something I always like to do.

Maybe there is enough data in the zip that somone with a unity development system can play the game. But at least for Windows there is no executable in it (at least not readily identifiable).

Definitely an interesting game.

Remember that not all devices have (web)cams (my PC doesn't), so don't make it too dependend on that (I assume the frames that I shouldn't look at would have contained pictures from the webcam).

For my taste the robot was spelling out the solutions to the puzzles too fast, even with simple puzzles there will be one or two that a given player may need more time on.

But again, an interesting game that I'm looking forward to seeing more of.

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Thanks, that worked!

The icon of the previous link looked different to what I'm used to, so maybe it's a Windows 10 vs. older Windows versions thing.

Hi, I have technical problems. My system is Windows 8.1.

First, the link to start the game doesn't work, it can't find the target.  Does the link link maybe work only on your PC?

Second, starting the executable itself didn't work. "The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way." from the C++ Runtime. Maybe some DLL's are missing, maybe it is connected to the first problem.

Thanks for looking into this (if you have time)!

Great game/prototype!

I like the attitude of the character's comments, the gameplay is good, you have a few extras to find/do. I don't like that light switches have apparently gone out of favor 400 years into the future, but maybe I'm the only one that thinks offices in the dark are not the coolest thing ever.

But you have my survery results and I eagerly await the next mission,

definitely-impressed-and-hoping-for-more Ingix

Great game!

Nice setting/world, the music puts you in an "otherworldly" mood, and the puzzles  are good and increase in difficulty over time.

If you can come up with one or two other mechanics besides the light beams, this might become a good puzzle adventure in the spirit of the first Tomb Raider (minus the platforming).

Only slight problem is that when you first need to use the "Time bubble" feature on the broken bridge, it's rather hard to actually hit the bridge because it just consists of ropes. I bombared the opposing canyon wall with time bubbles. Since at this point the player doesn't know what to expect from the feature, it's IMO not the best way to introduce that feature.

But again, just a small remark on an otherwise great game. Thanks for making it!

Great game!
Nice mood (due to music) and an incredibly big world to explore. When you think it's over, it just starts. It guids the player enough that they have a rough idea where they need to be going, but each "place" has nooks and crannys to explore.

You seem to habe exported only some files that might be useful for someone with the UE4 development tools, but not generally. There is no .exe to run, for example.

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Thanks, now it works.

The 10 levels of the demo can be played without savving, but for the 42 levels of the full game, saving should then be possible.

I really liked the game! What the player can do is simple and easy to understand, but the combination of freezing and thawing makes for nice puzzles.  I was a bit confused by the boss level at first, but when the rising tide killed me I knew why it was called that :-) I like it when puzzle games throw in variations from time to time, as in the boss level.

Concerning the UI, the movement/thawing/freezing felt a bit 'slow' to respond, which was of course important for the boss level. 

I would like to see more done with that mechanic, but with more levels an (auto-)save function would be very welcome, such that one doesn't need to start at stage 01 each time.

Again, that was an interesting mechanic and good puzzles made from it!

When I start the executable, it gives an error message indicating that a pck-file cannot be found. Did you forget to include it?

Interesting game. Learning assembler coding without the need to learn hex arithmetic at the same time.

I think the Jumps task is  misformulated. If you want me to subtract 10 from 282 until I reach 0 or less, it takes 29 subtractions, not 28 as your program wants.

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Really great game!

Sometimes creepy (the mouth portals or the blood caves), often emotional but also great exploration gameplay (which I very much like). I don't remember where I got the link from just recently (on looking it up, it was Rock Paper Shotgun:, but that was a hell of a good experience.


Great game!

I missed the Owl Blessing on my first playthrough, but still I think I found almost all secrets (not sure if the area blocked by boulders, shortly after the 4-coin door, can be reached).

The game has great ideas for physical puzzles and has good exploration game play (I love diving in games).

Would very much like to see an extended version.

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I guess I downloaded it more or less immediately after the announcement came through Kickstarter, but came around playing it only at the weekend. I looked at the devlog entry for the fixes, but my problem wasn't among them. The file name for the download was also the same, so I didn't redownload.

Nice to hear the problem is already fixed. 

Best regards, 


Playing the windows version on English (but it's the same with French).

From an interface point, it's strange and frustrating that instead of using the space button whenever you have an interaction, sometimes in  "menu"-like environments the ENTER key needs to be used. And then you can't use the 'normal' one, you have to use the one on the keypad.

So I almost couldn't start the game, because while I could use WSAD to choose between English and French, actually confirming that selection doesn't work with any key that is actually listed on screen as help!

Later the same happened with dialog choices or when changing the music, but then of course I knew which other key to check.

Of course maybe later both keys may be usuable at the same time. But at least put that essential ENTER key in the help of the initial screen when you select the language, though (from my limited playing) I would greatly prefer to be able to use space instead of ENTER in those cases, if possible.

Nice game. In the "Nessaince" area (after the mortuary with the the many alarm clocks) there seems to be some open geometry when you can 'move through walls'. I actually fell out of that level at some point, after I had apparently already got 'behind the secenes'.

Wow, that was an excellent game! I'm leaning more to the puzzle and story side in RPGs, so this was a great fit for me. Nice puzzles and good exploration gameplay. 
The automp in the lower right was not something I've ever seen in an RPG-Maker game, it helped plan routes around the enemies.

I'm looking forward to see more from you!

Yes, I got stuck on that create puzzle and had to restart again. Maybe an option to pull the create a short amount would work. But otherwise, it is a nice puzzle game with greadually increasing difficulty.

Nice game. After completing this I looked at many of your other (puzzlescript) games and they all seem playworthy, but:

None of them have a save/continue feature. If you hadn't provided the link above to the version of Crusher on the puzzlescript site, which does have that feature, I wouldn't have completed Crusher. I play puzzle games in more or less short sessions of less than 20 minutes, and while that may cover 6-7 levels at the beginning of a game, it may be only 1 or 2 later. And I hate having to go through the earlier levels again, it is just a waste of time that I could spend actually solving new puzzles!

I'm not sure how hard it is to implement that feature, but since your games are level based a simple level number should be enough, and then an option in the title screen to restart the whole game.

Again, I liked Crusher and play "Cat chases Mouse" at the moment (which seems to be relatively short to not need a save feature at 6 levels) but for your other games that feature might be useful.

Great idea and fun demo! 

It's a good combination of word and adventure play. The relatively shord words give you a chance to find something suitable and making the takable objects shake a bit was also nice, so there is no pixel hunting.

A few objects I couldn't use (Comb, for example), but I guess that's intended.

Again, this was an interesting concept and it was executed very well, IMO.

Yes, I was wondering about this as well. You can get into that area from the other side, but then you can't go into the main hall, which again sounds like an invisble wall.

Yes. Because you need to renormalize anyway, you can omit the divide by 6.  

Have fun and I have high hopes for the game, the demo was already fantastic!

Quaternions are in a sense just a 4D vector, so you can perfectly calculate the average component wise. Once you renormalize, it should be a rotation again. Of course, if the different quaternions are very different (say almost opposite of each other), the numerical errors are big, but the same is true for every way to calculate an average.
But keep in minde that my knowledge of quaternions for 3D rotations is 30 years old and purely theoretical, so it's just a thought, not an advise from a pro in that area.