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Yes, I was wondering about this as well. You can get into that area from the other side, but then you can't go into the main hall, which again sounds like an invisble wall.

Yes. Because you need to renormalize anyway, you can omit the divide by 6.  

Have fun and I have high hopes for the game, the demo was already fantastic!

Quaternions are in a sense just a 4D vector, so you can perfectly calculate the average component wise. Once you renormalize, it should be a rotation again. Of course, if the different quaternions are very different (say almost opposite of each other), the numerical errors are big, but the same is true for every way to calculate an average.
But keep in minde that my knowledge of quaternions for 3D rotations is 30 years old and purely theoretical, so it's just a thought, not an advise from a pro in that area.

Nice if you continue to work on it!

Cool idea!

Maybe the levels got mixed up, but the crucial info that a key is used up on release comes 1 or 2 level to late. If you (like me) assume that each direction can only be used for a single step, the first level becomes obviously impossible.

Also in the last level I could jump out off the frame into the black surrounding. I guess that's not intended. But the mechanics are nice and the puzzles already have a good difficulty!  I would be interested in playing more puzzles.


helps and it seems to be good enough to make the author's comments understandable.

I have to chip in with the others for the praise.  The game teaches you the mechanics without words. It guides you just enough after you learn the "throw head" ability that you are not confused, then let's you solve a few new puzzles with it.

I hope the game will 'open up' (become non-linear) in the full version, but of course for the demo/tutorial this was totally fine. I really hope this game gets expanded to a longer/full version.

Giving Feedback here because at the final screen for whatever reasons I had no mouse cursor:

That was a nice start of a game, I think you have a good tutorial +1st Dungeon here. Playing with keyboard was totally OK *AFTER* I got a look at the respective keys here. Those descriptions need to go into the game proper, preferrable reconfigurable (shouldn't be a problem with Unity).

Little problems:

- Blast training: That target orb never vanishes, so I blasted it 15 times I think the first time. Then I talked to the guy there who said it was OK now. There should be a clear visible reaction to each blast hit. If you want one hit to count as finishing that test (as it seems), make the orb explode or something similar.

- Enemies stuck at corners: In the dungeon, when the direct way from the enemies to me would lead through the walls, they were stuck at corners. Happend both to the "bats" as well as that humanoid boss monster of the dungeon.

- Insta-Block vs. bat: By accident I created an Insta-Block in the dungeon. Later, when I was trying to lure bats into shock traps, a bat got stuck on that Insta-Block (see above). After some time, the cubic shape of the Insta-Block was gone and only a small sphere remained on the ground.  I went to the ship to restock, then when I came back I could actually take the 'sphere' Insta-Block and had 6 in my inventory, which seems like a bug.

- Enemy damage status: It's probably not important for the bats, but for bigger enemies likes the humanoid boss monster it might be important to understand if lightning blasts or shock traps do any damage at all or if the monster is immune to it.

Cool game! Nice idea, clean graphics, IMO amzing interface for both mouse and keyboard and even a story to boot, and I'm only at level 3!

In the above description of the known issues, maybe make clear what are issues with the named version itself vs. issues that come from migrating from a previous version. For example, I thought I had to do some file copying to keep my save game between sessions on 1.0.2 windows, but apparently the issue is moving from 1.0.0 up to 1.0.2 (which may only apply to a small number of people vs. those that see the game for the first time at 1.0.2).

I also use Bitdefender, and don't remember any problems with the demo. Also I run Ren'Py games semi-regularly, and I don't think there is a general problem with it any more with Bitdefender.

Very cool game, slow pace and an interesting setting! Will wait for more.

Nice game with a nice mechanic. Is there a way to skip already solved levels when starting the game the next time? Alternatively, how many levels does the game have?

Agreed, this is good news. Had fun with the first chapter and was following you to see if more comes of it.

Good game for what it did. Graphics are very good, IMO transport the mood very well, together with the music. If you have ideas to expand this prologue, it would be worth the effort.

On the UI side, please show the actually used game keys on the unity input screen. I needed to press all the keys on my keyboard to find the 'use/open' key 'x'.  In addition, let me change those keys on that input screen, because for example German/French keyboards don't have Z,X and C neatly aligned for one hand, the Z key is in the upper row.

Great game, nice puzzles. Similar to Jay, I fell off the plateau with the apple tree puzzle. Will definitely play again when updated. Good work, and good luck with your studies!

I can only repeat what the others said, really well done graphis, audio and especially environment design. I played v00409, so mouse/keyboard controls where totally fine for me. Again, big praise for the game, and if this was done by one person in one month, it's even more impressive.

Now for the parts I didn't like (again, small gripes vs. the overall game):

1) In some places a small ledge is unclimbable/unjumpable. An example is an area to the left of when one enters the big 'open' area (after getting up the tower and finding the first sphere):

This happened in more places, and not necessarily where it would make sense to prevent the player from leaving the area.

2) I played roughly 1.5h and got 6 spheres. I know I'm not the fastest, but the average playtime of 30 min you gave is IMO not a useful measure how long someone new to the game will need. This is an exploration game, I'll look at things and will traverse an area multiple times to make sure I didn't miss an exit, etc. In other words, at least a basic save features would be appropriate. Maybe save which spheres have been found after a sphere is put into the big 'chandelier'.

Again, a great game, but especially point 2 is IMO something that should be tackled. Because redoing the same parts of the game again and again is not fun!

Best regards, and thanks for the really cool game!

From the error message it gives, it looks like you forgot to include the "data" folder in the upload:

ERROR::TEXTURECACHE:Failed to load data/ballBlue.png

Agreed, this seems to be a clerical error. The demo is on Steam, but of course it would be nice if it was here as well.

Cool game, well done technically and gameplay-wise for an 8-day 'job'. Will definitely play more levels if they are made.

From the documentation side, it would be nice to mention the keyboard equivalents, for those (like me) who don't have a controller; thats 4 lines of text here or in a readme:

A (jump): Space

B (hold): Shift

X (shoot): Control

Y (open door): Caps Lock

Nice game, took me half an hour (didn't find the super secret area, though).

Puzzles are good, and the "bare bones" interior didn't bother me. Could actually imagine this as a longer game.

Thanks and good luck in your studies!

Thanks! ❤️

Played the demo (loved it) and was wandering if a DRM-free version could be made available here?

Great game! Linking offers lots of options, and many things one takes for granted in a Sokoban-like are so not true anymore.

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It works for you because you have the Unity development files installed. For a normal player like me, it complains about a missing UnityPlayer.dll. Also, there is usually a directory with the name of the exefile plus "data" appended, in your case it would be a directory named "Recalculating_Data". You have to find both of these and make a new zip file.

Nice exploration game play with interesting puzzles. Not so sure if the mix of space combat and exploration is well adviced and will not have a too small intersection of fans of either game play. But of course thanks for the auto-save before the space combat!

Good setting, nice dancers and really nice puzzles.  Would love to see an extension of this. The time estimate is way to low, however, maybe you can speedrun the game in that time but not on your first try when you need to look at many things.

Nice beginning for something the promises to be interesting gameplay wise and from the narrative.

I see no download button for this game.

The limited view distance took some getting used to, but (together with the music) provides a nice dream-like feeling when playing. You also do all the right things to make it easy for the player to adapt, like the 'path stones' that show you the way, and not hiding anything 'far away'.

So I liked this quite a lot and hope that 'no longer in development' is for the prototype only, not for a full game.

Now I've completed the game, was really nice and thanks again for the help!

Now I got it! Your tip allowed me to exclude certain possibilities, so I could concentrate on others. I knew before that I had to use "add 1" to the hours digit, but I didn't find the right timing until now.

Any hint for level 7 (01:00 --> 06:31)?

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Mistakes happen, that's life. I suggest you check the paid version, too (if you didn't already).

The installer for the Demo does not create the usual data folder for a unity game, so the game refuses to run. The game works if I create it and copy everything inside it but out of the box the demo is not runnable.

Hey, the new ice underground and the new main block with detachable blocks sure add lots of more depth to the game. A few of the puzzles had me stumped for quite some time! Also, the level saving is a godsent now with more levels available.

I could image puzzles with 2 or more blocks that need to work together (becoming a blocker over ice or several vertical levels where one block becomes a 'bridge' for another to move over).

I think I found a bug in one of the later levels. I've appended the before (OK) and after (buggy) state as screenshots. I moved the blocks right.

Keep up the good work, I really like what you do!

That would be nice because I follow you here and so get notfied of new versions. But if you have another place where I can get automatically notified, then direct me to it.

Small thing on versions: While the (as of now) latest zip file says version 0.0.2, and the in-game text also says this, the title bar of window still says 0.0.1

Alter community · Created a new topic Good game!

The central mechanic is easy to understand after a bit of experimentation, but sufficiently deep to alllow non-trivial interactions.

Suggestions for improvement:

1) Automatic saving of solved levels + level select menu showing the already solved levels, so that one does not need to start at level 1 all the time.

2) Level 1 is a good learning by doing tutorial level, but level 2 is IMO already to complicated. It might be better to introduce the button/blocker mechanic in an easier level.

3) The button/blocker mechanic is only color coded, which may it make hard to see for color-blind players. How about using a different color *and* a different symbol for each button/blocker pair?