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Great game, nice puzzles. Similar to Jay, I fell off the plateau with the apple tree puzzle. Will definitely play again when updated. Good work, and good luck with your studies!

I can only repeat what the others said, really well done graphis, audio and especially environment design. I played v00409, so mouse/keyboard controls where totally fine for me. Again, big praise for the game, and if this was done by one person in one month, it's even more impressive.

Now for the parts I didn't like (again, small gripes vs. the overall game):

1) In some places a small ledge is unclimbable/unjumpable. An example is an area to the left of when one enters the big 'open' area (after getting up the tower and finding the first sphere):

This happened in more places, and not necessarily where it would make sense to prevent the player from leaving the area.

2) I played roughly 1.5h and got 6 spheres. I know I'm not the fastest, but the average playtime of 30 min you gave is IMO not a useful measure how long someone new to the game will need. This is an exploration game, I'll look at things and will traverse an area multiple times to make sure I didn't miss an exit, etc. In other words, at least a basic save features would be appropriate. Maybe save which spheres have been found after a sphere is put into the big 'chandelier'.

Again, a great game, but especially point 2 is IMO something that should be tackled. Because redoing the same parts of the game again and again is not fun!

Best regards, and thanks for the really cool game!

From the error message it gives, it looks like you forgot to include the "data" folder in the upload:

ERROR::TEXTURECACHE:Failed to load data/ballBlue.png

Agreed, this seems to be a clerical error. The demo is on Steam, but of course it would be nice if it was here as well.

Cool game, well done technically and gameplay-wise for an 8-day 'job'. Will definitely play more levels if they are made.

From the documentation side, it would be nice to mention the keyboard equivalents, for those (like me) who don't have a controller; thats 4 lines of text here or in a readme:

A (jump): Space

B (hold): Shift

X (shoot): Control

Y (open door): Caps Lock

Nice game, took me half an hour (didn't find the super secret area, though).

Puzzles are good, and the "bare bones" interior didn't bother me. Could actually imagine this as a longer game.

Thanks and good luck in your studies!

Thanks! ❤️

Played the demo (loved it) and was wandering if a DRM-free version could be made available here?

Great game! Linking offers lots of options, and many things one takes for granted in a Sokoban-like are so not true anymore.

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It works for you because you have the Unity development files installed. For a normal player like me, it complains about a missing UnityPlayer.dll. Also, there is usually a directory with the name of the exefile plus "data" appended, in your case it would be a directory named "Recalculating_Data". You have to find both of these and make a new zip file.

Hi, just played the game and was really impressed and liked it! The Art is great, exploring the office is great, and I really hoped it would continue with the next floor when it ended. Will definietly watch this game for continuation.
Some remarks:

1) Technical problem: The video in the elevator didn't play, or rather it played and I heard the audio but had no video (had to watch in the let's play from Grab). I'm having a Win 8.1/GeForce GTX 1070 setup that doesn't normally have any problems with video playback. If I can do anything test a potential fix, just ask.

2) The keypad puzzle is absurdly impossible to solve, IMO. While the follwing "I see with my little eye" puzzles are doable with a small amount of trials, the solution to the keypad puzzle makes no sense.

3) When watching Kiara/Mina from the side, the leg that is 'at the back' is much darker than the one in front. While there might by  some amount of shadow, this is way too much, IMO. But of course, this is just my perosnal opinion (as with point 2).

Again, I liked the game very much, and hope for more.

Nice exploration game play with interesting puzzles. Not so sure if the mix of space combat and exploration is well adviced and will not have a too small intersection of fans of either game play. But of course thanks for the auto-save before the space combat!

Good setting, nice dancers and really nice puzzles.  Would love to see an extension of this. The time estimate is way to low, however, maybe you can speedrun the game in that time but not on your first try when you need to look at many things.

Nice beginning for something the promises to be interesting gameplay wise and from the narrative.

I see no download button for this game.

The limited view distance took some getting used to, but (together with the music) provides a nice dream-like feeling when playing. You also do all the right things to make it easy for the player to adapt, like the 'path stones' that show you the way, and not hiding anything 'far away'.

So I liked this quite a lot and hope that 'no longer in development' is for the prototype only, not for a full game.

Now I've completed the game, was really nice and thanks again for the help!

That download does not seem to contain any windows executables.

Now I got it! Your tip allowed me to exclude certain possibilities, so I could concentrate on others. I knew before that I had to use "add 1" to the hours digit, but I didn't find the right timing until now.

Any hint for level 7 (01:00 --> 06:31)?

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Mistakes happen, that's life. I suggest you check the paid version, too (if you didn't already).

The installer for the Demo does not create the usual data folder for a unity game, so the game refuses to run. The game works if I create it and copy everything inside it but out of the box the demo is not runnable.

Hey, the new ice underground and the new main block with detachable blocks sure add lots of more depth to the game. A few of the puzzles had me stumped for quite some time! Also, the level saving is a godsent now with more levels available.

I could image puzzles with 2 or more blocks that need to work together (becoming a blocker over ice or several vertical levels where one block becomes a 'bridge' for another to move over).

I think I found a bug in one of the later levels. I've appended the before (OK) and after (buggy) state as screenshots. I moved the blocks right.

Keep up the good work, I really like what you do!

That would be nice because I follow you here and so get notfied of new versions. But if you have another place where I can get automatically notified, then direct me to it.

Small thing on versions: While the (as of now) latest zip file says version 0.0.2, and the in-game text also says this, the title bar of window still says 0.0.1

Alter community · Created a new topic Good game!

The central mechanic is easy to understand after a bit of experimentation, but sufficiently deep to alllow non-trivial interactions.

Suggestions for improvement:

1) Automatic saving of solved levels + level select menu showing the already solved levels, so that one does not need to start at level 1 all the time.

2) Level 1 is a good learning by doing tutorial level, but level 2 is IMO already to complicated. It might be better to introduce the button/blocker mechanic in an easier level.

3) The button/blocker mechanic is only color coded, which may it make hard to see for color-blind players. How about using a different color *and* a different symbol for each button/blocker pair?

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Using version 1.1.1 on Windows, not sure if the problem still exists with 1.2.1:

I'm playing as user name "Abc". After many days, I logged in hastily as "abc". I was greeted as a new employee. OK, I thought, the game differentiates between small/capital letters. So I closed the game, opened it again and logged in as "Abc". But again I was greeted as a new employee, with the same employee number as with "abc". If I did not have had a backup of the data from the day before, I would have had to restart now (many hours played).

The reason seems to be that the game internally differentiates between "Abc" and "abc", but Windows does not (when considering filenames). So when the game tries to create a save directory for the new user "abc", it will be the same directory as for "Abc", overwriting the progress of "Abc".

I understand that this diffferent in unixoid architctures. Maybe it would be feasable to test if the supposedly new save directory already exists, and warn the user in that case.

Add: If you can confirm that the save game progress will carry over to the latest version, I'll buy the game immediatly.

I also get the FATAL error on loading. Played yesterday evening, now wanted to continue. 

You can find the UE4 Crashreport zipped here:

If you need more info, feel free to ask!

Nice game, but I'm stuck at/with the elevator. I can ride it to two 2 other positions, but from there no further areas seem accessible.

Just played this and it's very impressive, not even considering it was done by 1 person in 2 weeks only. I read your dev log, and of course your ability to create very detailed environments and graphics in very good quality is apparent from the game.

As others have said, the voice acting (together with the excellent graphics) create a really good atmosphere. The linear but interesting story had me wanting to know what happens next.

Another quality is that the game is (relatively) small, but very 'round'. Graphics, audio, story, environment (like the postcards, keys and the map) and puzzles together are a unit that supplement each other.

Again, color me very impressed and not only at your superior graphics abilities but also at the level of wrinting and programming.

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Playing version 2007-07-10:

1) Had to skip level 23 (Mind over Matter) because it's too hard for me. Good that this skip feature is there, because any level can be too hard for somebody.

2) When the numerical manipulation brains appeared (first the one with the "+" sign) I incorrectly assumed that they would take any input numbers and output the sum of them (ignoring non-numerical input). That was what the "+" sign signaled to me. It took me several  trials to find out that they are increment brains (thay are only called that in a later level). I suggest changing the images to read "+1" and "-1", resp. and calling them increment brains on the very first level they come up.

In order of decreasing importance:

1) I played V1.6 until level 15, and while some were easy, some less so, level 12 (Warm) has me totally stumped. I assume at the moment that something went wrong and it is basically unsolvable. The description "Warm colors only" seems to imply one thing, but the actual requirement is that you have to produce a certain sequence that is 'totally random' and changes from each trial to the next. Here (My version of level "Warm") you can see that the same input color (green) has a different output triplet each time it occurs. Please check that level!

2) In the manual level selection some levels have some number attached to them (see here), what does this signify?

3) It would be nice if the process stopped when an error happens, so that one can see where it went wrong.

4) A 'single step' speed that waits indefinitely and advances the machine one step when a certain button is pressed would also be 'nice to have'.

Best regards,


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Graphical and UX improvements are obvious in the v0.2 version. I hope you didn't have to sacrifce too many testers to get those nice brain images ;-)

Played until level 07 (Chancellor) , which was hard for me, although the solution isn't that complicated.

One little problem I noticed: When you select a brain or the emitter for starting a connection line that object is graphically marked. But when  you reach the end of a connection (the receiver of that connection), this object is not marked (although I saw that the connection line will snap once it comes near a brain). This way I 'overshot' a few times and the connection was not made when I released the mouse button. It would IMO be good if the receiver object (brain or the final receiver) would also be marked, so that the player is sure that the desired connection has been recognized by the game when the mouse button is released.

Will play more after the weekend and make more comments if I find something.

Keep up the good work!

Very nice game from the "graphical programming" genre. For the jam it is OK as is, for further development I have the following suggestions:

1) At least a readme file that contains what is explained above here, because just 'as is' the game is not discoverable. Much better would be  an ingame explanation and tooltips what the different brains do and 'how the game works'.

2) As Taupsi said, some means to continue playing the game from where one left of.  Minimum would be some way to select some level no XXX, better would be if the game saved which levels I already solved and would present me with a seletion screen where the solved levels are marked (say green) and the unsolved are red (or may open/closed lock).

3) I initially did not realize that the 'exchange the colors around the rainbow' brains come in two versions (rotate clockewise and counterclockweise). Maybe inside the ring of colors there could be a curved arrow that goes (counter-)clockwise to make players understand that, because the current symbols are too similar to make the player see the difference, IMO.

From the some 40min I played the game I really liked it.  What I'm missing is a save/load feature, so that I can continue each time from where I left, instead of having to go through everything again when I come back,

Really liked the game. Cool setting and nice puzzles. Would very much play a continuation/extension.

What needs to be done IMO is making sure the player isn't 'lost' in the first 5 min of playtime when he can't get out of the first room. By experimenting with the fire bowl I could get my left hand on fire and trying to bring that fire to the empty torches was a natural thing to do, this puzzle I could solve within a short amount of time.

Of course I also noticed the shiny plate on the floor with the RA-Symbol and I noticed the strange 'thingy' hanging from the wall. But at least for me making the connection that the 'thingy' is supposed to become the missing arc from the door didn't happen, I only watched this in the video from Whit30. While some amount of supernatural dealings are to be expcted from the setting, I simply had no idea that I would be dealing with that kind of possible solution.

When I' playing games like Fresco (, this is obviously expected. But I fear that many potentials players will (like me) not 'get' this puzzle and just stop playing because the game ends there for them. In addition, the 'put your left hand on fire and use it to light torches' mechanic is explained in the big hall that follows, where it is "too late", because the player already needed that in the first room.

Tl;dnr: Nice setting and ideas; gently pushing the players in the right direction at the very beginning needs to be done IMO.

Sehr schön! Die Grafik hat eine (für mich Laien) aussergewöhliche Qualität, wenn auch die Spezialanimationen noch verbesserungsbedürftig sind (Papier aufheben, Spülmittel vom Schrank holen). Aber das Setting war mir sofort sympathisch und besonders Lilly hat mir sehr gefallen. Alles etwas abgedreht aber in sich stimmig.

Ich würde mich über eine Fortsetzung freuen, aber da es sich um ein Kursprojekt handelt stehen die Chancen wohl nicht so gut, oder?

What I liked: The puzzle design. With just a few 'gadgets', the puzzles already reuse parts of older puzzles, which is always nice.

What I didn't like: The inability to move the camera left-right on my own. When I moved ahead with the cat, I could barely see the dog, let alone his environment to see what could be done. Even if no dedicated camera movement will be implemented, moving one animal should center the camera on it, if it isn't already in the middle 2/3 of the screen.

Altogether, I liked what I saw and would welcome a continuation.

Definitely a cool idea, with a hint of greater things to discover. Would like to see more of it!

I just discovered this game recently and it is a superb game, even the demo is already a master piece. Is there hope for the "full" expansion or is the game on hold?