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Nice game. After completing this I looked at many of your other (puzzlescript) games and they all seem playworthy, but:

None of them have a save/continue feature. If you hadn't provided the link above to the version of Crusher on the puzzlescript site, which does have that feature, I wouldn't have completed Crusher. I play puzzle games in more or less short sessions of less than 20 minutes, and while that may cover 6-7 levels at the beginning of a game, it may be only 1 or 2 later. And I hate having to go through the earlier levels again, it is just a waste of time that I could spend actually solving new puzzles!

I'm not sure how hard it is to implement that feature, but since your games are level based a simple level number should be enough, and then an option in the title screen to restart the whole game.

Again, I liked Crusher and play "Cat chases Mouse" at the moment (which seems to be relatively short to not need a save feature at 6 levels) but for your other games that feature might be useful.

Hi Ingix, thanks for the feedback! I wasn't aware at all that the puzzlescript games I've posted that were directly exported (rather than hosted on puzzlescript itself) weren't supporting the continue feature.

I'm going to ask around and see if I can fix this, or worst case just always provide a direct link to a puzzlescript version. Thanks again! This is extremely helpful to know.

An update: I haven't been able to reproduce the save function not automatically working, so I'm going to always post the puzzlescript hosted version of every puzzlescript game I release from now on. I hope that solves any issues.