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Crusher is a short (19 levels) puzzle game about pushing and crushing boxes, and learning hidden mechanics. I'm very happy with it.

Bound Directions is a browser puzzle game about pushing multiple characters. It contains 15 puzzles, and will take around 10-20 minutes to finish. It was made in puzzlescript.

Misled puzzled is a free movie length(1-2 hours) puzzle game about deducing rules and connecting symbols. Solve interesting puzzles, deduce unique sneaky rules, and click your way through 7 unique zones filled with over 100 levels and surprising twists and turns.

I intend for Misled Puzzled to be the first game in a series of episodic puzzle games that utilize its core mechanic. If this brief pitch interests you, take a look at the store front page. I hope you enjoy the game! I had tons of fun making it.

It'll take at least a month for steam to decide my game isn't secretly a super villain from the planet of doom, but yeah, I'll probably add this to steam in the may-ish 2019 future.

Itch is way nicer than steam though. Ill definitely properly finish a belated trailer and put it onto this page first before entangling myself in the steam infrastructure.