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Thank you! That's a very kind review.

As a puzzler designer, you should absolutely look into joining the Thinky Puzzle Games Discord. It's filled to the brim with puzzle game developers, and there's alot of great discussion about puzzle design. You can find a join link here:

Escape the void is a simple push / pull sokoban game with 15 levels.  I'm quite happy with it!

Although the game is designed for completion without spoilers, for accessibility purposes a complete walkthrough can be found here:


Juxtaposition is a puzzle game about manipulating colour to create paths. Solve 19 levels across 2 worlds.

An update: I haven't been able to reproduce the save function not automatically working, so I'm going to always post the puzzlescript hosted version of every puzzlescript game I release from now on. I hope that solves any issues.

Hi Ingix, thanks for the feedback! I wasn't aware at all that the puzzlescript games I've posted that were directly exported (rather than hosted on puzzlescript itself) weren't supporting the continue feature.

I'm going to ask around and see if I can fix this, or worst case just always provide a direct link to a puzzlescript version. Thanks again! This is extremely helpful to know.

God Hunter is a puzzle game about sliding boxes and hunting a god. A dark, edgy, serious, deep, and meaningful story with a satisfying conclusion and thematically relevant puzzles. Yup.

Going somewhere? is a 14 puzzle long, short and sweet, puzzle game about going places because, or in spite of, directions. 

Thanks! A simple ruleset was a core goal of the game.

Crusher is a short (19 levels) puzzle game about pushing and crushing boxes, and learning hidden mechanics. I'm very happy with it.

Bound Directions is a browser puzzle game about pushing multiple characters. It contains 15 puzzles, and will take around 10-20 minutes to finish. It was made in puzzlescript.

Misled puzzled is a free movie length(1-2 hours) puzzle game about deducing rules and connecting symbols. Solve interesting puzzles, deduce unique sneaky rules, and click your way through 7 unique zones filled with over 100 levels and surprising twists and turns.

I intend for Misled Puzzled to be the first game in a series of episodic puzzle games that utilize its core mechanic. If this brief pitch interests you, take a look at the store front page. I hope you enjoy the game! I had tons of fun making it.

It'll take at least a month for steam to decide my game isn't secretly a super villain from the planet of doom, but yeah, I'll probably add this to steam in the may-ish 2019 future.

Itch is way nicer than steam though. Ill definitely properly finish a belated trailer and put it onto this page first before entangling myself in the steam infrastructure.