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Playing the windows version on English (but it's the same with French).

From an interface point, it's strange and frustrating that instead of using the space button whenever you have an interaction, sometimes in  "menu"-like environments the ENTER key needs to be used. And then you can't use the 'normal' one, you have to use the one on the keypad.

So I almost couldn't start the game, because while I could use WSAD to choose between English and French, actually confirming that selection doesn't work with any key that is actually listed on screen as help!

Later the same happened with dialog choices or when changing the music, but then of course I knew which other key to check.

Of course maybe later both keys may be usuable at the same time. But at least put that essential ENTER key in the help of the initial screen when you select the language, though (from my limited playing) I would greatly prefer to be able to use space instead of ENTER in those cases, if possible.

First of all, thank you for playing the game and for the feedback

When did you download the game?
Because the space/enter bug was fixed a few hours after the initial release

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I guess I downloaded it more or less immediately after the announcement came through Kickstarter, but came around playing it only at the weekend. I looked at the devlog entry for the fixes, but my problem wasn't among them. The file name for the download was also the same, so I didn't redownload.

Nice to hear the problem is already fixed. 

Best regards,