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Hi friend, this is an asset for Godot Engine, it will not work in Unity.

Hello friend, in addition to "state machine" this package was made to offer predefined character models. The variables regarding speed and gravity, are within the character, this in turn, shares this data to the states they need.

I don't know if my content is useful (because it's in Spanish) but I have a couple of tutorials on the state machine :).

Sorry. When you don't use the proprietary AMDGPU-PRO drivers in GNU/Linux, the game works perfectly. But this is an AMD problem, now I can play KeyCars without problems after installing MESA drivers :).

Jjajajajaj es verdad... ¿Me estás rastreando? xDD

The GNU/Linux version doesn't work on my system, I think the 64-bit one is missing.

Testing the GNU/Linux version. It goes great. Congratulations Kenney! 👍️

Probando en GNU/Linux ;)

Do you have the link?

Friend, why are you giving us something so special?

¿Ya  llenaste la dirección al nodo Niveles en la instancia de Transitions? Es para que el nodo Transitions tome al primer hijo de ese contenedor de niveles y lo elimine para que puedas instanciar tu nivel sin que estén los dos al mismo tiempo. 

Hola amigo. Ya encontré el problema, gracias por reportar: entra en la escena Transitions y en el nodo cutoff, fade_in y pixelation cambia la propiedad Mouse>Filter por Ignore. Por defecto está en Stop, y esos nodos se ven primero que cualquier menú, así que se debe especificar que se ignore el mouse. 

Así acabo de hacer para que funcionara la herramienta en mi escena, avísame si también te funciona :). 

You can use it in all the games you want :).

You can use it in all the games you want :).

It is impossible friend, I just downloaded and both versions have the project. :/

¡Llego un poco tarde, pero ahí están mis proyectos!

Hi bro! Can I use this asset in an open source project? Specifying that graphics cannot be used before going through here.

Thank you! Yes, I will do it.

Looks great. Do you have a specific license?

Muy bonita esa animación, la usaré en la intro de mis tutoriales, gracias :D

What is the license? Can I develop an open source project and redistribute it?

Thanks for your comment, friend! We are rebuilding the game to have a new version with more calm and narrative load that we could not include here.

It took a while to load, but all right, my friend 👍️

I'm glad I could play with GNU / Linux with Wine. :)

Thanks! :)

We didn't know how to introduce the other scene in such a short time. We are already working on a new version of this game, thanks for playing :).

Thanks friend :)

Thank you very much for your comment :). The time of this jam played against us.

Thank you very much for your comment :). My partner and I are working on a new version of this game. We have to introduce the narrative well.

Thank you very much for your comment :). My partner and I are working on a new version of this game. We have to introduce the narrative well.

No pude jugar :(. Pero me recordó a Linux jaja.

Good job :)

It is beautiful and relaxing, very good music and level design. 👌️

I like the game. I recommend that when hitting, the enemies recede ;)

Thanks for your comment, friend. My partner and I did not find those messages during the test ... sorry :(. We will be more attentive for the next version.

There is no version for GNU/Linux, I guess not for Mac OS :(

Thank you! After the jam will continue with the development of this game, I hope to suppress the current errors and bring the result we imagine closer.

Thanks for comment. In the tests I did, I needed the instantiated scenes to have the Game node as owner, if I ran the _ready without having passed the owner before, I would have an error. _Ready is used in the transition to avoid errors if in the scene that instances you need the Game node.

Can we talk friend? email? :)

Es bellísimo!

Maybe that's, I have never decompressed in Windows. I was foolish I changed the bar in the Zip file and not in the folder I'm going to upgrade again