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Thanks :)

I tried to get to the moon on the first level but could seem to.  Moving and jumping worked well, was able to gather the coins fine.  I didn't hear any music or sound effects in case I was suppose to.

Thanks for all the feedback.  On the challenge part we were just starting work on that and still have to give it some thought beyond random rocks hitting you.  The launch into space is actually planned, want it to be some what of an unknown jump into nothing and hope for the best.  On the movement mechanic I've been playing with that too and trying to figure out how to tweak it more as well - sadly can't post any updates during judging :(

Thanks for trying it out and the feedback :)

Thanks for trying it out.  Sadly we ran into a time crunch so we were not able to add the last part of becoming a moon to the game.

Took a while to load, but finally able to play.  Could not figure out how to get the ship to go to the next star after hiring a crew.  Could select a star, but would not travel when pushed the lever.

For web play I wish the screen size had been smaller, was hard scrolling around seeing everything.  Liked the puzzling solving aspect of the game.

Had a lot of fun playing, controls were easy to use and like the puzzle aspect.  I think the player faces opposite direction that the controls move them.

Thanks for the feedback, the idea is you are moving the larger asteroid to cause the smaller asteroid to move.  Sadly, we ran out of time to put in a good explanation of that.

Not setup for that as a solution, but neat way to try and solve the problem

Thanks for trying it out, is a  puzzle type game so goal is to figure out how to make a fence around the wolf with the fallen trees.  Easiest is a simple square, but larger areas are possible too