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Thanks for the nice comment and the support :)
I will fix the spelling in next release

I released a new version with some of your suggested features such as drag and drop to reorder instructions. The full release note :

Thank you again for the detailed feedback and good suggestions 🙂

I'll reply in more details later (or will just fix bugs/implement the changes) but will already reply to a few points 

- Deleting a library already kind of works. It is just that you need to save after having done the delete of the library. There is a bug, the save icon doesn't show when just deleting a library, so make an other change and save and it should work.

- "The search menu for a sound within an instruction displays search results, but the titles of these search results are not visible." To be sure, do you mean it show empty rows ? I just made a test, It seems to be the case with long title where there are no space between words. I'll fix that.

- There is already a button to load all the sounds of the current page of a category. Do you mean a button to load all the sounds of all the categories of the current library ? If so, that seems risky to load to much in memory causing perf problems, but I guess it makes sense for some use case where you know you'll need all or most of the sounds of the library

Yes, I'm interested in feedbacks: bug reports or feature/improvement requests. Thank you!

A new version has been released. All the things you mentioned should be ok now: simultaneous instructions, nested loop fixed, no need to nest an instruction to configure it to loop... (release note:

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In the new released version, the sound length is now ok for variable bitrates

 A new version has been released, the autoplay feature takes now only into account the sounds it launched itself to know if it has to launch a new sound

Glad to hear that helped! Have an amazing day too :)

Currently the autoplay feature of the playlist system will play a new sound when no other sounds are playing.
Your request make sense and I'll change this behavior in the future so that it only takes into account sounds launched from the playlist.
In the meantime, you could use the instruction system to play sounds one after another. You can drag and drop sound button in the instruction pane, you'll need to set each instruction to autostart to not have to press the GO button.


I changed the bitrate of an mp3 song with Audacity to 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps and  320kbps and it worked fine for each rate in Sound Show. What software do you use for conversion ?
Maybe you can contact me through so that you can share with me the audio files by mail.

I understand your concerns with Unity's history, but I remain confident that Unity is the right tool for Sound Show. The choice to use it has been key to how far this project has come: multiplatform support, strong multimedia capabilities, a rich asset store, and ease of programming with C# are just a few to mention. Unity's board seems to have realized they can't do everything they want. Their leadership has changed since the latest events. Also, if they make really bad changes in the future, it will only affect new versions of Unity. So, I feel quite confident for the time being.
Thank you for the kind words about Sound Show :)

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Thank you for the info. There seems to have been a problem in the build process. I uploaded a new version SoundShow-Linux-Pro-20240309 that should  be ok.

Thanks for taking the time for this detailed post :-)  This kind of feedback is really helpful

Hello, I understand that it could help a lot especially for the configuration views.
I don't know when I will be able to add new translations, once it is done reviewing it will certainly help me.

Thanks for reporting, I'll check that

Weird, it seems like the sounds are not loading. Can you check in your options if the option "Stream sounds" is checked. If it is, uncheck it. I'll try to figure out the problem.

In the latest version of Sound Show Pro, you can now define the grid size (in the option view, in the 'Visual' tab). Release note

1. Since last release, all the paths are now only with '/' to ensure compatibility with all platforms

thanks for the info, just in time for me to put this change in the latest release. When multiple files are dropped, they are now added in alphabetical order


1. I'll check that slash issue, thanks for reporting.

2. Backspace would not fade out sounds when the focus is on a text field (for example on a search input). When focused the fields are in yellow color to make it clear that the keyboard is used to write text rather than execute actions. Could it be that ? 
Sound Show generates some logs but nothing that would help in that case. 

Nice to hear 😃

I will add some grid dimensions configuration in the future. In the meantime, on windows, for a simpler interface, you could use the windows version of the remote app .  It still lacks many features, but maybe it's enough for your usage.


Thanks for the kind words.

Sound Show is made with the Unity game engine and sadly Unity doesn't support build for ARM, so I can't make a release for raspberry.

You can maybe make the Linux version run on your raspberry with Box64. But I have no idea how complicated it is and how it would affect the performance.

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A new version has been released that should fix all those problems  
Release notes

Ok, I think I see the problem. It works for me because I have those scenes in a common widget in QLC+ that guarantees that there is only one scene active at the same time. When I remove the widget, it works the way you described.

I'll provide some changes to the way Sound Show works with QLC Functions. I'll try to provide this new version as soon as possible. In the meantime, you could have a workaround by creating a widget.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your feedback

Alternatively, there is also the possibility to hide some tabs.
In edit mode, you can click to edit a category and hide it. It will then only be seen in edit mode.
I use this to hide some specific tabs that have no use for my current show.


I encounter the same behaviour you describe when qlc+ is in design mode. When qlc+ is in play mode it works well. 
Inside qlc+, you can switch between mode with the button on the top right of the interface (with a play icon or stop icon).
Hope this helps, if you still have an issue let me know 

- you can already have different sets of sounds with different tabs. You must go to the library view (by clicking the musical note icon on the top left ) and create a new library. You can then select the library you want to be active
- Ability to have a portable mode is something that I want to add in the future

Thanks for the kind feedback and the suggestions !

In the latest release, I added a button to record some sound  from the microphone directly  into Sound Show. It is a first version of the recording feature so there may be some adjustments in the future, but it is functional. 


Inside the Microphone pane on top the UI, there is now a button "Start recording"

Once started it records from the selected input device and you can stop the recording from clicking the button again.

When the recording is stopped, a new sound will be added at the end of the currently selected category.


It is only available in the paid version since I want to add extra gadgets that are interesting but not essentials into this version. 

Since you were the one requesting it, I don't want to trap you into buying it. So if you want, you can ask for a free version with this feature by contacting me  Sound Show - Contact Form


  • A current annoyance that will need to be fixed is that the recording sound is also sent to the output while recording.
  • Currently the recorded sound files are put in a folder in the Sound Show app data folder. In the future, it would be nice if the user could configure it.

This feature would be fun to have. I'm confident I can implement it without too much complexity. I'm targeting to release it by January at the latest.

The latest version released includes the following changes :

  • A confirmation popup will appear when you attempt to close the software with unsaved modifications
  • The software now defaults to opening the most recently used library instead of the first one in the list
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Thanks for the nice  comment.

Yes, you can  export your sound library from a computer with all the audio files and import it on an other computer.
To do that, you need to go in the "Sounds library" view by clicking the musical note on top 

Then you can select the sound library that you want to export and click on the export button on the bottom
You'll need to specify a path and it will create folder with your sound library and all the sounds

That folder can be copied on another computer
Then you will have to use the "Import" button.
And specify the json file in the copied folder.
Note : You can't currently just export a category or an item, it is the whole library


Thanks for the feedback.

  • The sound library loaded at start is the first one of the list. You can reorder them so that your library is the first one and it will be loaded at start. In a next version, I could make so that it is the last one active that will be loaded at the start.
  • Sorry about your loss of configurations. I prefer manual save than automatically at each change, so that if we do changes that we don't want to keep we have the possibility to just quit without saving. But I'll try to add a confirmation window when the app is closing while there are unsaved changes

Thanks for the comment.
You should be able to configure the sound to multiple outputs with another software from VB-Audio named VoiceMeeter :

Hello, thank you for the nice feedback and feature request, I'll check if it can be done.

There is now a pro version of Sound Show that has support for remote control from android (or windows) through a dedicated app. It is only available in a paid version of Sound Show but I hope the small price will still make it affordable for a lot of people. Here are more info on the remote app

On the last released version, you can now select the microphone you want to use. In the "Options" view, under the tab "Devices", there is a dropdown "Microphone"

The video ratio bug is now fixed on the latest version of Sound Show

Hello, I will need to take a closer look to the linux version. Since I don't use it personnaly, there may be a lack of testing of some features.  Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience

2) It has been fixed in the last version released.  The audio only check box is now correctly working and the volume is now correctly handled.  

Hello, thank you for the feedback :)
1) I don't think you can do anything currently for faster load times except having  your sound files on an ssd. But it won't resolve the burden on your memory.
I experimented with streaming the files from the disk rather than loading them fully. But it was not reactive enough for me and was a bit worse performance wise. Still, in your case it could be a better solution. I had not the very long sounds in mind. I'll try in a future version to give an option for the user to set it to full file load or streaming (either setting it by track or for all tracks). But It won't be for the very next release.
2) I'll check that, thank you for reporting.