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DarkBoy080#3213, thats my discord hit me up if interested lets make some games.

3D artist here
Hit me up and lets make some video games. discord: DarkBoy080#3213

just click the your phone's screen you will either get shot or not. An upcoming update will make it better so stay tuned

This game teaches patience XD

good job:)

but thats a nice idea. We may add it in the future 😁

you can't kill other ants, you can use shift to sprint. The objective is escaping the battlefield back to your home because your colony lost. And you are injured so you hallucinate. 

We are glad you liked it ! What about the ghosts? Hehe, thanks for the feedback !

Yes you are right, thats definitely something we will work on. Thanks for the feedback :)

Awesome graphics and voice acting, just kinda hard or maybe im just tired to  figure it out


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You should always check the description for the controls, you can use shift to sprint ;)

Thanks for the feedback !

haha, we are glad you liked it 😁

Well done guys! The dialogue and music are impressive the only thing I recommend is animating facial expressions (textures) and avoid repeating some animations. Other than that good job.

Such a nice combination of 3D, 2D and storytelling. Well done !!

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Thats a nice game with interesting graphics and gameplay, good job!

I recommend:

- Animating the ghosts and giving them a ghosty/glowy shader

- Visualizing the ghost capturing, for example a backpack with a shader that shows how full it is.

- Different ghosts, and obstacles that makes the game harder for example water on the ground that makes the player fall and the ghosts escape the backpack.

- Final boss that tries to free his ghosts friends.

Just some ideas I got.

 Well done :)

Cute game, how the little creature collect things was a really cool mechanic, good job.

I suggest making a better water shader and make the creature look better and better explain what counts as a lose condition. Other than that Well done!

Thats a really interesting game, everything fits the theme and its enjjoyable.

I suggest adding a shop so the player can buy medkits, weapons and shields. Other than than good job you made an awesome game.

The game is looking so cute and i like how the bat is flying around.

I suggest:

-Adding more vegetation on the ground.

-Rigging the bat and  adding some flying animations.

-Making an arrow to help the player find where he should go

Good job its an awesome game!

This game looks good and sounds good and its pretty enjoyble, great job! 

I suggest the following:

-Player gets hearts somehow(add a chance that an enemy can drop a health regeneration potion or something/or maybe regenerates after awhile)

-Different weapons (maybe a shop to give a player goals to achieve)

- Some helping creature representing your subconsious mind deafeating the troubles with you

Thats all :) Thank you for making this awesome game!

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We are glad you enjoyed haha, thanks alot for the feeback. Thats not a health bar thats an energy bar you press shift to sprint.

Thanks for the  feedback!

This is an offline game that you can play on your phone.

really good graphics, I genuinely expected more from the game after I read the descrition, but the idea is awesome and I would difinetely like to check future updates. good job

Very special game I really liked it 

Great work ! This is really one of the most special games in this game jam, I really liked the snake mechanic and the story. The music is great but the graphics and the animations need some improvements and I got lost so some arrows or map or something to show the player where to go in that big prison would good. 

good job

Great grapghics, vfx and the particles were my favorite part and the music was really great, I would recommend adding a shop between every wave to get different weapons, hearts... or at least giving the player more hearts after each wave and working more on the ships.

I played it and it is pretty good but I experienced massive frame drops while recording with obs that is why I didnt record a video. For that reason I only record webgl games

No problem man, for your question I gave three stars because I didnt see a game like your game and not more than three because tbh the idea was really simple and not an idea that is special to give it four or five stars in my opinion I am not saying that the idea is bad it is really good and I liked it but it doesnt look like you spent some time thinking of a really innovative idea. Sorry if I was harsh but thats what I genuinely think.

I really liked it, great work

Pretty cool game I really enjoyed playing it, it was confusing at first but then i started understanding what i had to do. You did some really good job though and I really couldnt think of any ideas to improve the game cuz it looks really well polished.

Nice game, I gave some feedback and ideas in this vid 

Interesting game, I enjoyed playing it the art was my favourite part. It needs some polishing, the employees AI need some more work, adding some more speed to the player and adding more tasks and things that the player must do wuld make a very good game. Great work.

Was a pretty game I left you some feedback on the game page. Here is the video

Pretty  good game enjoyed it but not for too long. The voice acting was my favorite part, but you should add more things in the game to make more interesting because the repetitive tasks become boring after a while. You did some great work and I would really like to see future updates of this game.

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So I got some news yesterday, I got an extra month of vacation ! Send me some good games I am gonna play them and give some feedback and also maybe gonna record a video and put it on youtube. I also participated in this jam you can check our game if interested:

I would really appreciate adding a little description about your game and not just posting a link here, also spam is gonna be ignored thx :)

I finally did it haha

absolutely XD

I really enjoyed playing this game, the idea is great and also the gameplay. I would really like to see future updates where you make better graphics, and make more goals to the game.

I actually liked the game I would never say that it is trash or that it sucks it is actually worth playing and enjoyabale, you did some good work and submitted it in a week which is something you should be proud of. Adding some music and sound effects would be great, some more mechanics like being able to shoot ennemies back, a timer to know how much you survived and try to break your best record, more types of ennemies, levels or different challenges, an online leaderboard, a shop to buy buffs and skins would make a great game for both mobile and pc. Never give up and keep up the good work. Great work !