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I highly recommend, particularly the dropshadow effect.  This will beat manually creating dropshadows as these are directional so the dropshadow is always correct no matter what angle your sprites or text may be or change to. The other effects look great too. 

Thanks! We really wanted to add more interactivity, actually we had much more ambitious ideas. Though i do completely agree. We pushed the player to explore without anything to look at! With a bit more time, could have been a lot better. Thanks!


Glad to hear your opinions. Sorry you didn't like it. Hopefully we will do better next time.


Thank you, means alot! Don't get me wrong theres plenty of room for improvement. We knew that we had to sacrifice some things to get it done. Thanks for playing!


This was developed in under 48 hours from the ground up in construct 2. All art was designed for this game and hasn't been used anywhere else. Music also completely original for the game too. If you enjoy it and would like to see a next episode then please share. Also take a look at my other games.



It uses currently as this is the easiest way for developers to earn from their game plays. It's kind of like view an ad to play, no different to kongregates view a video before playing. I want to move into a better direction eventually but currently ad networks don't tend to allow you to place ad's on third party sites and usually moderate the use of your ad's. The main option will be to create a network specifically, that can't happen overnight unfortunately so at the moment is the best way for developers to earn.

I'll be adding more of my games to the site soon. Again this is an alpha version and hopefully the site will grow as developers earn a better rate for their games.


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Hey everyone!

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of and I support the cause with a percentage of my earnings going to them. None the less nothings better then variety and opportunity for us game devs!

So i'd like to introduce my new platform for sharing and earning from your HTML5 games!

My new

Play by iDev

Is a great new arcade designed for developers who want to earn 100% from their game plays using ad's rather then donations. Designed to be quick and easy, get signed up and instantly start posting your games.

Keep in mind this service is brand new and is currently in alpha, so help shape the future of HTML5 web games and upload your games today in minutes!

See you there!


Appears my game iGrow Game came up as broken once trying to download and install.