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Aaaah, the motorcycle bug :D We will now officially call it that.

The random wandering off bug is fixed, and we'll release a patch including that one today or tomorrow, thank you for your wonderful feedback, as a small thank you for the help, if you could send me your email on i could make sure you continue to have access to the game even if we start charging for it :)

Thank you, awesome feedback! :D

I've written down all the things you brought up, we'll take a look at it asap, the T pose character is an important one, do you have any idea of when that happened, or what you did to make it happen?

The art will pretty much stay the same, we don't have an artist on the team, we are just two coders :) We do however plan on adding a lot of things, like water, day and night cycle, etc, you can look at our roadmap on our profile page here in itch :)

Thank you!

The hope is to mesh those two genres that you mentioned, so i guess the drawback is that it won't easily be categorized, adding a gameplay trailer / video is high up on the to-do list, we will definetily do that this week. Thank you for pointing it out! :)

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My name is Simon and im part of Idyl, a two-man team that is now releasing Mind the Vikings (our first game)! 

Im hoping i'd push some info about the game in this thread once in a while, how we're doing and what's next. It would be great if we could get some feedback from you, if you think the game sucks, or what's awesome about it :)

Simply put, the game is a city-building game about vikings, and the idea is make all the vikings have unique personalities, so might end up managing a city of lunatics or pyromaniacs, or perhaps you can create a city full of shy people, or why not heroes?

For more info check out our page here

We are not completely there yet, but we feel like we have "something" that we can show people, and if you like/dislike it, it might give us a lead on where to head next!

Next post comes in a couple days!

Hi people :)

My name is Simon and im part of Idyl, a two-man team that is now releasing Mind the Vikings (our first game)! 

We want it in the hands of the players ASAP because it just makes sense. We are not thinking of our game like a product, it's more of a service that should be kept alive as long as possible, therefore we need eyes and opinions on it constantly to keep evolving in the right direction :)

The game is about building and managing a village of vikings. What makes us different from other city-builders is that we want to focus more on the individuals - sort of like the sims. We want you to manage a small village full of unique individuals that run around creating all kinds of chaos - you'd have lunatics, thiefs, pyromaniacs and heroes. Just like real life!

We are not there yet, but we are working on it!

We have a roadmap on our profile page, on where we want to take the game, but we really want feedback from you guys, and then we can change it to make sure we give you what you really want!

Mind the Vikings

I invite you to try it out, and perhaps send us your opinion on it! 

Thank you ^^