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Mind the Vikings is out!

A topic by idyl created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 196 Replies: 2
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Hi people :)

My name is Simon and im part of Idyl, a two-man team that is now releasing Mind the Vikings (our first game)! 

We want it in the hands of the players ASAP because it just makes sense. We are not thinking of our game like a product, it's more of a service that should be kept alive as long as possible, therefore we need eyes and opinions on it constantly to keep evolving in the right direction :)

The game is about building and managing a village of vikings. What makes us different from other city-builders is that we want to focus more on the individuals - sort of like the sims. We want you to manage a small village full of unique individuals that run around creating all kinds of chaos - you'd have lunatics, thiefs, pyromaniacs and heroes. Just like real life!

We are not there yet, but we are working on it!

We have a roadmap on our profile page, on where we want to take the game, but we really want feedback from you guys, and then we can change it to make sure we give you what you really want!

Mind the Vikings

I invite you to try it out, and perhaps send us your opinion on it! 

Thank you ^^

Looks good from what I can see, but would you mind adding some early videos of the game being played? This will give people a better idea of the product since it doesn't fit directly into town sim or personal sim I feel.

The hope is to mesh those two genres that you mentioned, so i guess the drawback is that it won't easily be categorized, adding a gameplay trailer / video is high up on the to-do list, we will definetily do that this week. Thank you for pointing it out! :)