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Fun: I'm currently sitting at just over 10k wisdom. The game was fun for a moment but then you realise that everything is just a timewall. I always had enough money to buy the next upgrade, I just had to let the game sit for the energy. The gameplay ended up being just 20 second snippets before much larger amounts of idle time.

Balance: The past upgrades are never worth going for as they are not only slower than the future upgrades, but also weaker. Time magic is entirely useless at the moment in a normal gameframe, given that you will always get a constant 5 wisdom/min, the upgrades only gaining use as a way to let the game idle longer if you were pushing for a significantly higher amount of wisdom like I did.

Uniqueness: The only part that isn't quite unique would be the initial start, but after that it comes quite into its own

Currently I'm at just under 100k genomes with at least one of each genome upgrade I've seen. It is fun in the beginning until you realize every upgrade other than speed is next to useless. The game also caused my hands to start to hurt through the monotony of merging all the speeds needed to die.

The other upgrades do have minimal use at the far end game where you use a singular efficiency to stay alive and you use one or two runs of stocks to make money, then just blast through with speeds to make a bunch of genomes. The game also seems to have quite a few errors like the bonus genome choices never showing up, a whole upgrade in research mentioning that it unlocks merging, when it actually unlocks amplifying, and efficiency being way too powerful (at least I believe this is an error because it just skyrockets in power from level 3 to level 4 to such an insane degree).

On the uniqueness front, while the genome system is unique in that it rewards you with being unable to buy upgrades and the choice of stocks being time-based instead of random (love this by the way, any game with stocks should do it this way), the game as a whole plays fairly similar to other time loop games.

As a whole, it was a fun enough time, but physically painful gameplay and horrid balancing really dragged the game down.

Original and a great art piece, but pretty boring as a game and I'm definitely not seeing how it's incremental at all

Definitely an incremental just not fun. Seems like it'd fit right in with a large amount of mobile games. Love the interpretation of the theme though!

Fun time waster, though it lacks at least as far as I got, the Challenges that a make a game like this work. Definitely the most fitting for the theme I've seen yet!

Incredibly boring. The only real sense of gameplay was in clicking the thieves which wasn't fun in any way. It never felt like I was running out of anything because I just kept making more and more until a glitch with one of the awful time-gated upgrades bought me thousands of carrots off of one deal and left me with no money a minute before I had needed to buy the next requirement.

Great`fun, but over reliance on Enter makes it hurt the hand after some time. Also it never ever felt like you were running out of anything

I made it all the way to Wave 140 before the game started slowing down my computer to the point of being unplayable. It was fun for a while, but got a bit dull after strategies. On the topic of strategies, being able to be make in seconds until the end would be pretty neat as I always wanted the x10 Damage right before the end and would have to eyeball it.

Quite a bit of the game is fairly unintuitive. While the most fun I had was with figuring out how "Metal x2"worked and messing around with it, you should mention somewhere that it also boosts Weapon progress. Metal snowballing was also likely the reason it slowed my browser down to such an extreme degree. Recon Mode on the other hand, was never something I figured out. Given that overkill doesn't work in Recon made it more about time, but even balancing between that and metal, I wasn't able to get much in the way of progress, to the point that I was able to move the blue bar quite a bit during my first ever run, but every run afterwords would barely move the bar. I never made it out of 1/2 hp. Troops and "Recruit x2" also took me a tiny bit of study to figure out how they worked, but I think that one is more on me than the game.

It also barely feels like it fits the theme. Yes there is a timer, but I don't think that is enough on it's own (mind you this is my first game of the jam, so I don't know how difficult it is to include the theme at this time; I may change my mind after more points of comparison)

Overall, it was fairly good game for the majority of its runtime with just some minor issues in explaining itself

Oh yeah, it's not rude at all, it's more my bad than anything. I should've worded my comment a bit better because it was just meant as a question out of genuine curiosity, it doesn't bother me. I suppose it's just something I won't get as a straight and cis guy because to me it feels more accepting and more supportive of the message to have everything work out regardless of Cove's gender and that it would help people connect more with the game if they got to date within their preferences, but I digress. The game is still really great and I'm having a great time with it! It's much better than a decent amount of Otome games I've played and it thoroughly trounces almost every other non-Otome (is there a word for that?) VN I've plain

Why is Cove's gender not something changeable? It seems odd to me that, a game touting such immense customizability with such an androgynous love interest (I looked at all the preview pictures here and didn't know he was a guy until the tutorial said it outright) would fail in a way many much lesser games have succeeded in

I got a bug. My route was: Alpaca -> No -> No -> 3762 -> No -> Yes -> Hide the body -> Best Friend. The narrator says that he will say I got all the questions right, but it brought me back to only 4/5 and the narrator saying I misclicked.

The game is extremely well-balanced and decently fun, but there are some issues that hold it back. Some automation would've gone a long way, something for wood at least and it probably would've been fine to let the "The Spark Keeper" upgrade keep assignments because I made it through the game just fine forgetting them until "The End [2]". But the lack of automation isn't where the real issue lies, it's in all the little things like the miniscule window requiring zoom to be still difficult to read, but at least barely readable, the background colors often making the text unreadable, the increment amounts never staying after leaving a tab. These small QoL issues really add up over time and hurt the overall experience.

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Optics Factory was great fun. In its best parts, it is probably my favourite 'factory' optimizer, but there were many points where the rules were quite nebulous. XRays, for example, were difficult enough to deal with being completely invisible, but also were not explained outside of a comment here to radiate out like a light source. Given the protrusion, I figured that it would just shoot out the front until I read the comment here. There were a few other aspects like that, but they were mostly negligible. During the game, I had found it quite slow, but I guess that was actually mostly on my computer because the lights were causing me so much lag that it took me two days with it on, but the game only registered 531 minutes of it. Given the lag, I had to build only one decent build per type of light and then delete it all and ride out that production to the next upgrade, so I don't even have a picture of my final build. However, the game was also very thematically on point, and quite original to boot so the game was overall quite refreshing.

Some time between getting the Correct Autobuyer & being able to get the improvement to Speedboost, my BP went infinite. I don't know how, I was just clicking break when I could get a decent amount of BP. Without some hard reset feature, I unfortunately won't be able to fully play the game, but it was fun while it lasted.

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I took your advice and gave it a day off, and after two more days of playing, I've finally finished this game off once and for all. I can also safely say it never got fun and even if the market becomes less of a hurdle in the later parts of the game, it is still beyond a crawl and there was still enough randomness to have made my time with this absolutely miserable. Although, the final research did bring up the scarcity bit I had previously talked about, so if all this misery was intended, you did make a pretty decent art piece. I'll give you that much.

Genesis is a decent game. The beginning is fun enough but remains rather annoying in the fact that you have to constantly keep space pressed to be making real progress. This isn't really helped by having to also hold enter in a number of places to properly buy things. The game gets decent when you hit stars and good even by the time you can let go of space, but the Reactor has it's own issues that made me use it as sparingly as possible. The Reactor also could've benefited from being able to choose how much to make instead of forcing you to use all of your oxygen in one go. Overall it was a fine, original experience.

The concept is nice, but the middle was painfully slow. The parts before algae and after capacity overtakes production, however, are really fun.

You Are Overburdened played much more like a tech demo than a game. It was pretty dull, but I suppose it was decently balanced. The theme is also nonexistent here. You are not overburdened by weight, you are merely burdened by the size of your bags, which is a shame considering I had hoped someone would've made a game about the weight-based light.

Short, simple, sweet. The upgrades always came at decent time and were almost always helpful. I say almost because there was the one movement upgrade with pressing 'E' that I could never get to work, but holding down the arrow keys isn't difficult, so it never felt like I was truly missing anything. You also sparingly had nothing to do, so the game never lost its pace for long. However, the beginning was a tad bit oppressive given that you could hardly see, but you get over the hurdle quick enough to where it isn't that painful. The ending also drags a bit, but other than those two minute issues, I had an overall pretty fun experience.

The start is painful, you have to play hyperactively to have a hope at getting money and you end up repeating the same level a decent amount of times to get the money needed to put up a defense. By the end, it's dreadfully boring, because the monsters will put zero fight and you just watching people walk from one end to the other.

These would be issues I would fine with if there a decent middle between these two extremes, but there isn't. Not just not a decent one, but there is no middle at all. Mind you, I don't think it's an issue that can even be fixed, I think the whole concept of the game is screwed from the start, because once you have enough light via a beam force-field or a bunch of lamps, there is nothing that can challenge you.

There is at least positive to be found in that it is a pretty nice feeling to be trouncing the monsters that had given you so much trouble in the start, but it isn't enough to make the game fun.

Probably not the worst game I've ever played, but definitely the least fun. Everything about this game seems tailor-made to make you hate your time with it. I genuinely cannot find a single positive.

The market idea, while possibly decent in concept, is an atrocity to actually play with, same with the city. They just scale to "Screw you for trying to play" heights way too quickly. The whole experience just felt like an exercise in scarcity where you never will enough money, energy, engineers, or anything really to do what you want to do, which if intentional, then yeah you have a fine art piece, but that doesn't save it as a game.

I wanted to play through every game in the jam to 'completion' even if I hated them just in case they get fun at a certain point, but this game broke me. I just can't keep going. Currently I'm stuck grinding research for the 8000 research upgrade that makes coal plants produce more. If the games gets fun after this, I'm sorry, but I just cannot fathom that happening, so I'm jumping ship here.