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Windows-only, should probably mark it so...

Pretty fun :)  A bit quirky though...often the easiest is to let the collapse push you through a wall?

"once a decision has been made, there's just no time to change your mind - and I tried to stick with the original image for inspiration."

Very true, and kudos. :)

Beautiful! I love the effect achieved here, both with the textures, and the music. Very immersive. I hadn't expected the image to end up as foliage in such a way, but I like the look of it!

I played around a bit, but besides walking around, and finding the lights amongst the stones, and a random tree out in the middle of a plain, I didn't seem to be able to interact with anything. The lights seem 'solid' so walking through them doesn't work, the character always collides with/avoids them. I know you said there wasn't much plot, but just wondering if I had found what there was to find, or if there was more left in this mysterious world...

Also, I didn't realize at first that the way to enter the letters is to drag them into the boxes. (Or at least that's the only thing that looks like it does anything.)

I have to admit, I thought I was getting somewhere initially, but actually I haven't gotten anywhere: I tried running this using Wine on Linux, and it actually works (there's no sound, as suggested by the menus, but I didn't get any trying it on a Windows box afterwards either.) There's one difference between the Wine/Linux play and playing on Windows: the laptop screen looks like this . I thought I was being clever in having figured out that there was an off-by-one code there, and that the words were ENTER CODE, until I played it on Windows and realized that that was not actually part of the game, but some Wine randomness. The actual code, I'm still stuck on. I'm curious about the rest of the game still!

Interesting! I see you stretched the definition a bit but your screenshot shows you use the image in the end (or maybe the end is the main part of the game? I haven't gotten far enough to tell yet.) I read the instructions and found the two items, but don't know the code for either. Are other items in the rooms clickable / are there other clues to be had around?

LOL =)

Hmm...this is on the latest Chromium on Linux. Which OS/browser do you use?

Indeed, whatever works, eh? ;)

Meh, just curious. I guess they work like Google results do, then. Anyway, thanks! :)

Game from an Image community · Created a new topic Next Jam

I'm wondering if anybody here would be up for another such jam, say, next month, with a new image.

Another idea I had was: make a game from provided sound effects--all clips must be used at least once somewhere in the game. Whether you liked #GameFromAnImage or not, would you be interested in a #GameFromSFX jam?

For future jams I just wanted to respond to something SpectralStar wrote:

"Not much of a plot, but five hours is NO TIME AT ALL!!!"

This is true. Although, given that there's a one-hour game jam, in some senses there's lots of time. ;) (But I have to admit, this is a fairly difficult jam.)

In future #GameFromAnImage or #GameFromSFX jams, I could make two limits, a la Ludum Dare: a 5-hour one and a 29-hour one. That leaves a brief option for those drawn to that, and one with an overnight for those who want more time (and to include folks in more time zones more easily.) What do you all think of this idea?

Nice, also stuck to the purist path! Very meditative gameplay. Just wondering, it says WASD but it's just left/right that actually work, right? (I'm trying it in Chromium on Linux.)

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Some things I discovered and others that I am curious about:

Dark shooters

Hitting either the white boxes or the stars takes away HP. You can't shoot the stars themselves, but only the boxes, by clicking. The boxes emit stars, so the sooner you get them, the better.

Sabotage the image

The safe is in the bedroom, and the laptop is on the coffee table in the living room. The safe gives a '1' if you click '-' but doesn't go further (actually, that seems to be generally true, you can't go '-' past '1' to '0'.) After that clicking '+' makes the numbers go up, so it wouldn't seem to be a hidden '-1' or something. No idea what the code could be.

The laptop's code seems to work by dragging the letters into the boxes, but they don't snap or anything, so I'm not sure what the tolerance may be for considering a letter to be actually entered. Or maybe that's part of it, maybe each box takes more than one letter? That'd be really sneaky. I tried a few words (you can get a full list with anagram finders gives 319 four-letter words made from the available 'voapilrgehy') but was not able to crack it.

I was wondering about the title, and what the sabotage actually is, once one gets to it...and that made me think, maybe the title itself is a clue. Maybe SABO can be thought of as the similar-looking numbers 5480, and maybe TAGE is the password. Then I realized there's no T. I tried 5480 anyway, but it didn't work.

I'd love hints on these puzzles!


If there is a goal or interactions besides walking and enjoying the soundtrack and visuals, I would love hints about this!

Avoid the Moon

It seems that both being hit by a flying moon, or going off screen, makes you disappear forever...but the moon persists. Philosophical statement?

No worries, thanks for participating, and I look forward to checking it out! BTW why link through facebook with a different URL than is shown?

Went for the purist interpretation, very nice! I like the gameplay, and it doesn't take long to figure out the mechanics even without explicit instructions, which is good. It's easy for the chaos to sneak up on you...

One tiny improvement I would suggest is that the main firing button (which perhaps one uses very often :) ) be different from the restart button--a couple times I didn't manage to see my score because I accidentally clicked right after losing.

All in all, fun stuff! Which tools did you use?

Fun concept.

To avoid RSI I beat the game using an autoclicker. It took me ~23,692.3 Earth years.

Great question! Yes, for sure: I intended that as part of the "scaled, rotated, etc." in the rules. You could also potentially skew, mirror, and even colourize...

I was a bit ambiguous with the description on purpose. I want to allow lots of creative freedom, but I also want to avoid someone skirting the limits entirely, e.g. by chopping the image up into individual pixels and rearranging them. That's why I included a subjective part right after: "recognizably." Mere mortals (or at least I myself, I guess) should be able to tell that the original image is the basis for what you're seeing. It's a little bit the opposite of the Derivative Works Explained in the Ludum Dare rules -- I expect only "bad derivatives" (if any) by their definition. "Good derivatives" are not wanted here because they're not recognizable enough.

No prob. So just to be clear, the red bouncing thing is the egg? :) (And aside from egg identification, I really enjoy the art style. :) )

I like the controls and visuals, but I was a bit confused as to the egg part. I only managed to catch the red bouncing thing once, and it didn't seem to do much that I could see...but the purple things inside the planet look more like eggs, but I couldn't seem to get to them. Anyway, my pitiful high score, 1290 :)

Also a way to restart the game would be nice, as would keeping your score on screen at the end :)

Nice drunken effect. I bumped into the security guard and he flew across the land.

I follow someone but I'm not interested in the games they rate, only the games they produce. Is there a way to 'follow' at that level?