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Wow, thank you very much for such a kind and positive review on our game, this have made us very happy! 

We are glad so to see you have noticed the efforts put into the polish and feedbacks effects. Indeed, our game is quite simple, but we wanted players to have a good time on it :)

About random encounters, it was the easiest way for us to do in 7 days, but if we continue the game after jam, it will no longer be this way, and you will be able to skip the battles you don't want to do. 

You are also the first one to give us a review on the audio/musics aspect as well, thank you very much. We spend quite some times on them, we tried to reproduce Motoi Sakuraba's musics style.  However, we apologize for the musics loops, this is an issue from the Gosu library itself.

The Golden Penguin and the team give you 999 XP for this wonderful review. Thanks again!

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Thank you very much for this positive feedback, we appreciate your review! 

I suppose you did not read the page where we explain all the inputs : X to Validate and C to Cancel. The dialogue box can move only by pressing X. We did not have enough time to explain the inputs directly in the game, I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

The team and the burned marshmallow Rockdood want to say you a big thanks for playing and reviewing our game in stream today.

I can say, you have well understood our universe, you are the first one to notice the influence of the Dragon Warrior/Quest series on our game. We are happy to know it have potential, we will certainly continue it after jam :)

Très belle première réalisation, je ne pense pas que j'aurais été capable de produire un jeu de cette qualité de finition en tant que premier jeu de jam, bravo à toi ! 

Le saut est bien fait (avec prise en compte de la gravité), le personnage à de l'inertie, il est repoussé en fonction de la force du vent, les particules de neiges sont propre et les collisions sont bien gérés, chapeau !

Mon meilleur score est : 1850 :(

J'ai discerné un léger bug: La musique de menu se superpose à celle in game lorsqu'on passe par l'écran de Game Over, il faudrait mettre un petit stop() quelque part ;)

Félicitations à toi encore une fois, j'ai hâte de voir ce que tu nous réserve à l'avenir !

No comment on this awesome game yet? That's weird!

I enjoy this game so much, I love the fact you've created procedural generated dungeons, it adds a ton of replayability. The visuals, musics, polish effect are really well made and the gameplay is addictive and fun.

I hope more people will play to your game, you entry is really good. Congratulations! :)

This game was so much fun!! I completly love this rhythm gameplay mechanics! 

However, I found it a bit frustrating about combos, I'm quite bad to the game actually and impossible to reach those 20 combos length to pass through the door :(

But that's certainly because of me instead of the game, I'm a bad rhythm-game player haha, I will not blame the game for that!

I've really enjoyed your game, thanks for this good moment!

Thank you very much for playing to our game,  we are happy to hear you had a good time on Shiro's Dungeon! 

Excellente réalisation Neortik, tu peux être fier de ta réalisation :)

Je lis dans ta description que tu as eu du mal avec le saut, et bien sache qu'il fonctionne à la perfection, bravo à toi, tu as su gérer la gravité comme il le fallait et manette clavier en main, le feeling est top !

Par contre, je n'ai pas compris à quoi servait le pistolet jaune ? Le blanc pour la neige, le bleu pour la pluie, mais le jaune, je n'arrive pas à tirer (il y a un son, mais pas de projectile)

Aussi, n'oublie pas regarder les collisions à gauche et à droite pendant un saut, car en ce moment ton personnage peut s'encastrer dans le sol en faisant un saut et en allant vers la droite/gauche en même temps, aie !

Bon boulot en tout cas, je te souhaite bon courage pour la suite de ton apprentissage dans le Game Dev, tu fait de gros efforts et tu vas vite progresser, c'est certain !

Nice Spiders Cleaning Simulator Dungeon Crawler! I enjoyed the graphics and the easy mechanics of gameplay. The possibility to recover some health when walking on a new tile is a very good idea, I love this concept because you give a new interest to exploration and make us choose carefully the path to explore the dungeon. Oh and, good use of the tweening during combat and movement, but personnaly, I would prefer if it was a bit faster.

However, it have a big lack of musics and sound effect, but I suppose it was planned but not enough time to include them to the game. 

Still, this is a good entry, and this game was made in 7 days! Congratulations :)

What a wonderful game, and what a technical accomplishment! SDL for a Game Jam, congratulations man!

I love this game, exploration was really fun, combat was simple but effective and the story was really well made. I had a great time on your game, thank you :)

I'm astonished by the level of quality of your game, and it was made in 7 days only, that's crazy!

Everything is well designed and super polished, it have nothing bad. You will be winner or top 3 for sure. Congratulations! :) 

This is my favorite gameplay mechanics I've seen so far in this jam, congratulations, I completly love the typing system! 

It lacks of sounds effect (specially some keyboard sounds when we are typing would be really nice). And that's probably the only weakness of this game. To me, this is an excellent game, I hope more people will try it :)

This is your very first game (and game jam) and you've made something like this?! This is quite a big achievement, I would not be able to make a game with this level of quality and polish for my first game, you can be proud of you!

I enjoy this game, it was quite simple, but very effective and easy to understand! Congratulations :)

Wow, this is the most original exploration system I've seen so far in this jam. It give a whole new dimension to explore and, the maze are way more complex (which is not a bad thing!)

I love the ambiance of the game, combat was fun too. Good work :)

Very big work! The game is so polish and well designed! Music are in the mood, pixel art is awesome and gameplay is fun. 

Congratulations for this excellent game! :)

I enjoyed the battle mechanics, it reminds me of Undertale for some reasons. 

Your game have a good Catmosphere, simple and effective! Congratulations :)

So you have experienced a battle against this rare monster... I hope it ended well for you! 

Thanks for playing :)

Haha, he is not that terryfing, he is even quite weak! I hope you sent him back to where he came from :)

Thanks for playing!

This is the first Game Maker Studio creation I'm testing so far, and it's quite a good technical achievement, it's not very often we can see this specific type of game made with this engine!

I really appreciate the drift mode, that's a super cool idea, you give a complete new dimension to the exploration! Also, I'm so glad we can change character during game over and not having to restart the game from the beginning, it's way less frustrating this way and give us more interest to try the other characters without having to reload the game.


A dungeon crawler into a supermarket, what a superb idea, I just love it! 

The art, the atmosphere, the musics, the voices, everything in this game put me into a good mood :)

And I admit, this game made me laugh, thank you very much for your participation, it was a really fun game!

This turn-based combat is so interesting! You've got a really nice gameplay mechanics! Maybe the most original one I've played so far, congratulations, you manage this really well, it's super fun to play!

I find the game a bit difficult and I would love to have checkpoint/save so I do not have to start the entire game again if I die. But it's a jam, and it was 7 days only, I'm not going to blame you for that.

Again, congratulatons for your game, I hope it will get more visibility, people have to try this! :)

That's something quite original out there! A Rhythm-based combat system, congrats for this cool idea guys!

I've also like the musics used, the battle theme is catchy and also love the bestiary and the art of the characters and the dungeon as well. For some reasons, this game  reminds me of  "Dark Cloud" (the Ps2 Game) if it was a Rhythm Dungeon-Crawler instead of a A-RPG :). 

It's a bit sad there's no sound effects at all when we block or attack, but maybe you did not have time to include it, 7 days goes really fast! I would also love to be able to skip the intro cutscene, or to move the dialogues faster. Every transitions take so much time to do.

Overall, it's not that bad, I like it actually. Congrats to your team!

A Dungeon Crawler made with Pico-8, that's a big technical achievement, it's a lot of work man, congratulations, I respect you for that. 

The game is well polished, I love the cam shake and particle effect. You have even included party members with different skills and monsters have weekness against certain type of attacks. That's a lot of features in that small cartridge haha! 

You have made a wonderful game, I love it. :)

Awesome game! I love it! I'm glad to see you understand what PS1 style means, and you respect the limitations quite well. Besides, we had the same interpretation of "Side-Effect", both of us, made the same bonus/malus choices haha. 

Congratulations for your game, I really enjoy it!

Super fun and beautiful game! I discovered something thanks to you. Everything is well done (gameplay, art, musics, level design, atmosphere, ...).  Congratulations! 

The cinematic is awesome! I can see the efforts and passion you put in this game. Congratulations to all of your team! I like how monsters are throwing away when we kill them, a bit of feedback would be cool to explain to the player that we are dealing damage to the enemies.

Good interpretation of Space Invaders! The fact we can fire only 1 projectile at once make the game harder in a good way, so we have to think carefully where we want to shoot. Good job!

I'm glad I've been able to discover No Man's Sky through your demake! Good job for the procedural Star System, that's a huge work!

The art is really well done, I love it. The game have a ton of polish elements and it have a satisfying feel. I don't understand for which console this is suppose to be, but you did a great job!

You can be proud to have submit something. We often forget that creating a game is not that simple, and you achieve something: You made it by yourself! Congratulations for that!

There are a lot of things that is missing (like a background music, and some polish elements), but you did what you can in the short amount of time you had. :)

I really enjoy the feedback on the game, it's so juicy! Every interactions are polished, you  have made a wonderful work, congratulations!

I love the main character, it reminds me of the hero of VVVVVV :)

The art is really really good! Congratulations for this top-notch pixel art! 

I enjoy the axe mecanic, and the camera shake effect  when it's returning to you, it gives more strength to the character.


Et bah dis donc, ça fait un bail! Merci du retour, étonnamment tu es le seul qui ait remarqué la référence à Final Fantasy à travers le Battle Theme, un connaisseur donc haha ;)

Concernant le monstre, D3nX s'est inspiré d'un monstre existant dans EarthBound/Mother, il y en a peut être un similaire dans Alex Kidd!

Content de savoir que tu as passé un bon moment, bonne année à toi aussi, j'espère que 2021 marquera ton retour dans le Game Dev !

Merci beaucoup, ton retour fait plaisir à lire :)

Argh, pas de chance ! C'est le cas de le dire car les choix des ennemies sont complètement aléatoire afin de respecter le thème "Based on Luck", les Pizzazas permettent cependant de récupérer un peu de HP afin de ré-équilibrer un tant soit peu la difficulté.

Merci d'avoir joué !

Merci d'avoir joué Raphytator ! Content de savoir que tu aies apprécié :)

Merci !

No worries man, it's not a crime at all! You can be proud of the game you've made today, 8-bit musics or not!