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very cute, very nice stuff! 

i really enjoyed the sound effects, they were super fun 

like alot have said the technical side of this was dope! nice stuff! 

really like the concept, you've nailed all the characters! well done its great 

really great work, you did a great job in 48 hours! 

awesome stuff!! well done its a great game!

fun game! really enjoyed how much you put into this! well done! 

neat little game! good work! 

I really enjoyed it! found it a little tricky to find where i needed to go bu other than that it was super fun! 

nice chill game but the camera is a little too floaty for me but nice game

cool idea!! I did find a kind of exploit of continually dropping/picking the box up to walk a lot faster but with only 48 hours you did a great job!! the sound and looks are great! 

wow great stuff!! super fun game! wave 2 is a big difficulty spike but really fun!! nicely polished! i got stuck and didn't realise i needed spaces but that me being a dumb dumb! 

thanks for playing and sure thing!

great concept!! I liked the gameplay! A little buggy but it was only made in 48 hours, well done it the game

super cool game, very tricky at the start though! but good fun

great feel to the game with using so little, I found it difficult but still good but then I found out about shooting! very nice

good little spin off from papers please, well done! got a little confused if the images had to look exactly like the person (colour of the top included) but other than that well done! 

yeah its a bit overbearing at the start but thanks for playing!

super fun game! kept playing till I died, well done! 

neat little rogue like! well done, its a fun little game! 

super ambitious but well done for what you guys got done! thats alot in 48 hours! slightly difficult on how the characters work but good job though 

a big fan of the 2d in 3d world, cute little penguin sprites, I found it really hard after the killer whale started to get me though, neat game! 

neat concept, nice little addition to turn base games , nice job

wow I really like the movement of the reindeer pulling the sled ! though slightly hard to control, great little idea 

cute little game but my god, I had about 4 cats singing at the same time and it was majestic( unsure if that was intentional?) good work! 

haha no bother, there's only 48 hours but its still good work though! its why in my jam the colours are very garish

wow really fun game! kept playing after I completed the waves, nice and polished and good work!

great bit of artwork! a little short but if you had more time it'd be a great puzzle game 

Thumbnail art looks great! liked the sassy walking raccoon but would prefer to move and shoot,  overall good job

Amazing work!! love the game and the art! well done! 

I like the character select! and it looks good! nice little game

love the sprite work! if there was more time I would love to see the same level but with with more yogs! but great work!

Nice one!voices = top notch! well done!

Nice one!voices = top notch! well done!

Great work for the game jam! for me (im colourblind) i found it quite confusing when finding materials so i mined everywhere and and anywhere but good job!

Fun little game, good job! It's a little tricky but fun!

Have a look if you like!

Thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it

Yeah I had mad compiling issues in the end, worked fine in UE4 engine , as soon as I packaged it, it was having  none of it (the turret shouldn't shoot across the map and only shoot at the target, the circle was ment to be the range, oops!)but oh well like you said only a Game jam! Thanks again!