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Thank you! One of the inspirations for our idea is Chip’s Challenge, so we definitely will be taking a “puzzle maze” approach as we continue working on the game.

Thank you for the feedback. We added the credit for audio but unfortunately did not have time to get the music in by the jam deadline. We’ll be sharing a post jam version soon with the music included.

Interesting idea! We will consider this as we continue to work on the actual game.

I heard you on TTWAV, I’m hyped for this game!

Sure, you can use Github if you use git for source control and like to host your code there (personally, I don’t). Or you could do something as simple as sharing a folder with your source code.

I thought it would be in the spirit of the Go Godot Jam to give people a place to share and find game jam source code. As someone new to the Godot engine I have so many questions about best practices and project organization. Reading others’ code, and getting feedback on your code, can be a great way to learn.

Here’s mine (feedback welcome)

Smart game design. I felt very accomplished when I got to the end, and failing felt like it was my fault. There was a good feeling of progression in such a short game too. My only complaint is the camera is a bit quick to snap on every level except the last one. Also, wish the music was louder. One of my favourite games this jam, though.

Such clever simple mechanics. I like how you used the growth mechanic as both a negative and a positive. Very well done!

I love the aesthetic, the visuals are great. Controls were fine–I don’t have a controller but I bet it would feel great with one.

Well done. It’s interesting how the difficulty gets exponentially harder as you grow. It would be nice to have the game capture the pointer, I kept losing focus by quickly sliding my pointer out of the window.

Hi Jade, we made a shorty for you to try :) Thanks for your work on this jam!

Thank you. I did finally fix the music looping today, and I think that’s important, but there shouldn’t be any game breaking bugs. So, I plan to just fix them when we get back to working on the game (after a post-jam break!).

Thanks. Our story writer had more story written than we could get in during the time limit, so we will definitely be working on this more after the jam.

We’re doing a point and click adventure where the player is stuck in purgatory because they weren’t a good enough person to pass through to the afterlife, so they have to prove they can grow as a person in order to escape purgatory and joined their loved ones.

We’re hoping to get something in before the deadline, but we got a late start and I’m still learning Godot.

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Hey, everybody!

I’m really excited for this event and would love to chat with more people about making games with Godot, but, the only public chats I can find are Discord servers. So, I created a public XMPP group chat for the jam. How about a FOSS chat for a FOSS game engine? :)

( doesn’t seem to let me make this a link, so just copy+paste into a new tab or join directly)

Thank you very much for your reply Jasmine. Unfortunately I do not use Discord or Instagram. I am on the fediverse if you have a Mastodon/Pleroma/etc. account; or you, or your colleagues, can email me at

Thanks, again.

Hi, I was unable to take time for this jam, but I have a small team who will be participating in the next Ludum Dare game jam, next Friday ( )
Here is a link to previous games we've made in jams:
I am the usual sound designer/composer, but I also do program so I'd be interested in collaborating with you. Let me know what you think.