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We had a great (though short) run at the end of COVID and I’ve decided to fire this thing back up again to start building new games!

For those who don’t know about Hobby Huddle, it’s just a small hobbyist group with the goal of building 1 game in 30 days. We are not professionals – we just want to learn to build games, start to finish. Last run we launched 2 games to beta which you can view here:

  1. Monochrome Project:
  2. Goblins Versus:

One of the challenges before was that there was usually on average just 2 of us so while we finished each project on time and hit our goal, we could have done so much more with more hobbyists chipping in! Sometimes people can be afraid to fail or to commit to a project but we have proven to be a very friendly club so don’t be afraid to give game development a try.

This time around I think I want to carry some lessons learned over to new projects. Our goals are SUPER simple:

  1. New game every other month.
  2. Finish every game.

Every game we start building has to be finished and released to public before making a new one. We want to learn and improve so finishing is key.

I’m on US West coast time zone and I prefer hobbyists in that range, though last time we had collaborators from all over and it worked out pretty OK. Its just a bit harder to coordinate across 23 time zones :)

The first official project will start in January 2024. In the meantime, I’m looking at some late year game jams that we can use to build skills and rapport to prepare!

You can find Hobby Huddle on Discord and message me there to join! I usually respond to messages within 24-48 hours so please be patient! This is my hobby after all, I’m a programmer by day :)

Feel free to ask questions! It was a blast meeting so many new enthusiasts last time so I’m looking forward to it again!

this is really nice, nice work :)

I’ve tried installing butler directly from the archive and also tried installing the itch app so that it would install butler for me. Neither worked.

The butler installer fails silently. No errors thrown but it doesn’t install butler. I check for butler -v and get the error that the command doesn’t exist.

The itch app installer successfully downloads butler, but fails with message Sanity check failed: timed out waiting for butlerd to listen. The logs in general show that while it successfully downloaded and unzipped the archive, it could not install butler either.

No networking errors, no firewall issues. The install fails because butler is silently failing with no logs that I can find.

Any help on this topic appreciated, because currently I don’t have a way to install butler nor the itch app.

I sent you a friend request on discord from proxocasus

hey nice to meet everyone :)

id like to think i have something unique, but the truth is i was inspired this year by a sort of card game for mobile phones called kings choice. just loved the ideas there and wanted to try my own spin on it. alot of the art in that game seems to be heavily “inspired” by real movie stars lol :) but it was fun at least so i enjoyed it.

the way i see it, the game Im working on is a mix of idle, rpg (story/character development), and CCG. That last one is probably the main feature. the player finds and collects cards and can augment them with items found in game. the cards are used to manage their kingdom. eventually Id like a multiplayer element so players will be able to compare their progress to other players and join the same events. otherwise, its fair to just think of it as a CCG because thats what the player will spend a lot of their time doing i think.

did you have a kind of card game in mind that you enjoy or wanted to try?

as for visual scripting I dont think Ive really tried it. Ive tinkered with some modules in the past, but since i code i have a tendency to go back to that. Im not aware of any reason we couldnt do both if we chose?

I came here to look for some like minded devs to team up as well :)

Im a programmer by day, game hobbyist by night. Lately been working with Unity alot and trying to remember everything Ive forgotten. I have a project in mind that I just started working on but Id hoped to find an artist as well as programming buddy.

The game I have in mind is kind of a card game. Hard to explain but that should give you an idea of what kind of challenges we’d be working on. Any interest? If not, what kind of games are you looking to try making?

this work is very lovely, hope to see more props for it! Im experimenting with building a game with this beautiful asset pack :)

Looks like a hidden gem, looking forward to release :)

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Thanks for letting me know! Sorry about that :( It seems to load OK in my Firefox browser. Which browser are you using?

Apologies, it was expired. Fixed the link above!

Sorry, thanks for letting me know it expired. Fixed!

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Hobby Huddle is a hobbyist amateur game dev group. Our goal for 2022 is to FINISH 1 game each month so that we can:

  • get good at developing games!
  • be proud at the end of the year that we’ve made FINISHED games!

We finish the projects we start, see them all the way through to the end no matter what. Checkout our January game:

As a hobby group, you’re not expected to be around for EVERY project. However, once you join a project we develop it until the game is complete!


We’re building a run and gun 2D arcade game this month and we’d like to invite you to contribute. There’s currently only 2 of us on this months project so if you can do any of these roles, come check it out!

  • artists
  • programmers
  • music and sfx

We are VERY beginner friendly. While we’re all amateur game devs we also have lots of experience to help guide those want a supportive community while honing your skills! You can drop by Discord to ask questions, contribute or just observe how we work each month.

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We are a humble hobbyist group of amateur game devs with 1 goal: FINISH THE GAME. Our first game project of the year has begun and so far we have a nice small group of enthusiastic devs working on it :) I have to stress we’re all beginners who have never made commercial games, so very newbie friendly.

The current game the Monochrome Project (working title). It’s a simple 2D puzzle platformer. The objective is for the player to restore color to the world by solving a boss challenge on each level and by interacting with objects in the environment. It takes some inspiration from games like Towerfall.

We’re currently in the prototyping phase building and testing out game mechanics to see what works, so theres still lots room for new ideas and changes at this stage.

We could probably use more help in these areas:

I’ll keep this post updated this month, but if you’re interested in contributing come join us on discord!

We have a very friendly, mature and supportive team so far. Very newbie friendly since we are all newbies ourselves so we welcome people of all talent and skill levels. Come get better at making games this year by making games this year!

Commitments are only per project, not per year – if you have time to devote to a game this month, but not next month thats ok. This is our hobby afterall :) So dont let that deter you. Come on over and ask questions, there’s always some folks online willing to help.

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These sets are just incredibly beautiful. I so badly want to finish a game using all of them. I buy them and just marvel, trying to design a level that matches their beauty. thanks for your amazing work!

it would be awesome to get voice tracks on a game! come join the discord and chat :)

given the holiday season, everyones relaxing with friends and family so the first project wont start until January. but I pop on discord almost every evening just to say hi and chit chat with anyone online.

also theres currently no intent to sell games. we are hobbyists who just want to learn and get better. our goal is to finish what we start no matter what by the end of each month.

i appreciate the feedback very much! i know its rough as hell but i just needed to hit submit on this one if you know what i mean. i will keep working on in the new year!

this is the first jam ive ever entered :D

did i finish? a very, VERY, VERY …rough …prototype perhaps? but i did it :D it was as hard as i thought it would be, but harder.

Come join in :)

I dont think we have any environmental artists but theres room to have more than 1 of anything any way. This month we’re just sort of casually getitng to know each other on Discord, talking about the kinds of games we want to make and getting ready for January!

the more the merrier!

hey no worries, my project is very informal. if you find yourself looking for something to work on in 2022 you can always come see what we’re making and join the fun.

Hey you might be interested in my hobby team! im putting a small team of devs together with the goals you describe: make a game and finish it in the month.

we wont start our first project until january though, but sounds like our goals align. if youd be interested in joining in on a project or 2 with us youre more than welcome. come chat with us on discord :)


I went ahead and made a Discord channel for this. It’ll be easier for you guys to just click the link and join than for me to search this thread for discord names each day. This link expires every few days but I’ll keep it up to date in the first post.

I hope to get everyone together this coming weekend to start chatting about what we want make first and it’ll be in this discord channel!

Sorry for the late reply today. Its holiday weekend here in the US so I’m kinda afk until next week. However, I’ll send out messages to those of you who have supplied contact info.

I was planning to use Discord for communication so its a good way to contact me right now. But if you have some other preference thats ok too.

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Nice art work!

If either of you use Discord, post. I can’t seem to find my login at this very minute so I don’t know the numbers behind my name :) I’ll definitely post tomorrow though to share. In the meantime, I can send you a friend request from proxocasus.

Anyone else whose interested, some more things I thought about:

I expect that before this year is over we’ll have discussed what kinds of games we want to make and then pick one to start in January.

I’m totally open to game jams in 2022 as well!

Finally, joining this team doesn’t mean you’re exclusive or anything like that. It means you’ve found a few hobbyists who are dedicated to finishing games they start that you can reliably work with in 2022. Very informal, no pressure. Simply finish whatever we start together and by next summer you’ll have a few complete games under your belt to share, show off and enjoy.

hey not bad :)

Im a hobbyist putting together a 2022 team to make a dozen small games. If I have my way, we’ll start working with 2D games first and I could use an artist.

How long have you been drawing?

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Hello! Professional programmer here looking to turn my hobby into at least 1 game per month during 2022. There was a time I was bad at finishing games I started. Not anymore.

I’m very good about finishing any game I start to build and I’ve been successful with that this year! I no longer have a bunch of half written games. This year I completed 2 games that I started in Summer. I’d like to find like-minded hobbyists who would love to be apart of a hobbyist team with me by finishing a few small projects together in the new year.

All talents welcome who are also looking to get better at making games, all skill levels. The most important thing is your ability to finish the games. By the end of a year you’ll be better than when you started so it doesn’t matter too much how good you are today. I’m personally just someone how knows how to code pretty well (been at it for years), and I consider my game programming skills to be amateur/hobbyist level.

Right now I’ve been using Unity, but I’m pretty open to using Godot or Game Maker game engines in 2022. I’ve no experience with anything else and if I actually want to finish these games I should stick to tools I’m at least familiar with for now. I prefer Unity.

I think this might be a team of 2-6 people or so. The games we make are up to us so long as they are small enough to complete on time. I’ve been working in 2D and its quite enjoyable!

Just reply to this thread for now until we find each other. Then we can share discord/contact info from there :)


I’ve created a Discord to make it easier for interested folks to join. I’ll still try to send friend invites, but if I miss your name just join the discord.

Also Im proxocasus on discord and Im usually around in the evenings USA Pacific time zone! That seems to be a good time to catch a couple of us online. Currently 4 people so far and the more the merrier since the projects change each month and so will project interest.

In the new year ill make a new thread each month about the current project and invite more to join if we need it!

Amazing :D

Great game! Love the idea it’s really inspired me to learn how you did it!

Beautifully done, very high quality and amazing value. This is about $23 USD and worth it. Wonderful work!

These are so beautiful and simple, the whole series. I love them, but they need bundles so I can more easily pay you for your work :)