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Awesome :)

I enjoyed it, reminds me of the app pixel dungeon with a more in depth magic system!  Sound effects would help bring it to life.  You could check out the retro sound pack by Sidearm Studios, those sounds would fit the game's style well.   Fun game though!

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Thank you very much for the feedback!  With regards to bounce angles and mirror shapes, that is an issue that I wanted to fix, but I began to run out of time to work and couldn't get something working in time (I had a few other projects going on throughout the month), so I had to use what I currently have in the game.  I agree that the bounce angles are unpredictable and that makes it tough to aim, and at some point I would like to go back and fix that.  Thank you for the suggestions, I will surely consider them whenever I go back to working on the game.  Thanks for playing!!!

Oh and yes those were meant to be cauldrons :)

Any time! :)

Ah ok.  Some new animations are now posted, so be sure to check them out

Would it work if I added the animations to this bundle?  Or are you only interested in getting those sprites?  I'll add the animations to this bundle, and I can consider releasing them individually as well.  If I did that though, it would be a better deal to get all the sprites here.

Do you mean individually?

ok that is awesome.  Thank you very much!

What are your rules for using these in published games?

I concur