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You know, I think you could make a really cool concept for this beyond just the one on one fighter battle. I didn't read the instructions at first, so I just started walking around the city destroying everything because that was so fun. It would be fun to have it so you maybe have to destroy the city while the enemy chases you around.

Thanks for playing! Also thanks for bringing up the intensity, I forgot to put my disclaimer on the game that it's a "Intense" level vr experience. Moving around in a VR mech up and down terrain is never not going to be nauseating, but I'm glad I didn't implement any vertical bounce with footsteps, that would have made it much worse.

Thanks for watching! ❤

That was great

This was so much fun, I just love the theming and the sounds were great.

After the initial few it gets so hard.

Aw this was simple and sweet. It seemed I had to tap w and s multiple times to move the ball though?

Yo I got 29.

28 was my best score, 30 is elusive

he's gonna munch

Such a simple but good concept.

Very simple but fun. That last level was challenging I didn't think I was gonna beat it.

This is a super cool and easy to use tool.

don't put me in charge of the power you know what I'm gonna do.

Yeah, for the unity export, you gotta upload the whole build folder, not just the exe for it

So intense. I feel like this could make a good rhythm game if you spawn the bears in time with the music.

Fun! Though I couldn't figure out how to make the first jump onto the slope on level 2.

This was SO MUCH FUN. The levels have this witty sense of "you think you know what's going on don't you? Okay now here's THIS". You've kind of...written a great story without using any words. I loved it.

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A ha ha oh boy unless it's a hardware thing I can walk you through the gamut of my troubleshooting solutions for getting headsets to work! If you want to talk more, contact me on Discord at nhahn#6011.

so simple and fun and enjoyable.

This was such a cool concept. Really fun puzzle design. If you want to develop this further,consider making the rat movement tile-based so it's easier to control.

A long way to go before you're a true bird music producer...keep practicing!

I got 1678

Wow this was such a cool concept. Doing the mental math to try to find the optimal way to get to 3 was challenging and engaging. Otherwise the game isn't too complicated. Perfect low-effort style game.

hmmmmm is it like just sorta slow or miserably slow. I wonder if something is going wrong with fps calculations I didn't account for.

that's always a mistake I make in my games >.< i forget players gotta go fast.

That music is such a bop. I love the art style.

260 seconds, much fun! Good level design with well-balanced challenges.

Was fun! I couldn't get past level 6. There was one bug there I could hold space while on the ceiling and go along the ceiling. Chill platformer and the colors were fun.

Hey Red Feather, our team Fix-it Ferrets is looking for a straight designer with a focus on mech operating details, but we are working on a VR game, so it would be hard to design/test without a VR headset. If you've got a VR headset, we can talk more. We're making a game about fixing mechs in VR. Let me know if that would fit what you're looking for.

Full disclosure: moving frame was not my work, it's just a quirk of the sok-stories engine! Still boundaries not allowed in that engine. Glad it added to your enjoyment though!

this bug is absolutely a feature.

That was really fun. I had trouble with the jumps until I realized I just needed to time with the music.

Infinite loading glitch: Change compression settings from "Brotli" to "Disabled" to fix this error.

Love the skybox.

This game is brilliant. I'm going to send this to all my designer friends who brag about knowing color theory and see how they do.

The game was fun! All it needs is like a timer or high score so I can brag about how good I am at it.

This is such a simple but fun mechanic. It triggers all the hyper-focus parts of my brain even though there's no intense graphics.

This game was actual poop. Good job.