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Oh yeah, Tooth and Tail is definitely one of the inspirations for the aesthetic. I always loved the look of that game. But I got a few levels in and realized I was really bad at the complicated mechanics balance of those types of RTS games.

Ah! Yeah, I didn't realize I could fly to different airports from the central location. Should have thought of that. I'll try it again with that knowledge.

Yup! I actually did use google translate. But once I found the boat cave and got the second message, I tried typing in everything I could but still couldn't figure out where to go. Was there a proper "travel" command I should have been using to fly? I resorted to using north south east and west because I didn't know how to type the right travel command, and those seemed to work for a bit.

Maybe kind of a bug, the rock you have to push so the mage is on top of it to shoot the fireball to the high ledge on level 2, the golem had a little trouble pushing it because of the way the collision worked. I could still get it to work though! Great job for your first jam!

The 2.5 art style for this is great. Yup would love more levels! I feel like by level two I had just gotten the hang of swapping the characters and was hoping for a more challenging puzzle!

Really enjoyed the concept on this one, and liked how it was short and sweet, just enough for me to get to understanding it but also feeling the crunch of the time pressure!

I got to round 6 before I made a terrible mistake and lost. I love how it gets more challenging the more you have to remember, since it's hard to remember sometimes what beats your opponent vs. what your opponent is playing!

I think I got so many fish friends the game started to slow down a fair bit. Perhaps making there be a little more enemies than friends might tip the balance a bit, or having the enemies constantly spawn on the overworld regardless of whether you're fishing or not. I love the concept of swapping perspectives between the top and bottom worlds, Top notch audio work on changing how it sounds when you're moving vs. fishing, that was great!

I had a little trouble understanding where to click buttons at first. Like for example to buy food you have to click where it says 50$. If you're working in Unity, consider using canvas buttons, that makes it easier to see what's clickable on screens like that.

Felt like an engaging loop. It was fun to get to the point in the beginning when you could stop working and just play concerts for your living! Would have been cool to have different songs for each of the different stages.

Was fun! Took me a while to understand the whole system. 

Definitely would have appreciated some quick keys for "end turn" and "acknowledge message" so I didn't have to just use buttons for the mouse. I played to turn 150.

I love the lighting that makes it feel like like I'm discovering things. I really liked how level 3 had a more complex design where the light hid little places to find the molecules. Playing was a little bit confusing, with having the game happen on a timer rather than having it be more linear as you completed the various phases, as I wasn't certain when I was ready to "move on" to the next phase. Maybe would be nice to have some background music that changed as you completed different phases of growth?

So many scrapped ideas due to limited time. Took about 4 hours to make each troop so had to be choosy. Some of my favorite ideas were:

  • Komodo Dragon: Big burly melee
  • Chipmunk: short ranged unit that pulls nuts out of their bulging mouth cheeks and loads them in a slingshot
  • Sun Conure: Healing support

Agreed, I think this can be as simple as a little target reticle icon positioned in front of the player.

Oh man I IMMEDIATELY lost I didn't realize snow people didn't last forever and took too long to get my manufacturing running.

I feel like over time, the stick collecting snow people stopped doing their jobs right. And then this person wandered off the map. You know I respect that walking away from a job you hate you do you.

I got up to around 40 snow people before my economy cratered on my inability to make coal effectively. Once I got to around 4 snow people it was impossible to recover. I love how you have to stay constantly aware of what resources you need, and what your economy is producing. 

A little hard to play, but that's the nature of text adventures. Any thoughts on including a guide so players like me have a chance at experiencing the full game even if we're not particularly good at it?

I got to 50,000 points, really satisfying to just consume the other ships!

oh nice thanks for the tip

I liked the atmosphere and vibe of this one! I couldn't get past the boombox part until I watched ana's playthough...I kept using "drink" and wondering why it didn't work...

Great level design. Spent just the right amount of time figuring out each of the puzzles.

Hm, I'm having trouble getting this to load, I'm just getting the message "Loading the game for the first time..." on the screen after 30+ minutes of waiting; maybe cross-check the upload files to make sure they're all correct?

You know, I think you could make a really cool concept for this beyond just the one on one fighter battle. I didn't read the instructions at first, so I just started walking around the city destroying everything because that was so fun. It would be fun to have it so you maybe have to destroy the city while the enemy chases you around.

Thanks for playing! Also thanks for bringing up the intensity, I forgot to put my disclaimer on the game that it's a "Intense" level vr experience. Moving around in a VR mech up and down terrain is never not going to be nauseating, but I'm glad I didn't implement any vertical bounce with footsteps, that would have made it much worse.

Thanks for watching! ❤

That was great

This was so much fun, I just love the theming and the sounds were great.

After the initial few it gets so hard.

Aw this was simple and sweet. It seemed I had to tap w and s multiple times to move the ball though?

Yo I got 29.

28 was my best score, 30 is elusive

he's gonna munch

Such a simple but good concept.

Very simple but fun. That last level was challenging I didn't think I was gonna beat it.

This is a super cool and easy to use tool.

don't put me in charge of the power you know what I'm gonna do.

Yeah, for the unity export, you gotta upload the whole build folder, not just the exe for it

So intense. I feel like this could make a good rhythm game if you spawn the bears in time with the music.

Fun! Though I couldn't figure out how to make the first jump onto the slope on level 2.

This was SO MUCH FUN. The levels have this witty sense of "you think you know what's going on don't you? Okay now here's THIS". You've kind of...written a great story without using any words. I loved it.

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A ha ha oh boy unless it's a hardware thing I can walk you through the gamut of my troubleshooting solutions for getting headsets to work! If you want to talk more, contact me on Discord at nhahn#6011.