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I'm getting a few Chrono vibes here and there, particularly from that piano sample - I think that was a great choice of sample that could have made or broke the track. It made it alright.

Everything blends together incredibly well and is paced perfectly for me. A lot of emotion conveyed and comes together as one. Can't say much more really, truly awesome.

A wonderfully cohesive and complete track overall. Love the style and instrumentation, with that pulsing throughout. Great work.

Really getting some Dynasty Warriors 4 vibes from the "Boss Tune 1" with that guitar tone, that's some great work on that track - favourite of the bunch. Found the bass a little lacking on the "Boss" tune but great job overall.

That first minute or so is really well done, nice buildup and grandiose nature. Especially with that harp coming in with the classic Final Fantasy "Prelude" vibe!

I think the intro and middle sections work best here with the instruments used, particularly the brass. Good job overall!

I like the instrumentation choice and the overall flow of the piece, good job.

Quite a lot to get through but I think it all came together well. I think "Penetrator" was the most cohesive overall and had the best flow. "Maiden in Black" gave off some Disasterpeace (FEZ) vibes with the instrumentation.

You've really captured the essence of the original so well here, and the feeling that comes along with it. I especially love those chords you have coming in at 2:10, although I can't think what instrument that is!

Instrumentation sounds a little hollow at times but it's a nice arrangement overall. Those mini-breakdown sections around :32 and :46 work really well.

Very clean arrangement indeed. A lovely adaptation while staying faithful to the series. Great job on the balancing overall by the way.

Nice sound overall, everything meshes really well here.

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The Paper Mario track was mostly left-panned for me and things felt a touch empty at times but good job overall. "Pardoned in the Confession Booth" had the most interesting arrangement for me.

You've really captured the essence of the PS1 era here I feel, wonderfully whimsical and energetic. Great instrumentation, great work.

While I found the piano a little lacking at the start, I liked how it all started to come together over the course of the song, good stuff.

I liked the jolly nature of "By Your Side" and the atmosphere that produces, good job.

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I actually get a Minecraft vibe from these but I'm not complaining. I think the minimalist style works great here with some fine use of negative space. Great stuff.

"Formations at the Peak" was my favourite.

Really like that almost FM synth vibe you've got going in the first half. Found that the instruments clashed a little when things become grander but some great stuff overall.

Vocals caught me off guard but I love the use in them to create that atmosphere, some good work here!

Like others have said, could have had a touch more on the high end and treble but good job overall with the mix.

Like the bass tones you've got on this one. Meshes well overall, good job.

Agree with Slo Nod that could have done with a few little flourishes here or there to bring things up a notch but worked well overall!

The intro and outro really gave off a FFXIV vibe and I love it. Found the cymbals a tad loud in the middle section but great job overall.

Great instrument choice and paced well throughout. Really carries that Persona flavour.

Thanks! Yeah, the original composer's choice of instrumentation leads nicely towards a "demake" heh!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

This has got some great personality with some great use of negative space. Very atmospheric, great job.

It's got some lovely pacing, good job overall.

The discordance at the beginning, the transitions (especially second to third sections), the overall vibe. I think you nailed it, genuinely. Balance, tempo, it's got it all.

Definitely benefits from having the percussion there in the latter parts of the song. Some of the highs are a tiny bit overpowering at time but I think it sounds great overall - really original and interesting take.

I do love the feeling you've managed to capture from 3:00 onwards, the building section into the final vocals really hits home. Great job overall.

Sprout Tower definitely has the most flavour for me, staying varied yet faithful to the original!

Off-beat tempo really works well here creating that wonderful atmosphere. Nice job.

A little jarring and harsh transitions overall but nicely done.

Really digging that vibe you've got in the first half - full-bodied and atmospheric in buckets.

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Nice arrangement overall. I'm not sure if the percussion fit with all the piece but I think it worked best with the last track! Great vibe.


I really like the pacing and the fullness of the sound you achieve from 1:29 onwards, it makes the piece feel great overall. Some lovely touches and references here and there - thanks for giving Crash some love!

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I'm not complaining about being plunged into some Norgate/Kirkhope vibes from GoldenEye/Perfect Dark half way through - good stuff. While the transition was a little sudden, it still sounded good overall and served as a nice counterpoint. The transition back towards the end did fit much better!

B.A.a.F.F was the best of the bunch for me. Some good stuff overall.

The a cappella track definitely stood out here - very haunting and atmospheric. Great work on both of these.