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This is great! It's so polished and good I'm surprised you're giving it away for free. You should add leaderboards and release it as a commercial game. :)

How does this function with Steam Guard? When I first tried uploading a build it stopped on "Logging in user...". The I restarted, used the Account Login option, logged in, with Steam Guard code via the command line, then hit upload again and it still stops on "Logging in user...".

Yeah I don't like jumpscares either, but thankfully there don't seem to be many in this collection. I've played a few and so far Heliwald Loophole seems to be the most jumpscarey one. Janitor Bleeds also has some sudden noises, but they're a bit milder.

Seemingly jumpscare-free:

Agony of a Dying MMO, That Which Gave Chase, Echostasis, Lorn's Lure, The Lunar Effect, Chasing Static, Pathogen-X, Risu, Mummy Sandbox, The Chameleon, Fiend's Isle, Ghastly Goodies

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out The Last Hover Cabby in Sector G, let me tell you a little bit about the history, and potential future, of this game.


In spring 2020 I released my first commercial game, Stilt Fella. Afterwards I didn't wanna dive right into making another big game so I spent the summer making a few prototypes, this game was one of them. It soon became apparent that doing this idea of an open-world hovertaxi game properly would be a lot of work, so I shelved the project. Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 I ended up working on several big Stilt Fella updates, but after they were all done I had the urge to return to this project. Decided to brush it up and release it as a small, free, title. I spent 2 intense weeks turning this prototype into an actual game. This means: adding menus, options, save system, music, overhauling graphics, tweaking some features, updating the engine and fixing every bug I could find. Oh, and I thought of a title: The Last Hover Cabby in Sector G. A title which not only sounds cool, but also conveniently explains why there's no AI traffic in the game!


I'm working on another big game right now, but at some point I wanna return to this, and these are my vague plans for it:

-Full city, with sectors A-G.

-Progress-system where you unlock new driving jobs: taxi, trucking, tow truck, etc.

-Nicer graphics.

-AI traffic.

Part of why I released this as a free game on itch is because I wanted to gauge interest in it. What do you think? Is this something I should keep working on and try to make a bigger game out of?

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This was good! Very impressive visuals and worldbuilding. Some of the gameplay systems are a bit rough around the edges still but it certainly delivered the Thief-feeling.


-after quickloading the default movement speed is always running, which isn't great when you're trying to stealth. I'd suggest making the default speed be one of the slower ones.

-I ran around the appartment forever trying to find my way out before realizing I had to grab the bag. Some hint that this is what you need to do would be nice.

-the game never explains that you can choke guards does it? I dont think I would've realized it unless I'd read it elsewhere. How about adding this to the tutorial?

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This is cool! :D Is there a way to go fullscreen tho?

edit: nevermind, a friend pointed out that there's a Fullscreen exe in the game's folder. I installed and played via the itch app so I never saw the folder.

Y'know what. Not a bad swansong.

I get this too, in Win 10.

This is still one of my go-to faves that I replay every now and then. Make the full version, Rich! :D

Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with the Swibch. :|

DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG! That was pretty fun. I made it to 2101. :)

It freezes on startup for me. Whether fullscreen or windowed I get a (not responding). :/

Whenever I fire up the itch desktop app and see this game in my list I gotta play it again. Probably my all time fave WizJam entry. :)

New highscore: 12 wins, 38 points!

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Yup, I got the same exact issue! :|

i7, 3.5GHz, GTX1070, 16GB RAM

Wonderful. :)

Good stuff, I enjoyed this. Made it to level 7 where the punishing rotatorblocks in combination with the stiff timelimit kept me from progressing despite a good 7 or 8 attempts.

Tilde key isn't removing the controller info for me. Freezing with the right bumper removes the controller but not the graphs. Got the latest version. Love the game btw, wish I could remove the UI stuff tho.