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Hah, that was fun! Best time: 2:38:550.

Fake Multiplayer was a fun idea. How about a "Chaos Mode" where all the parked cars drive around randomly? :)

btw triggers didnt work on my new XBox gamepad. A and B did tho.

That was fun! Would definitely play more of this. :)

Been playing this for years and only just now stumbled across the spooky ass easter egg. WHAT WAS THAT!

Alright, I played the first level. Some general feedback:

-couldn't configure an XBox gamepad in the Controller Setup screen. Button inputs seemingly did nothing.

-love the sprite work, but character animation feels underbaked, especially things like mantling (which I'm guessing is just a placeholder at the moment).

-I was expecing movement to be more "loose". It kinda feels halfway between a Flashback-ish game where you move tile by tile and a normal platformer. Took some getting used to, but after a while it was fine.

-surprisingly complex systems! Stamina, the whole "unlocking new skills" thing, the axe throwing. I like it tho.

Overall first impression: not bad!

To rebind to arrow keys for steering, open config.ini and change steering to:

steerLeft = 263

steerRight = 262

throttle = 265

brake = 264

Mission Accomplished: CARROTS NEUTRALIZED

Great little game. If you added some more levels and released it as a commerical game, I'd buy it!

Played this all week and only just finished it. It was great!

Hey torfi, how about expending on it a bit and making it a commercial release? 

Suggestions for stuff that could go in a commercial version:



-level editor?

-new gameplay elements like crumbling holds, or moving holds. Gravity-flip holds? Windzones! Ropes!

Anyway, loved the game! A Firm Handshake was great too. Curious to see what you make next. :)

Just replayed this. Again. Feels like the movement was faster than when I played it first time, years ago. The movement isnt on Update rather than FixedUpdate, is it? If so please fix it, this game must be preserved for future generations. It is an important historical document!

When I download the zip from the site I get an "Error 0x80004005: Unspecified Error" when trying to unzip it.

And when I install from the desktop app it downloads the installation but then the installation fails halfway through on some WindowsNoEditor.pak file (or something like that).

Is this how level 6 is supposed to be beat? Cause it took a lot of trial and error to get the magnet down there! :|

(great game btw. movement feels good and most of the puzzles are satisfying)

I for one appreciate the authentic mid-90's DOS-port of a PSX-game feeling you get from having to play with just the keyboard. It's not impossible by any means, but I can understand if it feels unintuitive for folks who started gaming after mouse+keyboard configurations became standard in PC games.

Came here to report this as well.

I prefer playing with keyboard, but I switch to gamepad every time I have to level up just so I can do so without wasting bullets.

Here's a workaround for running (most) Unity games in windowed mode:

1. Navigate to the directory using a command line interface (cmd)

2. "Forklift Simulator.exe" -screen-fullscreen 0 -screen-height 1080 -screen-width 1920

Or you can make a .bat file so you don't have to go through that whole procedure every time.

This is great! It's so polished and good I'm surprised you're giving it away for free. You should add leaderboards and release it as a commercial game. :)

How does this function with Steam Guard? When I first tried uploading a build it stopped on "Logging in user...". The I restarted, used the Account Login option, logged in, with Steam Guard code via the command line, then hit upload again and it still stops on "Logging in user...".

Yeah I don't like jumpscares either, but thankfully there don't seem to be many in this collection. I've played a few and so far Heliwald Loophole seems to be the most jumpscarey one. Janitor Bleeds also has some sudden noises, but they're a bit milder.

Seemingly jumpscare-free:

Agony of a Dying MMO, That Which Gave Chase, Echostasis, Lorn's Lure, The Lunar Effect, Chasing Static, Pathogen-X, Risu, Mummy Sandbox, The Chameleon, Fiend's Isle, Ghastly Goodies

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to check out The Last Hover Cabby in Sector G, let me tell you a little bit about the history, and potential future, of this game.


In spring 2020 I released my first commercial game, Stilt Fella. Afterwards I didn't wanna dive right into making another big game so I spent the summer making a few prototypes, this game was one of them. It soon became apparent that doing this idea of an open-world hovertaxi game properly would be a lot of work, so I shelved the project. Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 I ended up working on several big Stilt Fella updates, but after they were all done I had the urge to return to this project. Decided to brush it up and release it as a small, free, title. I spent 2 intense weeks turning this prototype into an actual game. This means: adding menus, options, save system, music, overhauling graphics, tweaking some features, updating the engine and fixing every bug I could find. Oh, and I thought of a title: The Last Hover Cabby in Sector G. A title which not only sounds cool, but also conveniently explains why there's no AI traffic in the game!


I'm working on another big game right now, but at some point I wanna return to this, and these are my vague plans for it:

-Full city, with sectors A-G.

-Progress-system where you unlock new driving jobs: taxi, trucking, tow truck, etc.

-Nicer graphics.

-AI traffic.

Part of why I released this as a free game on itch is because I wanted to gauge interest in it. What do you think? Is this something I should keep working on and try to make a bigger game out of?

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This was good! Very impressive visuals and worldbuilding. Some of the gameplay systems are a bit rough around the edges still but it certainly delivered the Thief-feeling.


-after quickloading the default movement speed is always running, which isn't great when you're trying to stealth. I'd suggest making the default speed be one of the slower ones.

-I ran around the appartment forever trying to find my way out before realizing I had to grab the bag. Some hint that this is what you need to do would be nice.

-the game never explains that you can choke guards does it? I dont think I would've realized it unless I'd read it elsewhere. How about adding this to the tutorial?

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This is cool! :D Is there a way to go fullscreen tho?

edit: nevermind, a friend pointed out that there's a Fullscreen exe in the game's folder. I installed and played via the itch app so I never saw the folder.

Y'know what. Not a bad swansong.

I get this too, in Win 10.

This is still one of my go-to faves that I replay every now and then. Make the full version, Rich! :D

Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with the Swibch. :|

DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG! That was pretty fun. I made it to 2101. :)

It freezes on startup for me. Whether fullscreen or windowed I get a (not responding). :/

Whenever I fire up the itch desktop app and see this game in my list I gotta play it again. Probably my all time fave WizJam entry. :)

New highscore: 12 wins, 38 points!

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Yup, I got the same exact issue! :|

i7, 3.5GHz, GTX1070, 16GB RAM

Wonderful. :)

Good stuff, I enjoyed this. Made it to level 7 where the punishing rotatorblocks in combination with the stiff timelimit kept me from progressing despite a good 7 or 8 attempts.

Tilde key isn't removing the controller info for me. Freezing with the right bumper removes the controller but not the graphs. Got the latest version. Love the game btw, wish I could remove the UI stuff tho.