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Heavy Poppins

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Congratulations! I'll play it as soon as I can.

Awesome, it reminds me of Magic Pockets!

Fantastic as always

Fun and nice ambiance

Fast and fun, well done !

Thanks for playing ! The artwork in the toilet zone is based upon something in Prodigy "Music for the jilted generation". And yeah this is Dwarf Fortress in the hallway.

Radical Friday

Thanks mate ! I'll do more minigames like this in the next one.

Dude, first I listened to the radio to play the game, and soon after I found myself playing the game to listen to the radio.

That's the kind of stuff I'm looking for.

You made my day buddy! Can't wait to see that!

Cool game, the idea of combination is smart!

Hell yeah brother!

With so little you managed to create so much emotion in such little time.


I do games that revolve  around music and sounds and I want them to be as immersive as possible.

One thing I like is implementing acoustics : room reverbs, echoes, stereo panning, doppler...

In my next game I want to push it further. That's why I'm asking for your tricks to achieve this : how do you chose and dial sounds effects, what are the perfomance issues to avoid, what are the design tricks that make your games be immersive... Especially if you use Godot like me.

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I'm on the computer and there's nothing but an email and empty folders. I tried everything and I'm stuck here.

What am I supposed to do here?

EDIT : OK I found it it's E. Fantastic game!

Aw cool thanks!

Very funny and hilarious game with nice little details

Excellent! I wish I was able to do my browser Godot 3D games load smoothly and quickly like this one.


Wow! I love it :

- Because the surrealism is actually working in the game and isn't just boring nonsense. Always playing with the player's expectations.

- I like to do silly things with doors in the games I make too!

And fortunately there's no way to talk to the cucumber. Or it depends on what you mean by talking. Anyway if I just mute it leads to the riddle loop and never ends.

I just wanted to know if the game was supposed to just loop on the riddle. Because it has a cool concept and nice ways to put pressure and oppressive mood on the player and it would be disappointing if all that build up led to an unclear absence of end.

If I don't answer the riddle, the game never ends. And if I do it's the same.

Awesome idea and the realization is straight to the point.
I do games about playing in a band and this inspired me.

Instant classic

Thanks buddy!

Daym I didn't know you could jump out the parking lot and land here...

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Wanna know what's like to be in a band ?

Wanna know what's like when all doors are taunting you, when the bathroom is a sanctuary, when your guitar is luring you into a vortex, when lamps are playing along with the music, when non-euclidian hallways lead to corporate offices...

Welcome the the Radical Friday Zone!

Yep, already using this. It helps a bit but it's still too much for whatever reason. Anyway thanks I'll find a workaround maybe on the next project !

I look forward for Alice in Boardland updates.

Hi, I see you finally managed to put your game in browser.

I have to say I'm impressed because I also use Godot, but I never managed to make projects like this work smoothly in HTML5. Loading times and stutters are huge at the beginning, while in your game it's all good.


"Stone cold classic"

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Addictive gameplay and nice balance.

Spot on art/music. A weird game with a well-built story.

Spot on art, strong vibe, chill gameplay

This game punched my soul

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Lovely and refreshing.
My soul is cleansed.

I'm impressed by your Godot skill. I never managed to make a project like this work smoothly in HTML5.

Definitely a vibe, and an excellent one

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Here it is, my first game (made with Godot!), and our first EP.

Feel free to ask questions and report problems here.

Beau concept, belle réalisation.

Ca devient vite difficile ^^'