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Hey, here they are! They weren't initially in the main post since I was finalizing some things about it (will be added now):

  • Dawn: The world has never been kind, but that hasn't stopped you from giving up. You'll run through the night and embrace the rising dawn. A path of becoming hope.
  • Day: There's light in the world, if one only knows how to look. As long as you hold on, the light will find you, too. A path of finding solace.
  • Dusk: All you've known is suffering, and you won't stand for it any longer. Regardless where that leads you, or the choices you need to make to save yourself. A path leading to freedom.
  • Night: There's no hope here, not as things stand. You'll change it all, even if you must stand in the darkness. A path of destroying everything which has sought to destroy you.

More simply: Dawn/Day: traditional good paths, Dusk: anti-hero path, Night: "villain" path

I also decided to add poly options that are path specific:

  • Rook/Beck (triad): Dawn or Day path
  • Rook/??? (triad): Night path
  • Rhea and Zoe (V): Dawn or Dusk path

Thanks for letting me know! I've had two other people report 2 completely different issues with the nickname option so I'll be looking into it! It should be fixed by the weekend!

Thank you for playing!!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the characters so much!

Thank you! I'm glad I had time to join again!

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making up a fairytale and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this and my last Velox game!

Ahhh thank you sm!! I'm glad y'all enjoyed it (and PRETTYBOY Inc.) as much as y'all did!!

Firstly, I just finished going through everyone's entries and y'all did great! I had a lot of fun going through all of them! Secondly, I'm still head empty no thoughts (I blame holiday season lol), but I'm glad I was able to participate! Honestly, the last time I touched Ren'py was during Velox Fabula because I've really gotten into Twine these past few months, and it was nice to come back to (I also did not forget as much as I thought lmaO). I also came away from this thinking it'd be fun to be on a team at some point. I'm the most Introverted Person Alive and being on a team honestly sounds nerve-wracking, but idk being in a group during the chaos of making a game in a few days also sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully I can make that happen in 2024, be it for a future Velox jam or some other game jam!

This was such a great take on the theme, and I loved how fleshed out every one of the characters were! The riddle mechanic was also a fun touch!

This was a ride from start to finish lol

I enjoyed the premise of this, it was a solid take on the theme!

The voice acting was such a fun touch! I especially enjoyed the voice for the main character!

This was so good! The GUI, the art, the music, the vibes? All perfectly done, I can't believe this was done in 4 days!

This was such a lovely little game, I was almost tearing up at the end.

This was such an impressive entry, and I really loved the art and premise!

The lore and history here was really cool.

That poor bird had it rough

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Like Lacxin said! I used Twine Sugarcube specifically, and then I used Krita/Sai to edit any images used!

Gotta love all the bad decisions. 

And I also fond the font a little difficult to read though. Adding a font selection choice might be nice!

I'm not sure what I was expecting based on the cover/summary but it wasn't that lol /positive

The sprites were cute also!

The art + music made this feel like the visual novel equivalent of an old cartoon!

This was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the characters and art!

Lmaoo thank you for playing!

Ooh I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this and the prose really stood out to me!

What a fever dream lmfaO

Thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Sorry for the typos, I hope it wasn't too distracting! With my processing issues I'm not surprised I missed some. Once I have time I'm going to do more run throughs to try to catch everything. Thanks for letting me know!

As for the second point that was intentional! As the story goes on you'll obviously have more control over how MC reacts to things, but there are going to be flashbacks where they react in a similar way to major events due to dissociation. I know it might not be a choice players like, so I'll let people know now. Again after this it's really only in flashbacks unless the player continues to choose that as a coping mechanism lol

Hello from Tumblr lol

Thank you glad you enjoyed!

Glad you enjoyed!!

Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad the guide was helpful!

Thank you for playing!!

This was really cute and sweet! The exaggerated stories were really fun, and the ending was wholesome!

I was not expecting a moral dilemma where the MC just cannot win lmfaO;; I really liked the voice acting in this one too! Especially the effects added with the transmission, it was a cool touch!

The visual style of this reminded me a lot of those old 90s point and click games I used to play. This entry definitely stood out because of it!

Thank you for playing! And yeah, persistent variables are a lot of fun lol

This had such a comforting atmosphere overall! I also lowkey got second hand embarrassment from some of those choice lol, it's always fun when a main character is incapable of being subtle