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I have it downloaded and I can't wait until I have time for it. It's been a while so this is something I am definitely looking forward to after such a fond memory from nearly four months ago. I'll let you know once everything is processed, thanks for the heads up!

I really enjoyed this short little game. I find it a bit ironic considering the ever looming death figure. Life is indeed short, and we may never get to do all the things we wish. I liked this, especially the music behind the game. The artwork was really cryptic and a bit twisted in a wonderful way. Really cool, short experience!

This was a delightful addition to the Ludum Dare game jam. It is funny in itself and quite easy to play however I found myself shot three times. For such a short game and a three day labor, this game does indeed have fantastic atmosphere. The entire time I had a feeling of slight fear with insurmountable alienation. I really enjoy games like this, and I truly wish there were more little indie games with equal care. Wonderful work!

This was an amazing experience for my evening. I can see a lot of the development team really put some soul into this game. I loved exploring the micro-verse of our beloved mouse friend, however I began to see a massive amount of human stories in this game afterwards. The fighting from under the floorboards, the  hopeless paper crumpling in his hands (2 more weeks) , and the late night developing and working on a free project which could be received in literally any way.  This was wonderful to play because it has such fluidity about it in both the music and artistic design. People love to play these kinds of games because it gives them more perspective outside of oneself. I couldn't say anything eloquently besides" THIS IS SO GOOD" because this game inspires such awe.  I loved this game, and it truly speaks volumes for itself. Wonderful work everyone, truly!


This was a dark wonder, from the very beginning there is a deep undertone of the twisted nature. The artwork is sublime, especially that creepy smile in the middle. It threw me off completely when the actual game started. I really enjoyed this, especially considering this was made in a 72 hour time crunch. What I took from this game was a fun experience in a dark place, it seemed the narrator was perhaps compulsiveness or an inner voice which our dear friend is trapped by. Although there is not to much to this game, I'd say it has a good chance in the jam. I wish you the best of luck on all of your future developments! May they be equally and dark. 

The artwork is fantastic, the attack mechanic is functional however i was only able to row once. Best of luck if you continue developing this!

This was a very revealing game. It is more than management when it becomes about morality and who you are willing to take. It feels more as though a test of your character. Despite the pixelated style (which I really enjoy) of the game, it feels very genuine and real. Although the war was not specified, it puts you in that deep mindset of both saving life and unavoidable failure. I genuinely love what this game stands for. It has great music paired with such a short experience. For me, this game had a low emotional impact, sparking provoking thoughts. This was a wonderful experience on my part. I wish you the best on your team's future developments!

This was genuinely really cool.  If you take the development stages and animations further after Ludum Dare is over, i'm sure you'd have a really great story to tell. I really enjoyed the new typewriter mechanic, it was something I had never seen before and felt like a ghost keyboard seeing it on my screen. Really great work for a 72 hour development, perfection is not expected, but this was really enjoyable. I hope all of your future developments are just as fun, and even better to play!

This was a really solid game especially for only 72 hours. The environment looked very immersive as well as the movement mechanics. I began to feel a bit claustrophobic near the end between the low ceilings and the small hallways.  Although my W & A button didn't work, I still enjoyed this game with its short lived jumpscares. The only thing I wish could have been added were perhaps some story elements, however with a massive time crunch, it is totally understandable to not program unnecessary elements. I had a lot of fun with this little game, I hope your team of four develops this further. The potential for this is really there. Best of luck on all of your future developments!

This was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every aspect of this game ranging from the ever-present darkness to the lovable  lurkers.  I was a bit confused about speed at first due to the terrorizing darkness, however slowly learned to traverse this nightmare. This was a great enjoyable experience for me, I had never seen some of these game mechanics before and remains very unique. Especially considering this is only a beta! Wonderful work staying true to the real sense of suspense and danger with the permadeath feature, this game has that constant presence and fear of loss unlike the previously mentioned triple A titles. Possibly the best horror experience I have had in Gaming. I commend such a craft of great horror, and am happy to have played it. I wish you the best of luck on it's future development!

This was a wonderful experience for me today. I was feeling a bit low energy and this matched perfectly. It actually carried great optimism which infected me, so thank you. I take perspective on the words themselves however, I am really curious about the meaning of it all versus actual interpretation. I loved the old music and style of this game which really fit the narrative. The exploration feature is flawless, especially considering it has a section designed for the player to loop around for a bit. Overall, I loved this experience and what it brought to my evening, Wonderful work! I hope all of your future developments yield equal success. 

This was a wonder. What I enjoyed most, hands down, was how real you were in this form of expression. It is an extremely sensitive and personal story to simply paste on the internet, however in this instance, you have already succeeded. Clearly the community loves the message this game carries, it is a true and awesome creation with heartfelt sincerity. Although it is not a large, FPS, run of the mill triple A title, this proves indie games are better. This game is not graphically smooth for most players,  yet it has the capacity to connect with players where the previously stated titles ultimately fail. I loved every minute of this game and remain content for your family's sake it had a happy ending. Please let your dad know how awesome he is! Your bond is special, best of luck on your next development!

Where do I begin. This game has it all. The music hits you from the beginning, it never stops and carries the player through the game.  The bright colors gives this game so much character beside the music. The only dark scene had to be the forest beside the rock, however even the cave was super bright. Although this game was fairly short, I absolutely adore what it's all about. The story is neat and has great mechanics. All of the clickables are finely tuned and implemented seamlessly. This game has a very nostalgic feel to it, it is almost as if someone passed down a folk tale or family story. The game is wonderfully lighthearted and a real treat everyone will enjoy.  I commend the developers for such an amazing game, especially because I noticed the in-house audio recordings. So much work went into this and it is truly awesome. I hope the Valkyrie Badgers have more plans for other projects.

Wonderful work!

I admire what the developer/ development team has done, considering the immense time stop-motion animation takes. I really enjoyed the game as a whole. The mechanics were fairly simple, varying from level to level, however the game is very visually centered. I love the originality of the recorded sounds and musical numbers, it adds so much more to the theme of the game. I really had a wonderfully foolish time with this game. Nearly every element of this game was perfect, the only thing that bothers me is the inability to progress past the black ground monsters. I spent three times as much time in the level versus the others combined. That's probably my fault, nonetheless I absolutely had a great time with the hedgehog. I hope you continue this talent in your strange obscure way!

I absolutely love this. I can tell by the graphical detail, despite being very geometrical, TONS of work went into crafting the scenery. That alone earns this game its place. The music is fantastically implemented, and is seemingly tuned to the story itself. Although this is more of a visually exploring game, I adore the concept. This game has so much potential. I really like the subtle hint of the story however it remained very mysterious as who or what we were exactly. I sensed a big contrast between the two realms of existence and overall saw it in the game. At first, the cave is extremely warm and vibrant, but following the light's "murder", the environment becomes cold. It gives the impression of What truly Lies in the Darkness? Overall, a great experiment, extremely expansive,  and a wonderful start to an awesome team of developers!

Such a wonderful and rare game. Point and click styles are rarely used anymore so it is awesome to see someone still cares for the old fashion of gaming. Don't worry about any translation issues I think those are totally great and show the character of the game. Just do what your team does best ans make great games. I'll be following your progress on future games, I'm looking forward to HardCoffee Studios game releases! 

This was a really cool point and click style of game. Everything from the flickering lights to the unknown past was absolutely perfect. I hate this experience was so short, however I am happy to have been able to play what was there. This really makes me wish there was enough funding for awesome projects like this. The tone is dark and fantastically executed. The story is the basis of all good creepypastas the internet breeds. For what this was, I loved the mystery and detail it brought to my day. Wonderful work!

This was an absolute treat. I love the script of the classic detective persona as well as the greasy mayor politician. Although there are no graphics to the game, this game holds promise in the words and imagination it generates. As I was reading through this I was picturing the events as they were described because there is such life behind them. There in lies your talent, you are able to bring words to life in the minds of others through this simple click-text based game. Shortly after my playthrough I began to realize what the ending actually meant, how perhaps we may not be as sane as we are supposed to be. The line which spoke to me the most was the one where the detective is effectively put to sleep, 

"The last thing I saw before passing out was all of them standing around me with worried expressions on their faces. What did they know?"

Amazing script work, I hope you continue to create awesome games like this for the indie community and myself to enjoy!

Good vibes. The pixel style seamlessly meshes with the soothing audio throughout the game. Constantly I had a very positive attitude and the game ultimately makes you feel good. It has a simple message with simple gameplay, and I love it. It's nice to take things slow and just have a walking simulator/ side-scroller for a change. I thought both endings were very natural. I really enjoyed my time with this game and I know everyone else will too. Keep on developing simple games like this one, the indie community needs more projects like this and more people like you. Well done!

I had a lot of fun with this game. It was quite relaxing and very enjoyable. The poem's scheme (original or taken) was a nice representation paired with the animations. I like that it touched on some of the old world themes of both humanity and nature. It was very short but a good game overall. I added some audio, I hope you don't mind. Wonderful work, I'm sure you could find a Jam to submit this under.

This was a short and bitter-sweet game. I loved the overall tone of it, it was fairly cheerful until the end. It had some funny and random RPG monsters in it which were cool enough on its own. I really liked the beginning story, kind of reminds me of the Greek myth of Orpheus. For a game jam especially, this deserves props and respect, it has the capacity to make the player feel, and that is what matters. Even in this small game, it has the ability to connect to the player's inner values because of the tragedy beneath its surface. I really enjoyed the design and winter features, they really mesh with the sadness this game carries. Super fun, easy and relaxing, but still very deep. Excellent work!

This game has such a world building ability in such little time. The setting of this world is extremely relaxing and completely family fun. Our young hero is unwitting in what is actually his surrounding, however this is such a charming adventure game. Visually it is extremely attractive, animations are fantastic and seamless. I found myself easily lost in this little world. I can admire the world as it is its own piece of artwork. The overall design is enchanting and has a wonderful magic about it. The ending, without spoilers, was a massive dose of truth contrasting to such a dreamy game. Overall the game is amazing and short. I loved the ease of it all, even the combat sequences. I wish there was more, but will have to follow your upcoming projects and look into Two sprouts for now. Wonderful work everyone truly!

This game was outside of the box. I really did enjoy the time I spent in Better to Upload. There were plenty of times where bugs and other "dumb" features got me down a bit, but overall this was a very rewarding experience. The only thing I would change is adding the "phone guy". Classic phone guy was Scott Cawthon's way of directing a player without a obvious tutorial. Although in the ever present future, 80's voicmails have become obsolete, so perhaps a foreboding email on the desktop before the player starts or a text message.Mechanically there isn't a camera system, however seamlessly blends with the tone of the game, adding them would feel a bit forced, it was awesome as it is.  This game stays true to the spirit of its inspiration with the iconic throwback to the kitchen as well as the pixel style of mini-game. Game-within-a- game paradox. Although I was eventually able to figure out the full scope of the character behaviors, it took immense trial and error. I thought of including a segment of pure jumpscares, but that would have taken forever. I invested my time into this and I was not disappointed. Ultimately, upon completion, the player feels success. This was really cool, I love the afro-haired animatronic, certainly something I have not seen before. This is special because the inspiration is drawn from FNAF lore, however the developers really made it their own. You will enjoy this, I can tell a lot of development has taken place and it shows. Truly wonderful work!

This was a really fun experiment, although there was not very much. The setting for a great game is definitely there. The animations are smooth and the cartoonish feel is perfect. I really like the cover art as well as the shading within the game. Some music, sound effects can come later, but I was completely unable to find the coveted bean. Unfortunately, it would seem little Goobler has gone hungry. I can't wait for whatever your design plans are, perhaps a character, micro adventure to accompany this? This was a really cool start to a game, I hope you find time to finish it, or further develop it!

This was a really fun and relaxing game. The mechanics are as old as time, however I enjoyed your team's personal twist on it. The bio luminescence is definitely something that sets this game apart for me, just something about the idea of something living with neon other than glow worms is actually cool. I love the art, the dramatic music, and the overall ease this game has. I would love to see a 3-D platformer with these character models or whatever other one's the team could draft up. Although this game is pretty awesome, it really shows the capabilities of your team. Best of luck on your future developments, you all have such great creative renderings!


Wonderful! No need to do any bug fixing, I love this game (and its malfunctions) as it is,  I can't wait to see the continuation. Best of luck to the dev team!

This was really special. I enjoyed the script very much because of the sheer truth behind it. Although the elements of self harm are fairly present, I did not encounter them more than once I believe. What was cool about this experience was it really pushed the player to move forward and realize that was the "true" or "optimistic" ending. What made this so great was the sequence in between each different path. It ended the same but always seemed sequential seamlessly. The story itself I have no merit over, but was wonderful and awesome. I loved the writing style and the feelings put into the words, it really gave the game life in the first person perspective. I am really impressed with this game, I hope you have more developments planned for the future! Wonderfully inspiring.

This was a very cool experience. I really enjoyed the tone of the game, it was almost fearful and full of anxiety. This game had some really cool effects like the progressive water droplets or the blockish plain landscape. I enjoyed this as a relaxing game, the thunder and piano music mixed well together. Keep up the great mechanic building, you have some talent with the three-dimensional side-scroller type of game. The plainness of it all was actually attractive, I don't think this game suffers from that aspect at all. Perhaps some animations might spice this up, but this was really wonderful. Great work truly!

I enjoy games which give me new perspective on old tales such as this. I regard this as children's philosophy because the story relies on the social bonds which ultimately make a young child sad. The music was really nice considering this was published HTML style, and the arcade feature seamlessly blends with the title page/cut scenes. I believe it would be really interesting to see someone with the ambition to create games like this from the Mother Goose rhymes or some other fairy tales children adore. Overall a different game than what I have seen before, being able to walk away with altered thoughts. Really great concept with interesting features, (love the pixel art!)I only wish there was more!

This game is a wonder. I loved every word of the script, and adore the style it offers. It carries a undertone of flamboyance, however remains casual and charismatic. I do see where the dream dandies draw inspiration from as I mentioned in the beginning, but this remains as a stand alone game. I enjoyed the musical pairing and the settings the game offered remaining absurd. I did not realize this was a party game until halfway through, but began to embrace the game show charisma for the concierge.The characters are amazing, i cannot describe in words the joy this game brought me. Especially considering this was my first dating simulator, I am very happy to have played this and add it to my channel. The entire atmosphere is light-hearted and overall a really wonderful, ranging from ancient dildos to secret agents. I didn't know anything about this prior to playing it, which made it even more enjoyable. I love this game, and frankly, you must play this to understand it. Please download this for an evening of foolishness, and a wonderful conversation piece. Thank you so much for this game!

This is one of the coolest, and the only, fantasy-text based game I have ever played. However among the many text based adventures I have divulged into, none had the storytelling quality this did. I believe the adjectives and the colorful language helped portray the world you wished to create. At first I was a bit unsure of it, but after the witch's house, I became fully confident in your abilities to shape the surroundings through my mind. My favorite part was definitely the second chapter fighting the Kraken in the lonely abyss. The descriptions along that harrowing boat ride were absolutely delightful. The RPG elements of this game are fantastic, although I never took any damage, it reminds me of the adventure books  I'd flip through MANY years ago. This is charming in both the narrative and actual gaming aspects. I will be continuing to read this away in my own time, however left it open for any to continue where I left off. You are a fantastic writer, and I hope there is more to come!

For me, I take this as a self help game, Joshua is not necessarily ready for the pressures of a relationship, but does not know how to just have fun and relax. I believe he has been hurt, to the point of being the sad loner nobody wants to be. The shut-in depicted comedically in movies, however is a legitimate issue through all generational demographics. The issue facing Joshua is he simply does not have the self esteem or the confidence in himself to try. He has grown into a bit of a self-pity-party, however remains sympathetic. Although this is a pixelated game, I really enjoyed the three dimensional character you have built in the mind of this man. Perhaps you need to be a bit of a sad loner to understand him and what he is going through, but that's life. I enjoyed the music especially with the different artistic ques during the game, how things around the table began to deteriorate into the cesspool of the lonely man's apartment. The stacks of pizza boxes were a really nice touch. Ultimately, this is a really cool self-help game showing the mental processes, feelings, and thoughts going through someone feeling depressed. And for that, you've earned a spot on my special dark games playlist with this charming introspective scenario. Wonderful work to the developers and composers, truly admirable!

This is my absolute favorite of all three of your games. It was such an easy transition, I hadn't noticed what was actually transpiring. The music is a bit somber, but it is truly reflective and aware of itself. The poetry of this specifically was as if the last words of another, I saw the gun raised and there was no more. Just silence. Eternal peace. Your talent is truly unparalleled when it comes to development, you have a way of finding beautiful places in nature with equally pleasing music. This was a great addition to what I believe to be a tragic story arc. Incredible work!


This game was insightful. It puts the player in a deeper state of being in order to answer the questions truthfully. I did not mind the building textures, but I was able to focus on the massive stages and all of their intricacies. The artwork and renderings are a bit odd, but beautiful in their own manner. Regardless if this is a test or game, it is combined into a stranger and revealing experience.  I admired the moving pieces while looking deeper than the surface of these grand contraptions to categorize each picturesque attraction to one word. The feeling of being lost in a madhouse is always following you, almost as if you are in the labyrinth from the Shining, without the killer of course. In the end, I was confused by the last phrase, however just as in this game, I am left with the overall perspective of the depicted scenery.  Even the posters resembling World War Two propaganda peaked my interest and established the  deeper tone even further. The music is unmoving, rather present and keeps the player on edge thinking in the moment. As a game, this was a different indie creation than what I am accustomed to, nonetheless a great and interesting development. I can only hope you/ the development team will continue this obscure and wonderful experiment. 

Absolutely original. 


This game was full of sentiment. I think it's a really cool story whether or not true. The cardboard cut-outs were a great theme graphically, and the audio cues were equally as hilarious and entertaining. There are small animations and even great irony included. This is a great laugh with some awesome truth in it. I loved the ending, so unexpected as we traverse through these rough waters. I believe the monsters may be in league with the equally terrifying Scylla &Charybdis, because I couldn't seem to get around a few for quite some time. However, this was a fantastic short game. I enjoyed my time in it, and there is nothing more I could ask of in a Game. Very cool, I hope you win!


Moonlight is a unique environment with some relaxing ambiance and little to no disturbance from the darkness. The setting is a lot to take in at first, all the orbs and towers flooding the purple fields with light, whereas the luminescent Moon looms overhead. Although there are enemies, you barely notice them because of the overall feel of this game. I wouldn't change a thing about this, especially from a prototype point of view. I cannot say very much about it thus far, but I can only hope you will continue to develop this. If you have larger things in the works for this as a level, I will be gladly awaiting its release. Wonderful work!

This was an awesome, and short game. It reminds me of the child like sense of wonder we lose as adulthood consumes the literal magic. You have personified that emotion in this game. There are new, unexpected elements and creatures foreign to the logical world. The story is something to marvel at because you have given us someone to relate to (such as people with terminal illnesses), that alone kept my focus and was a good setup for an intro. Overall, a really neat platformer with a colorful environment, artistic backgrounds, as well as a really characteristic music track.  Although the experience was quite short, what was there was a potent indie game full of surprises. With continued development, I believe you will have something truly great. Wonderful job to all of the artists, programmers, and level designers who made this fantastic adventure!

This was such a cool experience. I loved the music throughout the demo so much, it was so dramatic and really set emotional undertones which would not have existed had it not been so particular. Graphically it is minimalist, not simple, but keeps the player's focus on other elements this game offers. The paintings and works of art is subjective to the player, I explained a few of my thoughts on some of the pieces, however it is left up for interpretation.  Overall, this game needs to happen. The demo alone I consider outstanding, this has so many mixed elements of originality I can really respect. I can't truly say anymore because this is an experience one must play to understand. Do yourself a favor and download this thought provoking game. Great work, I cannot wait for the finished release whether on steam or on Purely Fantastic!


This game was very cool. I enjoyed the plot and the graphics are amazing, however the mechanics of the game are trivial. The game seems very unsure of itself. It is not necessarily structured outside of the teleporter, everything else is left to the imagination.  I would have included more of the tablets or computer terminals to really flesh out the atmosphere. Perhaps even a radio survivor guiding you through the hallways would have helped explain some of the mechanics. I forgive game bugs, I don't mind them at all, however if a game does not allow me to progress, it is a big issue. Up until the third sequence I was on the edge of my seat frightened. As the game slowly progressed beyond there, I became frustrated at the clarity of the game. There is no clear objective other than get the orb batteries for the wall circuit.  It tells us what to do, not how. This game was enjoyable until that stale feeling began to set in. The premise is awesome, the space environment is always one tough to grasp, and the graphics are amazing. The mechanics are unclear, please develop the story and physics themselves (especially the blue/red door change). This can be a five star indie game, but right now i see it around a three. Please keep at this. It was still a really cool experience. 

This was legitimately interesting. For the amount I played, I discovered some pretty dark subjects of this not so distant world.  This dystopia is really cool because it personifies work itself as a parasitic endeavor eating away at the soul. Z-tag was the only outlet for our fine gentlemen. I love this story and will have to continue it without the pressure of watchful eyes, however I would love to revisit this on camera nonetheless. I sense a real conflict here, especially after the military assignments. I hope you continue to write amazing stories such as this!