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This was an absolutely wonderfully terrifying experience. Although this demo was limited to one or two rooms, I can tell how much time and commitment went into developing this game. The Priest fading out of reality, the jumpscares, and overall atmosphere speaks volumes as to what the team is capable of developing. I believe when your Kickstarter successfully reaches the end of its campaign, the indie community will have a horrifically unique experience. There wasn't a terrible amount of time I could be involved in the game, but every moment was a scary atmospheric moment.  I will be following your progress to see the narrative which follows!

This was an awesome 3D platformer. I enjoyed the bright, neon effects you gave the sigil and fire. Unintentionally, I was given a good spook from the ending's angel lady statue. This was a great game for someone who has just published their first game on the Unreal engine (you'll have to excuse me if I referenced the Unity engine otherwise). Overall this was indeed a good little experience with that wonderful touch of storytelling, this really made the game matter. The game without the notes would have definitely made me feel isolated and give me the inability to relate to the character. If it was instinctual to add the story element, please act on future instincts because this is what really kept my focus following the hilarious falling death feature. I hope you have more upcoming game projects as well as an interesting flare in the department of Storytelling. Thank You for such a great, little game!

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This game offers so much more than the average FPS everyone seems to gather around. To me this is much more enjoyable and valuable then some blasting adventure. The articulation alone in which this script was written made it worthwhile, but you didn't stop there. You added ambiance and art which truly brought this game to life. The trial and error style feature of game is ancient, but your unique twist on it has made this memorable. I know I haven't explored all to much, but I can certainly say without any doubt you have created a methodically fair and intriguing narrative. The very font you have chosen is extremely characteristic and wonderfully executed. This is the kind of game I needed this week and I do appreciate you offering it to the community for FREE. Mr. Lukas Gnaur, illustrating and designing this with your team is a great contribution to the indie community. Thank you for a limitless and wonderfully unique gaming experience.    

This Demo was awesome. A great set up for what is to come. I cannot say I had any complaints about what was there because I enjoyed it with such cheesy, predictability. As soon as I got to the point with the talking Hamlet skull, I could not stop mocking the voice in the best of ways. In no way do I mean offense for the game itself, it was just fantastically hilarious to play. The physics were great from most demos I have played, very set as to what you could and could not do (such as leaping to your death). However I also enjoyed the misguiding entity which was supposed to lead me to my death the first time, in the end betrayed by my own curiosity. This was a foolish and awesome demo, and I hope to see a full release with much more. 

I cannot tell you how much nonsensical fun I had with this game. It was a short and sweet experience, but all the same enjoyable. There isn't much content, as any game coming from a game jam, but the nonstop bullet barrage was fun and hilarious all on its own. I wish you could have had more time for development, but this is wonderful for what it is. With any automatic firing musket, this is full of simple mechanics but fun models and environments. Such nonsensical fun. 

I was finally able to reach the conclusion of this wonderful little adventure. I was not disappointed, I was glad to see even in the last chapter of the game the developers included new mechanics and environments to interact with. I am content with splitting the sessions up into two parts because it helped me appreciate what a unique experience openhouse has created. I hope to see more of your games in the future! 


I Liked the concept which you have proposed in the game. It is a simple, foolish, and fun experience. However I do believe there are a few steps needed in development to which would make the game more immersive. Perhaps taking time to design and implement character models instead of the spinning coin feature. I found the clues disorienting as who actually appeared to have murdered Lady Baguette. Considering they were all present during the slashing, it would have been more interesting to have had to think of who the murderer was if clues of all the deaths were left for the investigator, instead of testimonials. Despite a foolish tone, there should be some relation to reality in actually police procedure. It was fun and a short experience.   If you continue a game series with this, I would like to see a longer narrative just because it was enjoyable with the little time spent on Bread Edition.  


This game is absolutely a gem for the internet. Your game brought me back to a time of sentiment and awe. It renewed the perspective of wonder in exploration. I have yet to finish it, however I intend to do so in a second part, but for now it left me with such positive and wonderful feelings. From the curious attic to the sewer soaked filth, you have engaged my wonder, and not so easily done so. I have so much respect for the amount of detail and care you have put into your game which you have offered us. I really hope this becomes a large title because I really want to see more. At the very least, this was a wonderful and happy experience among darker themes we see so commonly. It was exhilarating to take a step back from all the excitement to a slower state of mind. One where exploration and mystery are eased into. I look forward to the conclusion, thank you so much for this experience from your personal creativity. 

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This was truly an awesome experience. It was a wonderful little experience for myself. I love the commitment you have to create and show people what you can do. I am unsure of the narrative of the game, however I thoroughly enjoyed my short time in Ramble. Quite an artistic and special endeavor. Thank you for your game!


This needs to be seen. It is slow to show it's true colors, which are of every spectrum. I had no intention of making a video on this topic, but I was drawn into the narrative so quickly I wanted to share my experience. This is a wonderful throwback to the old age of gaming and choose your own adventure. The only thing which could have added to this might be some music or sound effects. Despite this, Strangers is a narrative which drew me in without sound or words. The pictures you formed in my mind were enough to keep my interest and allow my thoughts to run wild. The insinuations of the underlying belly of a corrupt society where people are expendable and enslaved to the necessities. This is a picturesque dystopian story. Although it is not to far from those which resides over seas. Unfortunate as this may be, the neon lights guiding us down the alleys and streets brought me to the conclusion of what you were ultimately outlining. Or at least in my own perception. Such a wonderful story, I'll continue in my own time perhaps, I'll be looking for the conclusion in the meantime. I hope you finish what great storytelling you have started! For now I bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT! 


This was a really wonderful game. It was atmospheric, terrifying, and full of unexpected delight. From the very start of the game, I was established as a helpless being subject to the whims of this game. The music and noises which followed initially gave me feelings and appearance of real terror. Until now, I had not had such a real horror experience which appeared straight out of a cult classic horror movie. Unlike the genre of films, we are given control in these scenarios of where the person goes and what the person is able to do. As time progressed I was still able to be immersed in the story of the game. It was extremely difficult for me as the game progressed passed the dining room following the trapped in the closet bit, because of the horror loop playing in the background. Originally I hadn't any idea of this loop, but as the player is trapped in the various rooms which do not allow progression until time elapses, the same loop is continuously playing. This is my only issue with the game, the small bugs are comparatively meaningless because the quality of design and animation was so well implemented, game play could suffer a little at the expense of such a wonderfully looking game. By the time I came upstairs to the grandfather clock jump scare, I was all to focused on the progression of the story rather than the scare.This is where the game suffers, because the player has to tune out a portion of the game, instead of the full force in the beginning, slowly they find themselves irritated hearing the same glass snaps and voices after prolonged periods of time. I give this game an overall outstanding rating, it has been a long time since I have played a game with such attention to detail and quality. However, please replace the looping "horror track" which substitutes the silence. It becomes quickly monotonous listening to the same noises repeatedly. This is an Alpha and bugs are expected, trial plays are meaningful for such a great game. This game is great.It is undoubtedly fantastically atmospheric and horrifying. It is only my opinion, but the noises grow tiresome for me, my subjective opinion may not be popular and people may find the loop all the more terror inducing. I appeared to have explored the house in its entirety, I was unable to progress following the second visit to the dining room. Shortly after, I ran through the game again and found myself at the same stuck spot. Again, this is such a great game. I love what they have done with the cult and decrepit feel they have given this surely haunted house. I am looking forward to seeing it in full development and what the actual story entails for us.        

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Today I was able to finally play REDO!, to say the least I was shocked. This game has so much to offer the indie community. The music automatically establishes the desolate tone we experience for the rest of the game. Outside of a few bugs, this game has a smooth and immersive atmosphere. Constantly throughout my game I was questioning why the character is where she is and how the world became so broken. It is games like this one which make a genre of their own. Clearly this is a pixelated adventure/ RPG but I believe it is so much more. It is 2018 where the only thing we see in the media is realistic-human graphics, games like this need to exist to remind us there is more to a game's code than its outer appearance. I hold no bars for this game's graphics, the art is wonderful and perhaps a few moving images might make this game even more so enticing. The mechanics of this game have been programmed tightly to where the player is fully accountable for their actions within the game. It is fair. I will be following the  development of this game until the full release comes to fruition, until then I recommend you find out what REDO! can teach you about the indie side of gaming. For now I must bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!


I cannot express how much I enjoyed this game enough. When I came to the end of the game and came across the boombox radio telling me to step outside of myself, and then the credits began. I was hit with hundreds of thought provoking questions as well as so many raw emotions towards this game. Initially I went into this with such a deep reverence for the game because of the disclaimer, but also because of the music. Troy, Brady, Matthew, Nick, Ben, and Sacha each of you added a little bit of soul which gives this game its meaningful ending. I was shocked at how immersed I became around such a simple concept of a game, yet I couldn't help it. It was as if I was suddenly lost in the world you built, and if that monster from Milli's diary popped out, I would have been screaming. I'll say one last thing and that is the atmosphere of genuine emotion you bridge between the player and the game, never did I feel like I was in a stranger's body. It was I who had lost my wife to cancer and perhaps my daughter. You ultimately made me feel responsible in a stranger's life, and for that you are all truly talented developers. Please keep me in the loop on any upcoming projects through YouTube , GameJolt, or itch.io because I would love to play, review, and help get your games out to the public to the best of my abilities.  For now, I must bid you a GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!