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Moonlight is a unique environment with some relaxing ambiance and little to no disturbance from the darkness. The setting is a lot to take in at first, all the orbs and towers flooding the purple fields with light, whereas the luminescent Moon looms overhead. Although there are enemies, you barely notice them because of the overall feel of this game. I wouldn't change a thing about this, especially from a prototype point of view. I cannot say very much about it thus far, but I can only hope you will continue to develop this. If you have larger things in the works for this as a level, I will be gladly awaiting its release. Wonderful work!

This was an awesome, and short game. It reminds me of the child like sense of wonder we lose as adulthood consumes the literal magic. You have personified that emotion in this game. There are new, unexpected elements and creatures foreign to the logical world. The story is something to marvel at because you have given us someone to relate to (such as people with terminal illnesses), that alone kept my focus and was a good setup for an intro. Overall, a really neat platformer with a colorful environment, artistic backgrounds, as well as a really characteristic music track.  Although the experience was quite short, what was there was a potent indie game full of surprises. With continued development, I believe you will have something truly great. Wonderful job to all of the artists, programmers, and level designers who made this fantastic adventure!

This was such a cool experience. I loved the music throughout the demo so much, it was so dramatic and really set emotional undertones which would not have existed had it not been so particular. Graphically it is minimalist, not simple, but keeps the player's focus on other elements this game offers. The paintings and works of art is subjective to the player, I explained a few of my thoughts on some of the pieces, however it is left up for interpretation.  Overall, this game needs to happen. The demo alone I consider outstanding, this has so many mixed elements of originality I can really respect. I can't truly say anymore because this is an experience one must play to understand. Do yourself a favor and download this thought provoking game. Great work, I cannot wait for the finished release whether on steam or on itch.io. Purely Fantastic!


This game was very cool. I enjoyed the plot and the graphics are amazing, however the mechanics of the game are trivial. The game seems very unsure of itself. It is not necessarily structured outside of the teleporter, everything else is left to the imagination.  I would have included more of the tablets or computer terminals to really flesh out the atmosphere. Perhaps even a radio survivor guiding you through the hallways would have helped explain some of the mechanics. I forgive game bugs, I don't mind them at all, however if a game does not allow me to progress, it is a big issue. Up until the third sequence I was on the edge of my seat frightened. As the game slowly progressed beyond there, I became frustrated at the clarity of the game. There is no clear objective other than get the orb batteries for the wall circuit.  It tells us what to do, not how. This game was enjoyable until that stale feeling began to set in. The premise is awesome, the space environment is always one tough to grasp, and the graphics are amazing. The mechanics are unclear, please develop the story and physics themselves (especially the blue/red door change). This can be a five star indie game, but right now i see it around a three. Please keep at this. It was still a really cool experience. 

This was legitimately interesting. For the amount I played, I discovered some pretty dark subjects of this not so distant world.  This dystopia is really cool because it personifies work itself as a parasitic endeavor eating away at the soul. Z-tag was the only outlet for our fine gentlemen. I love this story and will have to continue it without the pressure of watchful eyes, however I would love to revisit this on camera nonetheless. I sense a real conflict here, especially after the military assignments. I hope you continue to write amazing stories such as this!


To the extent at which I played Boxed I have many things to say. I adored the intro to the game. Hand Drawn art of the post-apocalyptic era was fantastically paired with some dramatic music.  The tutorial was fantastically implemented with a separate level, just as the other parts of the game.  This game is a cheesy golden throwback to the early age of 2000's gaming. The graphics are great for the desired goal, and still fairly immersible for many players. The only thing I would change about the atmosphere is some background ambiance or music. Considering this is a longer game, perhaps some interchangeable tracks would mesh well with the horror. As far as the genre of the game itself, I love that it personifies the terrible zombie movie we love for the comedic value over its horror elements. This reminded me so much of some of the original zombie films, Night of the Living Dead 1968, because overall it was hilarious. The zombies were slow as if special effects and CGI were not implemented, just as they were in the late 60's. The game itself has a download cover of CD ROM as if it actually was a game from the 2000's. This game is really cool. That aside, I have mega issues with some of the mechanics, I am able to forgive a game until it does not allow me to progress.  Nearly two hours in, I found the unfortunate end of my video and game. I fought through some unfair and randomized infections and undefined "rules of the game" however this was the most disappointing. Even if the ending was a cheesy "YOU WIN" screen it would have been worth it. The secondary objective supply y cache  existed but had no interaction, as well as a couple of usable items near the end of the game which would have been useful. About halfway through it all I talked about having no supplies in an indie game can be the worst. I was able to out think the game by exploring and using what I had, however the enjoyment subsided to frustration.  There may very well have been some unfair deaths, but I know most were of my own doing. This game is fair to the extent you can play it to completion, at least to what I found to be completion. Overall this was a really cool throwback and a fun experience of blasting some zombie brains. A couple of unique character models and Mechanics which usually ran very smooth. I hope you can laugh at the game logic as much as I did, because this is a treat. Thanks for a  GOOD EVENING and a GOOD NIGHT!

This game is very natural in expression. Geometric features are easy on the eyes while the music lulls the player into a sense of childish safety. Even the environment you chose is simple but universally relatable. This game is very genuine in expressing its inspiration, a simple and human story. I hope there is more story elements in the series, it'd be cool to see even more of the human developer in this. Overall, this was a relaxing and enjoyable experience, a game that personifies emotions really. In our world of instant gratification, it is nice to see people slow down and take in life. I look am looking forward to the coming series you have planned. This was Awesome. 


This game was genuinely fun. I loved the old fashioned style from the 80's. It reminds me of the times when people sat in front of their box TVs with rabbit ears and their  Nintendo Entertainment system.  The old graphics and the runner's music are perfectly implemented. The monsters for the demo are well colored for a sequential game. Although it is not terribly hard, this game will troll you in your over confidence. This was a lot of fun. Seeing this from the scene nowadays is very uncommon, and very admirable. Not many people may be into this style, but I am one of those who are. I love this game, download for some stabby good fun. I look forward to the full release of this awesome emulation of video game period when things were slower and predictable. I hope development goes well!

I have been very surprised by the indie community as of late, various projects coming from veteran developers as well as students as yourselves are releasing some of the best games I have ever seen. I love the tone of the music and the atmosphere it generates in this micro-world. Having the feeling of being this small protagonist is uncommon, at least uncommon in how well it is executed. I loved this game. It is absolutely wonderful, it gave me the feeling of so many larger titles throughout the game, it was as if playing one. The environments are extremely detailed, the character itself is sympathetic and relatable. I could see with more development some more opportunities for various animations and a few changing environments. I really did enjoy my time in this game, so many textures and details I do not have time to rant on about, however your team has done a wonderful job by striking indie gold. In my opinion this is better than Baldi's Basics. Wonderful job!

I would love to do a let's play of this, if there is any English subtitles or perhaps translations, I would really enjoy the story. For a few in the past I have been able to make my own translations, however this seems as though it needs to be played from the developer's words instead of my own. Really cool game. Although I cannot understand it, i can sense the adventure of blind Marco. Very cool concept art!

By far your best work (yet). I really enjoy how you acknowledge darker themes in your games, although they are not scary monsters, rather real life dilemmas people face on a daily basis. The bright watercolor contrasts the empty white-grey backgrounds throughout the game. The music is awesome and better so because it is original. Although the real world differs so much of the one Jane experiences in high school, a high school student only knows what they have perceived,  those bullies subside and the laughter will fade. Adolescent mental illness is a very present, and dangerous problem most shy away from. You face these topics in your games head on, which makes them more so admirable. Really great work, I have come to expect great things from you!

awesome, I had already begun my daily search and now this! It’ll be a pleasing experience I’m sure. This looks very different in terms of development, it appears to have more elements. I’ll be looking forward to this later today!

Of all these short internet gems, yours makes me the most hopeful for the future of games. I really believe you gave this walk great atmosphere. With some development, I truly believe you could have something great for Halloween, or the Fall, or whatever you intend to so with it, if anything. Best wishes in your studies!

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This game was really cool. I enjoyed the overall atmosphere with the provided feelings of claustrophobia. The setting of this small point and click game is very odd and up to interpretation. Although I found one ending, who knows how many there actually remain. This was very obscure, and wonderful in its own madness. The family story is slightly confusing, made from maddening logic, but leaves a bread crumb trail to follow. However I enjoyed this game all the same. You have done an excellent job with establishing and immersive and entertaining experience, with more development this could definitely be a fully fledged, long game. Point and click style isn't dead, keep up the awesome work!

P.S. The art style is amazing with its luminescence.


This was a game of perspective, I enjoyed the story because I can sense some real truth in it. Please skip to 5.23 for It's been a week. I can understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with a massive workload and having feelings of low energy. That's Life, and that is what makes this game distinctive. This game is real. The sketch style is absolutely perfect. It showcases your talents while telling a story visually. Although there is only one ending, this was genuine and really cool. The indie scene needs some down to earth stuff like this, and I for one really appreciate you creating this. Whether or not this is your true story, it is a human story. Your message is well received, I love the fact you took the time to express it in this manner Making a game is creative and it takes a lot of effort. They are certainly not wasted as I have taken your perspective for the day.  Keep your head above that sea Sydney, you have a community here for you!

This Game was a really relaxing experience, I really enjoyed the color scheme and brightness this game has. It's ironic considering the other game in my video was actually opposite visually. I found this very pleasing visually and musically. This is a very fresh experience I'd recommend playing during the morning because it is played with such ease. It does not take a terrible amount of focus, but all the same I enjoyed the color, the environment of nature, and the game as a whole. I'm not sure about the pink and blue flowers because I was not able to progress that far, however I can see if they are still in development. This was a very cool little game, I absolutely love the art style. Thank you so much for making this!

This game was incredible. I had to play it straight for an hour and a half to yield anything in the video. There is just so much content to be explored in this game. I really did enjoy my time in the game, it is a lot to take in considering the respawn rate. Although this is a pre-alpha, this is considerably a full game on its own. It has so much replay-ability because of the randomness that thoroughly challenges us to push through. The overall tone pays homage to the original dungeon crawler monsters while creating some unique monsters of its own. In the beginning I was very creeped out by the monsters howling as well as the burnt spider people. It took me forever to actually gain some ground in the game, and then lose it all to a fresh restart. I love everything about this game, the graphics are wonderful, the environment is extremely terrifying, and you never really know when you are going to stumble upon something new. I was surprised until the end with new mechanics and weapons which flood this game. Although the pistol seems to be a great starter, my favorite had to be the blue crystal arm gun. This game is vastly complex with to many elements to mention, however I recommend You download this for a wonderful time! Really an excellent Pre-Alpha, if this is not the full version, I cannot wait to see what you create next. 


Your creation has soulful passion.  I believe you’ve done the best thing a person can do with such darkness, by creating something greater than the depths of terror expressed and experienced. You’ve made something for others, I totally respect that,  especially considering they are from your own.   This is a great text based game, even greater for the truth behind it. Please continue to develop more for the community. These games are rare, the indie scene needs more! I hope further developments are even better.

It is very uncommon for a developer, at least in my experience, to create such a real game. This text based adventure-style follows a very real story. There is not to much I can say about the game itself, but the message I believe is wonderfully transmitted. It makes me overjoyed to see there is the desire to bring awareness towards something of such a large caliber. Depression is a daunting issue many adults, adolescents, and children can deal with at any point in their life. I am shocked there are not more games like this which address the ugly truth it exhibits. The "gaming world" is not so very different in the aspect of how it ignores the negative themes, and goes with what feels nice. However this game puts the player in the first person perspective of the character with depression, forcing them to feel the characters emotions. At the very least, this game is based out of truth if not entirely. Really a wonderful gamer's message. Thank you so much for something different which brings awareness to the subject!

Dream Alone is iconic in how it has scripted and built its own world. Although the Demo was only five levels, it challenged me harshly throughout every minute of playing. I love the music the player meets as soon as you open the title screen, it inspires and is reminiscent of cultural themes such as the twisted nature of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, with a horrific touch of gore. This game is beautifully dark, I absolutely admire the black and white style with what appears to be taken from the early 20th century film. This feature ages the game for the player, subconsciously creating an even more disturbing environment. I was only able to experience the 39th dead world with the red bar, however looking at the page now I am curious as to what the blue bar would do. Everything about this game is perfectly sound, the jumping and timing hold the player accountable, while the environments and enemies are somewhat predictable with trial and error.  I love the free soundtrack I accidentally happened upon, and look forward to listening to what appears to be a horror opera/drama. I'm really glad this was fully developed and out on Steam. Best of Luck to a veteran Development team. This game is immersive and awesome, DOWNLOAD THIS FOR YOURSELF!

This is the best 2-d Platformer Demo I have ever played. The artistic demeanor this game radiates is pure beauty. I found myself at a loss for words in order to describe this game while I was playing through. I was thrown completely off by the feelings this game brings to the player, it is absolute positivity. I can sense the immense amount of work which went into this, and I am proud to say I have had the pleasure to play it. The music soundtracks are musically sublime and immersive, while the environments are visually pleasing and enticing. I cannot wait for the fully developed version from such a strong team of student developers. I recommend everyone of all ages play this game, because there is more to take away than a simple experience. Play this for yourself to see what this game brings out for you, for me it was joy. I truly hope all goes well in future development, because you have made such a wonderful start. Thank you for sharing your creative minds and your game!


I am looking forward to this game’s story very much. Although Halloween/Christmas is a very long way away, it is definitely worth taking the time to do it the way you want. You have made something very special with Iris and the world around her. You have made it your own. I can say this has become an indie phenomenon over the past few weeks. You have a great start, please keep the community updated on your progress!

This game has all the makings of a great horror game. The atmosphere was sublime for a horrific adventure. The music and base drum pounds the player into a state of terror, while the darkness of the forest allows our minds to create our own monsters. The beginning started off with a bang, the story was intriguing, and the premise is unique. Although many "torch wielding"  games are similar, this one is different because it has a constant fear inducing environment. Visibility is limited to the front of you when the torch actually fires up. Other times you are left in the complete dark with the assumption something is going to kill you instantly. This may very well be the first indie horror game which has maintained a constant sense of fear I have ever played. This was very enjoyable for me despite the story gap between pieces 7 & 8, however I hopefully will be able to find this on my own time much later on. Your team has done a wonderful job, I hope all future updates go well!

This was a really enjoyable experience. During the game itself I was a bit more focused on observing rather than thinking about the game's message itself.  As the old saying goes "All in the name of love", perhaps our friend was so dedicated. I also enjoyed the choice of music, the internet phenomenon of lofi hip hop has ravaged it. It seems to be universally enjoyable, just like the game. I was pulled into it halfway through wondering about the faceless character. Unfortunately we know the end. Really wonderful indie gem, I hope you have more!


The concept is really cool. I was not able to progress past the bottle breaking, but the environments and potential story seem legitimately interesting. I can't wait to see a fully implemented inventory and other systems for the game.

Really great for browsing the environments, can't wait for the full release with animations!

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I had a lot of fun with this game.  I really liked the throwback style of it as well as the arcade graphics.  This is exactly what I needed.  It was a simple, slow, wonderfully gruesome game.  It has a simple incentive to kill all the humans,  my favorite being the flying demon zombie.  Although I left this unfinished I hope people will explore the last few levels for themselves in order to find out the end.  As all original games like this usually have hidden Easter eggs.  This was also a wonderful throwback for me to the original style of video games with simple mechanics and one goal .  Kill all humans.  I find it ironic that somebody had the perspective to take it from a zombie’s  Point of view instead of the gun slinging hero.  This was a really awesome game I love it!  I hope you create more little games with your unique twist on them.

What a wonderful RPG game. It was nice to return to this style of game after quite some time. This game has awesome atmosphere, every moment is followed by unique and original music. The feeling of not belonging was ever present throughout the game.   This game has the power to make you uncomfortable, yet drawn into it. I had fun looking at the environments around the game while experiencing the story. Although I do not yet fully understand the message, I will have to return to it in order to gauge it properly. This was a really cool experience, especially considering this was mad for the Dream Diary Game Jam. Amazing work with such a time crunch. So expansive, so very real. Excellent work!

this was a really cool game. I wouldn’t call it a concept because it has a great character model, as well as some beautiful environments. The only downside this game has is time,  it has yet to fully implement all of its aspects within the game. By no means is this a fault, it just needs a bit of work to make it all the more enjoyable. I would definitely call this a prototype game because of this reason. I love this awesome experience nonetheless. With a little more work, this could be turned into an extremely appealing indie gem. This game has a lot of potential to be an amazing adventure game. I hope you continue to develop this experience!

thank you again for creating these  small Internet gems ,  there cannot be an Indy community without developers.  I certainly appreciate the  lengths developers go to in order to provide free content for people like me . I look forward to seeing so much more!

This game was really cool and kept me on the edge of my seat initially. The music on the title screen was perfectly reminiscent of Mad World in Donnie Darko, a wonderful movie sub-genre of Horror. I believe the cut scene before the title was very engaging as well. These elements really helped to create "hype" for the game.  It was very freaky and otherworldly. I did in fact enjoy my time spent in the game despite my end. I believe this game has a lot of potential. I myself found the horror after thirty minutes to degrade, i spent time going up and down the halls searching for the answer to no avail. This game has many elements of a horror game and does a superb job at delivering. It is in the gamer's point of lessened horror the experience begins to decline. Perhaps the answer was obvious and I could not see it through the grain, nonetheless you have done a really great job with this. Thank you so much for your perspective and creation for our enjoyment!

Ah always one beneath the surface. Unfortunately I did run out of time for the day. I wouldn't want you to give it away, but it was quite wonderful. I believe it actually complimented the other text based game. Especially since it was the shorter of the two games. I really enjoy them, I hope you two continue to develop these fun games for players such as myself!

This is hands down equally as funny as some stand up comedy. I loved absolutely every aspect of the game, from the fantastic music of the title screen to the ironic and fitting end to this tale in the cut scenes. Never in my life have a played a game with such outright humor. The environments were relaxed and easy to adapt to, while the in-game dialogue was consistently satisfying. All of the water, fog, and atmosphere was overall really smooth.  This really has the makings of a great game, I am sad it was such a short experience, but value it at what it was. This is a really great indie game, with a personal twist of mythological vulgarity. In perspective, I find it really interesting how the god-figure is perceived as a total loser himself. Considering the Greek figures were never truly "right" in all of their actions. This is a wonderful parody of the classical writings of Homer. I can see this coming from students' mind being bored with a history credit, and turning it into something artistic, hilarious, and wonderful. I love this game and I wish there was more!

Although the game takes only a few minutes to play, this game is funny and well scripted. It is obvious how to get to the endings, but the dialogue can be downright cruel for the courteous gentlemen. The graphics have improved, keep up the good work!

P.S I combined Passers-By with It's more of a story at the end, I hope you enjoy!

Although I spent the majority of my time in this game, it was actually recommended to me by kaelynmauve. I played one of her newest games near the end of the video. However I found this game really charming, I was laughing at a few parts with cringey-goodness all comedy romance movies have. This made my evening with its unique dialogue and fun endings. I really enjoyed going back through and editing some cheesy coffeehouse/romantic music in the background to go along with the narrative. This game succeeds in that it is able to give the player an open perception of the events with the text so we are able to picture and play it out in our minds (without any pictures). Although I was a bit confused bu the ending, it proposed many things which could explain the "disappearance" or existence of the character. I had a lot of fun with this, and I hope everyone finds the cheesy nature of Bertrand equally as entertaining as I did.

That would be wonderful, if you’re interested in more content, I’d have fun making a video about the game on my Channel. I play indie games everyday. It has a charm to it which reminds me of children’s books and movies I had when I was that age. Where everything is so expansive and new.  Keep up the good work Manny, it looks fantastic so far!

Although the game has not been fully implemented in mechanics, it was enjoyable to make the character "dance" for a little while. If the environments you depict are as wonderful as they look, I am really looking forward to your release of Manny the Fly. Keep up the good programming!

Good Evening,

This game was something both different and similar to one I have played before. It differed in that it showed the desperation in which soldiers felt necessary to act upon. Despite the game being told in french, I was able to translate a very large portion of it and relay it in my video. I absolutely love this kind of game because it has great mechanics, natural sounds, and a message the player is able to relate to or find deeper meaning behind. It is similar to the game I reference in that it as well depicts the trench warfare of another side of the war. World War One was a phenomenon that shook the world, as nothing of the scale had occurred before. This is something that amplified the impact of WWII much later on. This game has a message of war, the lengths which men are willing to go to in order to survive. The art style is unique, it gave me a very fresh experience that I admire. I am glad I was able to play this as it has given me even more perspective on the topic as a whole. I love this game, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I had.

A have many great things to say about this game. Before I even began playing, I was immersed by the artwork and the intriguing before/after surveys. Needless to say I loved this game. From the beginning it establishes a sensation of more. By that, I mean to say there is something hidden beneath the surface of this girl's bruises and empty apartment. I cannot believe the detail of the character story, as well as the darkly-shaded atmosphere, entirely unique on its own. The story slowly began to pull me into it until I found myself relating to the character. Teenage and adolescence  is a rough time for kids, being deprived certain parts of life during this stage is critically damaging. The way the dialogue is structured alone helps create sound in one's mind, despite the silent ambient tune playing in the background. The frames for the text boxes absolutely wonderful, and I can tell they took some time with their intricate design.  The artwork in the end scene was mystifying, I found myself thinking of Lewis Carroll and Alice In Wonderland. This invokes a strange, wonderfully dark yet revealing atmosphere. I love every aspect of this game including its silence and cruelty. In the coming weeks I intend on playing this in its entirety once released. If you haven't yet, discover the world Iris lives in by downloading the demo now. 

I will make time for it and add it to my lineup for the week!