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Where do I begin. This game has it all. The music hits you from the beginning, it never stops and carries the player through the game.  The bright colors gives this game so much character beside the music. The only dark scene had to be the forest beside the rock, however even the cave was super bright. Although this game was fairly short, I absolutely adore what it's all about. The story is neat and has great mechanics. All of the clickables are finely tuned and implemented seamlessly. This game has a very nostalgic feel to it, it is almost as if someone passed down a folk tale or family story. The game is wonderfully lighthearted and a real treat everyone will enjoy.  I commend the developers for such an amazing game, especially because I noticed the in-house audio recordings. So much work went into this and it is truly awesome. I hope the Valkyrie Badgers have more plans for other projects.

Wonderful work!

Thanks so much HaydenRaven for playing through our game and for writing such a nice review! We really appreciate it!